Skillbook Skillpoints

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This is a set of three mods (you should only install one) that provide skillpoints to players as an option instead of reading Skillbooks. The player can choose to Read the Skillbook or Use the Skillbook. The three variations of mods in this pack are to grant this skillpoint for every skillbook, most skillbooks, or just some skillbooks. Personally, ShoudenKalferas find the “Some Skillbooks” to be about right. When you extract the zipfile, only install ONE of the mods to your Mods folder.

  • Some Skillbooks Skillpoints – 20 of the Skillbooks offer the option of gaining a SkillPoint.
  • Most Skillbooks Skillpoints – 76 of the Skilbooks offer the option of gaining a SkillPoint.
  • All Skillbooks Skillpoints – Every Skillbook (133) offers the option of gaining a SkillPoint.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ShoudenKalferas

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3 thoughts on “Skillbook Skillpoints

  1. Nope. This does not work at all. There is only the use option, no ‘read’ as in the description

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