Smitty’s Industrial Doors

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25+ craftable and animated industrial doors. There is also a SciFi door and SciFi gate. All assets are licensed to smittylv. You’re free to use in your servers. You may also use in mod packs if you contact me for permission.

Recipes reflect door make-up. All doors range from 2500-10k HP depending on how sturdy they appear.


Credits: smittylv

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5 thoughts on “Smitty’s Industrial Doors

    1. Yes they well but he made some mistakes. The hit boxes on the doors are messed up so using them to make air lock likely wont work. You can be click on one frame and only the other door opens or closes. There also so small in some cases that actually click on the science door to open or close can be something of a nightmare. On larger doors this is less of a issue due to surface area. That said they still function otherwise and are craft able in single player. They dont otherwise seem to cause game errors.

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