Solar Powered Helicopter

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The solar powered helicopter is very agile and has a high top speed. It does not require any gas as it is powered by solar panels on the back of the helicopter.

The solar helicopter is crafted with a solar bank and solar cell. It can be unlocked by grease monkey level 5 or by finding the schematics for it. You can also find the parts bundle for completing tier 4 or tier 5 quests. It has the same storage capacity as the gyrocopter.


The controls have a bit of a learning curve, it flys like the gyrocopter except Shift and C are used to control the forward momentum.


  • Faster flying speed
  • Very agile
  • No fuel required
  • Can be dyed

7 days to die solar powered helicopter additional screenshot 1

7 days to die solar powered helicopter additional screenshot 2

7 days to die solar powered helicopter additional screenshot 3

7 days to die solar powered helicopter additional screenshot 4

Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer.


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Credits: Zilox

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7 thoughts on “Solar Powered Helicopter

  1. The controls are a bit wonky, forward is not forward, its mostly up, if you pitch you can move forward, but still continually up so you can never maintain constant forward altitude. When you try to go down as you are moving forward all it does is move you backwards but if you try to pitch the way you want it doesn’t work. almost no way to get an accurate landing.

  2. This is a great looking helicopter although I don’t know about the controls. It is WAY to expensive ($42,000 dukes for one accessory?) And the fact you can only find it in tier 4 and 5 quests was almost a deal breaker. You should have made it lootable in the game world at any level. Imagine the excitement when a low tier but intelligent player is able to craft or find the parts for this. Just a suggestion. For such a nice looking mod it should have more downloads.

    1. Balance is a difficult task; I have people tell me that the parts are too cheap, and others say they are too expensive. So I just go with what I personally think is the best, and that’s that. Since the helicopter does not require any fuel and runs on solar power, personally, I think it should be difficult to obtain. As for the controls, yes, they are not the best. But a lot of it does come down to the skill of the player; people find it hard to fly the gyrocopter, but after some practice, it’s not that difficult to fly it.

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