Sous Chef of the Apocalypse – Client Icons

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This mod adds some client side icons for the mod: Doughs-Food-SousChefOfTheApocalypse (which is an XML only server side safe mod and does not contain custom icons). This mod, containing icons, is not server side safe.

This mod was made so as to still allow the Doughs-Food-SousChefOfTheApocalypse mod to be server side safe, but to give the option of adding the icons if you wish to in single player, with friends, or if the server decides to require it as a mod.


Doughs-Food-SousChefOfTheApocalypse must be loaded for this mod to work.


If joining a server, and the server does not have this mod, the icons will not show if you have this mod loaded (like every non server side safe mod)


  • (new) Updated for A21.
  • Conversion to a20.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (607 KB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (605 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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