Supply Crate Drop

7 days to die supply crate drop, 7 days to die airdrop, 7 days to die loot

Adds lootable supply crates to the world.

When the zombie apocalypse started most feared them and tried to kill them. The army was overrun and most of society had been bit or died and turned.

The few remaining some were on the zombies side and wanted to help them, so they dropped supply crates with items to help the zombies defend themselves. These people became known as the P.A.K.Z (People Against Killing Zombies)

However they being stupid didn’t realise these zombies were as brain dead as they were and wandered past them as if they didnt exist. Thats where you get to benefit from the P.A.K.Z stupidity as littered across the world these supply crates remain untouched for you to collect.


  • (new) Removed ability for the rates to spawn on the roads.
  • Updated to A20.
  • Reduced spawning on Asphalt and Roads
  • May vary from game to game.


If you appreciate Stallionsden’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden, Various

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2 thoughts on “Supply Crate Drop

  1. Broken and comes up with red errors, gave me terrain loading problems and made me fall through the map. Uninstalled and tried again without the mod, everything was fine. Reinstalled and it happened again immediately. Literally couldn’t load my save again because your mod broke it, thanks. Test your files more before releasing publicly.

    1. Lol… This mod author knows his stuff. You probably either got a mod conflict or corrupted download.
      You should never add a mod to an existing save. Always start new worlds when adding mods, and test mods against mods you commonly use. Many mods that work without errors get errors when paired with other mods.
      Broken worlds happen when you add or delete mods… especially ones that alter spawn, loot, or biomes. This is 7d2d modding 101. Your broken save is on you, man.

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