Supply Drops

7 days to die supply drops, 7 days to die loot, 7 days to die ammo

Adds in lootable supply drop signals, place the grenade as you would any block and wait for the supply drop the drop from the sky. Ideal for early game or pvp scenarios.

Currently untested on multiplayer but it should work as long as all clients and the server have the mod installed. No world reset is neccesary but any looted containers will not spawn the supply drop signals until the loot respawns.

7 days to die supply drops additional screenshot 1

7 days to die supply drops additional screenshot 2

7 days to die supply drops additional screenshot 3

Known Issues: The supply crate can sometimes visually dissapear depending on the angle you look at the model. I’m yet to discover the cause for the issue but it doesn’t impede your ability to loot the supplies and the issue doesn’t happen too frequently.

Planned: I would like to have the grenade be a throwable and spawn zombies akin to the buried supplies quest but I’m still looking into methods to try achieve this.

Download from Google Drive
Download from Dropbox

Credits: Chickun

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4 thoughts on “Supply Drops

  1. Unfortunately I read the comments too late. Now I tried to uninstall the mod by just deleting it and the game starts and as soon as I’m in the game the log/command window doesnt let me play the game anymore…nice

  2. while the box does show up and touch the ground. it never shifts to a lootable container in alpha 20.5. therefore this mod is currently just a particle emitter. breaking the box down with a axe results in simply a pile of trash paper to be left behind.

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