Survivor Notes: Experience and Recipe Books

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This mod introduces “Survivor Notes” to zombie loot that you can save up and use to craft recipe books. Survivor Notes have a random chance of dropping from zombie kills – gather enough of them and you can make a recipe book. You have to craft the recipe books at a “Study_Desk” which you can craft and place wherever you want.

Quick Notes: The survivor note drops only from “normal” zombies. No fatties or nurses. You could add it to them if you wanted by adding the item code to their loot. Valmar didn’t leave them out for any specific reason, just didn’t think it was overly important since they’re relatively more rare than the common ones.

Adaptation (by Stallionsden):
Brings Valmars Survivor Notes to A19
Find Survivor Notes thru out the apocolypse build a study desk and create Books and schematics.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Valmar, Stallionsden

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