Tactical Action by IvanDX for A18

7 days to die tactical action by ivandx for a18, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons, 7 days to die food

Not much to say. Tristam just moved things around and changed some keywords in the xml files until the errors went away. Kept going until all the functionality of the old mod appeared in 7DTD A18.3. Ultimately, he was his own worst enemy, but here it is done, after two weeks of try-harding at what should have been two hours of work. The only thing he wasn’t able to bring into the new world was the Beacon system, so he removed it from loot drops so as to not give players items that would cause issues or just waste the chance at good loot.

Changes made by Tristam:

  • The weapons get stronger with higher quality
  • Added the randomized damage/magazine size etc. the vanilla weapons have.
  • He does not recall if the original mod allowed weapons and items to spawn at the trader, but they don’t in this version.
  • All weapons’ perks have also been updated to utilize all the new perks based on their vanilla equivalents. So it’s balanced and fair.
  • SMG guns use Gunslinger instead of the automatic weapon perks like the original mod to keep in line with the vanilla settings.
  • Enabled sounds for the Shotgun and Hunting Rifle. For some reason, they were removed by the original mod. No idea why, or if it was due to some workaround IvanDX had in mind. But Tristam simply removed it because he didn’t understand it and he sorely missed the sound of the shotgun.
  • He allowed the guns to use the proper vanilla mods with except sights and scopes since they didn’t line up with the guns properly and had horrible clipping. You would put the bunt of the weapons in your mouth when trying to ADS. No additional mods for the Gatling Gun because‚Ķ it’s a gatling gun.
  • The weapons were added to the loot list by hand since it was so much different than the old version, so the loot drops should be more balanced since they’re much more evenly spread out.
  • The localization file was left out, since it didn’t cover every item anyway and you really didn’t need it.
  • Interface, UI, and Main Menu changes are removed so you can use your favorite UI or backpack mod instead. Works fine with Tristam’s super backpack and Backpack Buttons mod + simple UI.
  • Changes to the vanilla ammo and resources were removed for compatibility reasons. You’ll also be able to stack hundreds or a thousand of this mod’s ammo but the vanilla ammo will still stop at 150/300 etc.

The mod is provided as-is. Tristam won’t be giving additional support to it, as he ultimately made it for himself and figured he would save you guys the headache, but he is no author. Just a guy who likes shooting zombies.

Updated with some changes done to the mod. Made it so the guns accept vanilla ammo as well as ammo when appropriate.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam, IvanDX

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