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The guns, ammo, power, range, everything has been redesigned to be in line with vanilla gameplay. New ammo such as 45s and 556s now cost slightly more than 9mms and 762s respectively and have shorter range, but more power. The guns are all crafted now, and you find their schematics in the wild. Only the tier 1 weapons can be crafted without a schematic by having their appropriate perk learned. The Katana is craftable by learning all the books for bladed weapons, but it’s worth it he promise.

Sights have been realigned, scopes and glitches have been fixed. The guns will no longer appear in the wild in order to not offset regular loot. Instead, they can be bought from traders or crafted. Their mods and attachments can, however, be looted. Lot’s of items are removed in order to streamline the mod, such as the custom ingredients and ore for crafting.

Now all guns use vanilla ammo, or a handful of custom ammo that closely follows suit. All custom blocks are removed. “Gun”, “Ammo”, and “Mod” have been attached to appropriate items for easier searching. Ammo boxes have been redesigned to work as Bundles that you can rebundle the ammo into.

TL;DR: This mod is now more about adding more HQ vanilla-esque guns, and nothing else. Thanks again to IvanDX for his blessing and original work. Without him, this wouldn’t exist.

Known Bugs

  1. LAM (flashlight + lasersight) doesn’t provide light with the Raging Bull
  2. Gatling sound is low for firing weapon
  3. Gatling makes an auger reload sound, complete with gas
  4. modTAPad brightness is too high and proper functionality is unknown to him
  5. Guns are setup to reset their animation properly when you switch away from them during an animation. The animation will loop until you refresh the gun by entering its mod screen. Recreate by switching guns during animations such as reloading.
  6. Some mods don’t properly display on a gun until you refresh the gun by entering its mod screen. Reflex sights and such are guilty of this.


  • (new) Updated to v9. Lots of changes and fixes.
  • Updated to v7. Fixed the Katana unlock recipe. Now unlocks with the third Night book.
  • Updated for A19.
  • Updated with some changes done to the mod. Made it so the guns accept vanilla ammo as well as ammo when appropriate.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam, IvanDX

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5 thoughts on “Tactical Action by IvanDX

  1. I added this mod to the Romero Overhaul and when I tried to equip the winchester rifle (I’m 95% sure that was the weapon), the console dropped down and there were a couple of red highlighted errors. One or two of which stated problems with a bundle file.

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