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Massive update. It’s been updated to 19.4! Derived from Ivan’s latest release, found here: Tactical Action

Credit goes to IvanDX for the original mod. Tristam just rebalanced it to fit with vanilla, added descriptions, fleshed out things such as the boxes, crates, and metalboxes, and changed their ammo contents and drop rate. Weapons can now be found in the Secret Stash, crafted at workbenches, and have matching schematics.

TL;DR: This mod is now more about adding more HQ vanilla-esque guns, and nothing else. Thanks again to IvanDX for his blessing and original work. Without him, this wouldn’t exist.


  • (new) Updated to 19.4 and now uses IvanDX’s latest version.
  • Updated to v9. Lots of changes and fixes.
  • Updated to v7. Fixed the Katana unlock recipe. Now unlocks with the third Night book.
  • Updated for A19.
  • Updated with some changes done to the mod. Made it so the guns accept vanilla ammo as well as ammo when appropriate.

Note: This isn’t a friendly update, since the Katana and Chinese Sword were removed. So installing on existing saves will cause errors and character resets if any of those missing items are on your character. Apologies for the late warning, but new game advised.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam, IvanDX

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9 thoughts on “Tactical Action by IvanDX

  1. I added this mod to the Romero Overhaul and when I tried to equip the winchester rifle (I’m 95% sure that was the weapon), the console dropped down and there were a couple of red highlighted errors. One or two of which stated problems with a bundle file.

  2. Fantastic mod. It seems you gave the sunflower mill and airdropL no associated loot tables in the loot.xml, causing them to bug out in game. Other than that and a few unaligned sights, it works great man; keep up the good work.

  3. This Mod is not compatible with other firearms mods, it causes problems were it searches for the same sound files twice, and guns from other packs have no sound.

  4. A quick fix for this is deleting the conflicting sound tags in either Mod’s sounds.xml. or you could rename all sounds to be distinct from eachother. I currently have this with firearms expansion 4.1, vanilla firearms extended, and a few ripped from the wasteland.

  5. Nice update but guns still have the annoying Hologram but I’m not going to complain on this great mod, there is a problem with the whiling logging into the game, I keep getting a red text about “AWP” not available or whatever. I’ve looked into the XML and don’t know how to fix or what is up with that code for not registering “AWP”. Other than that it works.

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