War3zuk FarmLife v3 Enhanced

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Farm Life Mod, the original farming overhaul and animal husbandry mod for 7 Days to Die, all fixed up and currently being maintained by War3zuk. As specified this version will work on Alpha 20.7 B1, This is very early in development so DO NOT use this in any Serious Game! You have been Warned that Most Updates will Require restarting (Maybe)

DEMMERS was the last person to work on this back in Alpha 18, This has now been taken over by himself War3zuk to fully update it & bring it to Alpha 20.7 B1, Mod loads without errors, Workstations have been simplified were needed, Hungry Animals have been deleted & completely rebuilt along with their respective code… All patch notes included so you can see whats been done so far…

War3zuk FarmLife v3 Enhanced, the farming overhaul adding a multitude of cooking stations, multi-levelled crafting for foods, animal husbandry and more. So long as you have the correct perks and then follow a somewhat correct path you shouldn’t have any issues working your way through the mod. If for some reason you come across an issue report it so that he can get it fixed.


War3zuk is actively updating & fixing as much as possible, The original author said he would look into providing the original unity files which will allow the updating of all Trees, Plants & Animal models… It will allow War3zuk to update many if not all of the old Unity files, he has corrected offset for placement, animations for all bar 2 models have been sorted along with recipes, Blocks & much of the old code. Plants are currently set at Default as they all need updating, Trees are also set to default as they were also broken & in need of updating. All this will be done in due time.

New animals currently include:

  • Beehive (honey)
  • Horse (bone, leather, glue)
  • Pheasant (eggs, feathers, meat)
  • Sheep (wool, meat)
  • Turkey (eggs, feathers, meat)

Animal Workstations

Animal workstations are a continuation of Mayics concept, with new animals added. Again, none have animations and are place-holders for the time being. They are also the source of a “breeding” system. He didn’t really know how to do this, so he added “cryo” containers to be found in loot that can then be used with the Animal workstation to create that type of animal.

New animal workstations currently include:

  • Beehive
  • Elk
  • Horse
  • Pheasant
  • Sheep
  • Turkey


With the combination of the two farming mods, there were some duplicate plants. Some have been changed to other plant types, while others have been discarded and not used. The “crop” plants have been recoded to use TFP’s growing method, with 56 plants available. All have at least 1 useful recipe.


Most of the recipes for UbB require certain types of wood. (Example: Dark furniture requires Walnut, Clear requires Maple, White requires White Oak) making Trees more important.


As mentioned, with the combination of the two farm mods, there were duplicates of some workstations. All have been re-evaluated and recipes changed accordingly. He didn’t completely delete the unused models from the Mod, and they are still able to be crafted, but with no recipe requirements tied to them.


This is one of the areas he hasn’t done much with yet, regarding the originals. There are currently 1517 recipes and 292 quests in the Mod. He hasn’t gone through everything, but all quests are available in the Farm Table. He also has to go through all of the Food recipes and categorize them. There is a “starter” quest item that will give basic quests to get started with Farm Life if you decide to use it. A few of the new food items are just place-holders and don’t have buffs/stats yet.

Important: The zipped file (War3zuk FarmLife v3 Enhanced VP) Is for playing the Mod in a vanilla game, The mod is built to run along side his Overhaul so had different settings for windows.xml & XUI.xml That patch sets it all back to Vanilla so it runs, If you add that zip file to his overhaul it will break the things mentioned.

Important: Started this for 2 reasons, 1st, The original Author, If you have issues with War3zuk doing this please mention it & he will remove & send you the updated files he has so far which is only around 7 hours work… Still a ways to go to fully update this… & 2nd This Mod deserves to be working on Alpha 20.7 & he couldn’t find any info on this being updated past 14 months ago & Roland had closed all forum pages related to this…

Disclaimer: This is likely to have many issues that he has not found or addressed, Play at your own risk, This Repo is for his benefit of updating & testing… Also its worth noting that he doesn’t has access to the original Unity Packages so he can only update the main xml… PS There is no 100% Guarantee that he will be able to complete this so it is what it is right at this moment…

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Added German Local (Sturmsaeufer) Localization.txt Blocks.xml Items.xml


War3zuk FarmLife v3 Enhanced Alpha 20.7 B1 Stable

Version 1.17

Updated To Alpha 20.7 B1 Stable

Version 1.16

  • Removed Loot ID34
  • Edited MarijuanaPlantHarvestPlayer (Hemp)
  • Fixed Damascus Blade (TAGS)
  • Fixed Damascus Handle (TAGS)
  • Fixed Damascus Knife (TAGS)
  • Removed Special Items (FarmTable) Quests
  • Fixed Blackberry Seed Unlock

Version 1.15

  • Edited Cola ItemCode
  • Edited Chocolate Bar ItemCode
  • Edited SSM ItemCode
  • Edited SSM02 ItemCode
  • Edited SSM03 ItemCode
  • Edited Hot Chocolate ItemCode
  • Edited Mashed Potatoes ItemCode
  • Edited Biscuits and Turkey Gravy ItemCode
  • Fixed 300 Localization Infos
  • Adjusted foodEgg Recipe Amount
  • Added Chicken WorkGroup / XUI
  • Adjusted Fertile Egg Recipe Amount
  • Adjusted Loot Slightly (Items)
  • Adjusted Sugar Cane Recipe

Version 1.14

  • Fixed 900 Instances Of Broken Desc Info
  • Fixed Cereal Food/Water Amount
  • Added Hot Chocolate (Cera)
  • Added Icon Chicken
  • Complete Icon Rework By (AlexF221070)
  • Fixed LootGroup Conflict
  • Fixed Description Skill Info

Version 1.13

  • Thanks LucasWayne
    • Fixed Lime Tree xml
    • Fixed Apple Tree xml
    • Fixed Red Apple Tree xml
    • Fixed Coconut Tree xml
    • Fixed Cinnamon Tree xml
  • Added Peach Tree To Biome Spawn
  • Added Khayotik Custom Changes
  • Added Dizasta Custom Recipe Changes
  • Added AlexF221070 SeedPack Icons
  • Edited Horse XUI
  • Exited Mature Horse Drop Items
  • Added Raw Horse Meat
  • Added Raw Horse Ribs
  • Added Raw Horse Fillet
  • Added Cooked Horse Ribs
  • Added Cooked Braised Fillet
  • Added Cooked Horse MeatBalls
  • Added Cooked Horse Ribs Recipe
  • Added Cooked Braised Fillet Recipe
  • Added Cooked Horse MeatBalls Recipe
  • Removed FoodPoisoning (All Items Cooked/Veggies/Berries)
  • Edited FoodPoisoning (All Raw Meats Now 90% Chance)
  • Added Cow Windows Code / XUI
  • Fixed Animal WorkStations Tags For Unlock
  • Fixed Animal Pens Tags For Unlock
  • Edited Farm Table Recipe
  • Removed Duplicate Gas Oven Recipe
  • Edited Milking Machine (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited bucketEmpty (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Farm Life Sign (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Feeding Trough (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Live Trap (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Metal Cabinet Door (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Pinup Girl One (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Pinup Girl Two (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Pinup Girl Three (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Tom Cat (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Brew Cooker (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Brew Station (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Cold Smoker (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Fermentor Bench (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Gas Oven (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited KitchNaid (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Wood Grill (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Edited Aging Shelves (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Cheese Press (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Damascus Handle (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Damascus Knife (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Floor Corker (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Grain Miller (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Meat Grinder (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Mixing Cask (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Oak Barrel (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Pasteurizer (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Pizza Cutter (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Spirits Vat (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Veggie Attachment (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Wine Tank (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Zhang Cleaver (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Zhang Handle (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Cheese Cloth (Craft Area Now Farm Table)
  • Edited Pasta Helper (Craft Area Now Farm Table)

Version 1.12

  • Removed Class RepairItems Hungry Pens
  • Edited Triple Taco Tuesday Recipe
  • Edited Beef Taco Recipe
  • Fixed Sheep Shears Recipe
  • Fixed Tortillas Chips Recipes
  • Edited Fried Rice Item
  • Edited Pizza Item
  • Edited Cookie Item
  • Edited Apples and Cream Recipe
  • Added Baked Pheasant Recipe
  • Updated Loot.xml
  • Replaced All Turkey Icons 256×256
  • Edited All Craft Times 1s To 10s
  • Edited All Craft Time 30s To 60s
  • Added Localization For New Items
  • Rebuilt Turkey Diner Item
  • Rebuilt Turkey Diner Stuffed Biscuits Item
  • Rebuilt Turkey Club Sandwich Item
  • Adjusted Beef Chili Step 3 Recipe
  • Adjusted Cooked Kidney Bean Recipe
  • Adjusted cryogenicContainer Amount To 2 From 1
  • Added Cherry Tomato Salad with Roasted Lemons Localization
  • Rebuilt Cherry Tomato Salad with Roasted Lemons Code
  • Fixed Baked Rigatoni Recipe
  • Fixed 42 Stack Items
  • Added Mesquite Woodchips Recipe
  • Fixed Vegetable Pasta Meal Recipe

Version 1.11

  • Set All Baby Pens (Grow Anywhere)
  • Edited Cooked Black Bean Recipe
  • Edited Cooked Kidney Bean Recipe
  • Edited Cooked Pinto Bean Recipe
  • Fixed Fried Rice FoodAmount
  • Fixed Baked Rigatoni Stacking
  • Removed AppleWoodPlank (BananaTree)
  • Fixed Mexican Black Beans Recipe
  • Removed Un-Used Rolling Mat Recipe
  • Fixed Spicy Salmon Roll Recipe
  • Added Raw Lamb Recipe (Raw Mutton)
  • Fixed 10 Recipes (Damascus Knife)
  • Added Raw Lamb Mature Sheep
  • Adjusted Salt Recipes
  • Added Salt Recipe To KitchnAid
  • Rebuilt Lamb with Charred Cherry Tomatoes Food
  • Replaced 1324 Old Lines In Items

Version 1.10

  • Edited Planters (ResourceWood)
  • Removed Old Raw Milk Recipe
  • Added Raw Milk To Adult Holstein
  • Edited 2 Recipes Removed Buff Replaced
  • Added Ancho Pepper (Progression)
  • Adjusted Whole Wheat Recipe
  • Adjusted Flour Recipe
  • Adjusted Husk Recipe
  • Fixed Bagel ToolItem
  • Fixed Bread ToolItem
  • Added Ancho Pepper Recipe (GhostPepper Scrap)
  • Fixed Baby Aninimals Progression
  • Fixed Baby Chicken Icon
  • Added Leather To Adult Holstein
  • Removed cryogenicContainerBee
  • Removed cryogenicContainerDuck
  • Removed cryogenicContainerGoat
  • Removed cryogenicContainerRabbit
  • Removed LootContainer ID88
  • Fixed Baby Pig Pen Growing Next
  • Fixed Duplicate Pizza Recipe
  • Fixed 32 Recipes
  • Fixed 172 Tags / Items (Thanks Kraezee)
  • Removed Halite Recipe (Not Required)

Version 1.09

  • Fixed Tag Lamb With Charred Tomtatoes
  • Fixed Tag Penne Pesto
  • Fixed Tag Turkey Gravy Step 1
  • Fixed Tag Turkey Gravy Step 2
  • Fixed Tag Turkey Gravy Step 3
  • Combined Recipes GasCookTop To Gas Oven
  • Removed GasCookTop Model
  • Removed GasCookTop Recipe
  • Removed GasCookTop Block
  • Removed GasCookTop Windows
  • Removed GasCookTop XUI
  • Added CornHusk To (DeadCorn PlayerCorn)
  • Removed BeeHive XUI Code
  • Fixed FarmForge Retrieve Smelted Resources
  • Fixed Sheep Sheers Tag
  • Fixed 2 Recipes GasCookTop (Wok)
  • Fixed 50 Recipes For GasCookTop
  • Fixed Milk Recipe Area
  • Removed BeeHive (Un-used Model)
  • Removed BeeHive HoneyComb (Not Needed)
  • Removed BeeHive Honey (Not Needed)
  • Removed BeeHive Recipe (Not Needed)
  • Fixed 25 Recipes For GasOven
  • Reset Growth Timers From 2 Testing To (62)

Version 1.08

  • Removed Old Quests
  • Removed Old Code Quests/Items
  • Updated Recipes/Resources Required
  • Rebuilt Code Hungry Chicken Pen
  • Rebuilt Code Hungry Pig Pen
  • Rebuilt Code Hungry Angus Pen
  • Rebuilt Code Hungry Holstein Pen
  • Rebuilt Code Hungry Elk Pen
  • Rebuilt Code Hungry Veal Pen
  • Rebuilt Code Salmon Pond
  • Rebuilt Recipe Hungry Chicken Pen
  • Rebuilt Recipe Hungry Pig Pen
  • Rebuilt Recipe Hungry Angus Pen
  • Rebuilt Recipe Hungry Holstein Pen
  • Rebuilt Recipe Hungry Elk Pen
  • Rebuilt Recipe Hungry Veal Pen
  • Rebuilt Recipe Salmon Pond

Version 1.07

  • Edited KitchnAid (Simplified Addons)
  • Removed Food Processor Item/Recipe
  • Removed Ice Cream Bowl Item/Recipe
  • Edited BrewCooker (Simplified Addons)
  • Removed Masher Item/Recipe
  • Removed Barrel Roaster Item/Recipe
  • Edited Brew Station (Simplified Addons)
  • Removed Steeping Tun Item/Recipe
  • Removed Carboy Item/Recipe
  • Removed Aged Barrell Item/Recipe
  • Removed Bottle Capper Item/Recipe
  • Removed Wine Filter Item/Recipe
  • Removed Charred Barrel Item/Recipe
  • Edited Fermentor Bench (Simplified Addons)
  • Removed Jar Airlock Item/Recipe
  • Removed Old Quests From Removed Addons
  • Cleaned Old Recipe Code
  • Cleaned Old Item Code

Version 1.06

  • Fixed Wood Planks Harvesting
  • 9 Yellow Warnings Removed
  • Tree Models Replaced / AppleTree
  • Removed Salt (FridgeLoot)
  • Fixed 9 Warnings
  • Removed Tonic Water In Loot

Version 1.05

  • Removed BasicGrowingTrees Quest
  • Removed Webber Grill Particle Affect
  • Fixed Webber Grill Window
  • Fixed Fermentor Bench Window
  • Fixed 55 Yellow Warnings
  • Replaced Saplings With Vanilla Model
  • Removed FarmLifePlants.Unity3d
  • Replaced Plants With Vanilla Model
  • Renamed Saplings
  • Edited Tree Blocks
  • Updated Biomes.xml

Version 1.04

  • Fixed Seed Planted Names
  • Fixed Seed Packet Names
  • Fixed Seed Names
  • Fixed FarmTable Quest Lines
  • Edited StackAmount 50k
  • Added FarmLife Skills To Vanilla Tree
  • Removed Spinning Wheel
  • Removed BobbinAndFlayer
  • Removed Bobbin
  • Removed Flayer
  • Edited Thread (Craftable FarmTable)
  • Adjusted Farm Forge TagUnlock (FarmLifeL5)
  • Adjusted Webber Grill TagUnlock (FarmLifeL5)
  • Adjusted Rustic Smoker TagUnlock (FarmLifeL5)
  • Fixed Progression xml
  • Fixed Tonic Water

Version 1.03

  • Added War3zuk FarmLife v3 Enhanced VP (Vanilla Patch)
  • Fixed Particle Clash (War3zuk AIO)
  • Fixed Fresh Honey Glazed Ham Recipe
  • Added Cold Smoker Unlock (AdEngineering)
  • Added Webber Grill Unlock(AdEngineering)
  • Removed 34 Unused Models
  • Removed PitchFork
  • Removed GardenHoe
  • Removed Bottle Container
  • Removed Shooting Bottle
  • Fixed BeefCake / Buff
  • Removed Butcher Table (Old Model)
  • Edited HeatMapping All Items

Version 1.02

  • Added 3rd Slot Farm Forge
  • Fixed Farm Forge
  • Fixed Farm Table
  • Fixed Brew Station Window
  • Fixed KitchenAid Window
  • Removed Unused Recipes
  • Replaced Missing Icons
  • Fixed Webber Grill Window
  • Edited FertileLand Number
  • Rebuilt Trees xml
  • Rebuilt Sappling xml
  • Added Biome.xml (Tree spawning in world NOT as a seed for the player)

Version 1.01

  • Updated Main Mod Code
  • Fixed Blocks
  • Fixed Benches
  • Fixed Seeds
  • Fixed Trees
  • Fixed Most items
  • Fixed Pens
  • Fixed Benches
  • Fixed Buffs
  • Fixed Windows xml
  • Fixed UI xml
  • Fixed Loot


If you appreciate War3zuk’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: War3zuk, Phredd, Stasis, Mayic

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21 thoughts on “War3zuk FarmLife v3 Enhanced

  1. Already pretty far along with everything crafted, but never saw a starter quest in farm table nor any other farm quests.

    Also, not a single sight of halite that I guess makes salt. We are on day 23 and started with this mod and been updating as needed. Also recently have looted a cryo container for awhile. At least 5+ in game days.
    Anyone else have these issues?

  2. Somehow our Farm Table, Stove and other things cant be accessed?

    We started a new vanilla world and cant seem to get this to work. When you press “E” to use it does nothing and i cant access anything else after that without restarting.

    I have changed the files stated for Vanilla worlds.

    Best regards

  3. Was not able to get this to work at all on our server.

    Anyone have ideas or ways to troubleshoot this? Its not a fresh server…but we added it to the files.

  4. Bonjour,

    Nous pouvons pas mettre le mod sur serveur dédié il ne fonctionne qu’en SOLO ? merci pour la réponse.

  5. just downloaded the mod, didnt crash the game. just curious why all of the added trees look like apple trees…. and all look the same. Its no biggie but it weird harvesting bananas, lemons ect from an apple tree..
    Im so excited to see all of the things to craft, I love that some items have more than one step to craft. I love it.
    Im currently running Alpha 20.5

  6. Were apple wood planks removed from the mod or just from banana trees? I have harvested red apples and gotten no apple wood. Also the sakura, which looks like an apple, no apple wood. Apple woodchips are required for some recipes, but I can’t find apple wood planks anywhere.

    1. Just throwing this out there….in case it applies to your situation…..this mod is last updated for A20.5…..not A20.6–unless it just hasn’t been put in this pages notes that it is for A20.6? So, be sure using 7d2d A20.5 for mod.

    1. Just throwing this out there….in case it applies to your situation…..this mod is last updated for A20.5…..not A20.6–unless it just hasn’t been put in this pages notes that it is for A20.6? So, be sure using 7d2d A20.5 for mod.

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