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The Whisperers mod lets you craft a unique set of clothing (created from Hazmat outfit set). Once you put the set on you will now be one with the zombies. Yes thats right you can walk with the zombies/sleepers. (make sure you only walk)

Whisperer Set is craftable via the workbench and requires certain ingredients found:

  • ResourceCLOTH
  • RottenFLESH
  • Each item of the vanilla Hazmat Set
  • New item – Zombie Skin (found on zombies, or in labequipment) (If you have Stallionsden’s Lootable Objects Mod – uncomment in loot.xml the lines pushing to that) then you will also find Zombie Skin in the dead Body Bags, human corpse blocks and human bone blocks.

However if you want to remain in zen with the zombies

  • Do not run
  • Do not jump
  • Do not equip a weapon
  • Do not equip a tool
  • Do not fire a weapon
  • Do not hit anything with your fists
  • Do not hit anything with a tool
  • Pretty much just walk. You can loot still.

Anything other then walking will result in the zombies knowing your not one of them.

You will see a grey Skull on the left side of your screen for when you wont be seen by zombies and if you do anything other then walk a red cO2 in red icon will show. Once it dissappears tho the protection from zombies will reoccur. There is a duration between after you do an action other then walk of 60 seconds before the protection occurs again.

For Use With Other Mods

Stallionsden has added many modlets that this modlet affects. Simply go thru the bottom of the list and uncomment any of the modlets you use in your game. (Salvaged Bats are added via the vanilla section so no one really needs that one.) In items.xml

If you want your mod that uses tools or weapons etc. feel free to let him know and he will add them to it.

Whisperers With Light & Reduced Stamina Mod

Same as above but with the mining helmet light attached to the hazmat mask and the set with reduced stamina.


  • (new) Fixed issue with removing set and re adding and zs ignoring you.
  • Updated to A20.

Download Whisperers Mod
Download Whisperers With Light & Reduced Stamina Mod

If you appreciate Stallionsden’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden
Special Thanks: Haidrgna, Saminal, VARIOUS

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2 thoughts on “Whisperers Mod

  1. Just some feedback here but it doesn’t make sense that the zombies would detect you by punching things considering that is how 100% of the zombies attack. Zombies also jump so why wouldn’t that be allowed?

  2. a cool mod but needs some work I walked in a building unarmed as it said and two zombies dropped down still hitting me other than that there were other zombies in the building like sleepers they didn’t do anything or wake up so this mod kinda works but also tested it with horde night the zombies still attacked.

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