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xFiberCraft 1.0: More Fibers Update
A Serverside Mod, Translated for our friends around the world.

Welcome All, xFiberCraft has been updated to serve the global community.
Für Sie aktualisiert|Actualizado para ti|Mis à jour pour vous|Aggiornato per te|あなたのために更新されました|당신을 위해 업데이트|Zaktualizowano dla Ciebie|Atualizado para você|Обновлено для вас|Sizin İçin Güncellendi|为您更新|為您更新|Actualizado para ti

7 days to die xfibercraft additional screenshot 1

We have discovered a treasure trove of FIBERS!!!!! Take your xFiberCraft experience to the next level with More Fibers. “I only need plant fibers, why update?” you ask. Time marches forward my friend, the days of weaving together an AK47 and fabricating bullets from the leftovers are gone. xFiberCraft now Introduces Fiber Crafting. You need to make a tool, well go ahead and convert some Plant Fibers into Tool Fibers. You need a weapon, you’ll need to craft Weapon Fibers. But wait, there’s more! Scrap some useless junk to get proper fibers.

7 days to die xfibercraft additional screenshot 2

7 days to die xfibercraft additional screenshot 3

Want to make a Bicycle? Mini-Bike? 4×4? Wait a minute Code_Ovrld, its FIBER CRAFT, why are these recipes unchanged. It must be a bug. WE NEED TO GET THIS FIXED! Whoa Whoa There Cowboy, I assure you EVERYTHING can be made, directly/indirectly with plant fibers. Take a look at the recipes, if something calls for an item that isn’t Fiber, I’m sure you can make it with Fiber.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Zip
  2. Extract the zip and place it in the 7 Days to Die Mods Folder
  3. Enjoy 🙂

Interested in modding? Don’t want to download? Need Examples of how stuff is done? Find The Mod On GitHub.

Need More Plant Fibers Check out this mod by War3zuk.


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Code_Ovrld, Modding Community, TFP

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  1. It is known that there is a mistake in the Screenshot. It shows an inventory that does not reflect what this mod does. I am working on getting the screenshot corrected. Thank you for your patience

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