Zombie Health Bars

7 days to die zombie health bars

This little mod adds health bars over zombies. The health bars appear once the zombie takes any source of damage. It will display the % of health remaining. This works on damage and healing. It will display based on tags, so if you’re adding this to custom zombies, be sure to check the buffs.xml to see all the tags used.

This mod adds buffs to the zombie male template. If other mods adds buffs directly to that, it could possibly cause issues.

Does not require restart.

Requires client to install as well as server.

Tested and works with Alpha 19.2 b3

Recommended to be played single player or multiplayer. Works fine on servers as well.


  • Telric took some time to rewrite this mod to be more compatible with other mods. The old version would add a property to the zombie entity class directly, which could cause issues with other mods that do the same. So he redid it to attach to the player’s status update buff so it will always be active on the player, then transfer to the target on hit. This new version also works on most animals. The old version is still available just as a backup incase a breaking bug is found.

Download 2.0 for A19*
Download 2.0 for A18*
(*This is the revised version. It adds a buff to the player’s status update and then attaches a buff on hit to the target. This version also has been rewritten to be smaller and to work on animals as well.)
Download Original for A18**
(**This is the original. This adds directly to the zombie entity, so it may cause issues with other mods that do the same.)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric
Special Thanks: Mumpfy

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5 thoughts on “Zombie Health Bars

  1. I can’t get into the forum, is there a way of making this work with the Creature Pack and the Server Side zombies?

  2. I put in the mods folder and open the server, but it didn’t work, should I do something else to make it work?

  3. hi is there any way to make a mod to only display Hit damage but not a big health bar like this .
    only show a little number like we use to have in counter strike back in the day
    i searched alot and cant believe no body made this simple mod

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