Zombie Spawn Settings

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Redone Biome spawns, Wandering hordes, and Bloodmoon settings. This was done as a companion modlet for the 24hr zombie cycle. Can be used as a standalone. Not recommended, if you want a more casual game. You have been warned.

Biome Spawns

Drastically increased. You can “kind of” clear an area out, to give yourself some breathing room for 12 in game hours. You can get just about every type of entity on day 1. Roll of the dice. Your game stage is meaningless!

Biome Difficulty Standings

  • Desert: The Easiest, but not overly.
  • Burnt forest: Second easiest.
  • Pine Forest and Snow: They want to say Hi!
  • Wasteland: is…

Wandering Hordes

Sometimes you get them, and other times you don’t… Again. Your Game Stage is meaningless!

Blood Moon Hordes

“You get what you get! So don’t throw a fit!” Everything zombie related, is on the table! Maybe, you will get a demolisher in your very first one? or maybe you won’t? Maybe, you will get some zombie bears? or maybe you won’t? Life is unpredictable and so are the blood moons! heh, Your game stage matters! Somewhat…


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tin

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