Zombie Tramp PBH

7 days to die zombie tramp pbh, 7 days to die prefab, 7 days to die poster, 7 days to die building materials

Adds Zombie Tramp POI PlaceHolders and Zugi Art.


  • (new) Updated for A21.
  • Updated for A20.


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Credits: War3zuk

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19 thoughts on “Zombie Tramp PBH

  1. They awesome, do you planning in future to update this mod and make the posters craftable? Thank you for you work anyway!

  2. So – after looking into these mods – which don’t work, at all, period… I downloaded like 13 mods from this person – and NONE of them work. When you download them – they come in multiple layers of folders… The zip file, and then like 2 folders deep to get to the actual folder that has the mod info.

    It’s THIS folder that you need to install as the mod folder. But I did that, for all of them, and every single one gave me a huge list of red errors. Not one of them worked so I uninstalled all of them and there is no real support except the DISCORD channel which offers extremely vague info if you get any real info at all.

    Supposedly these were great for A18 and A19. What the hell happened?

    1. you do something wrong. i have nearly every mod from him and they all work. and you need the “Mods” folder.
      \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods

      1. sorry, nearly forgot. you dont need the zip folder, you have to drag the folder inside the zip into your Mods folder.

  3. From what I remember about these posters – they appear in POIs randomly. They’re not craftable. Probably find them in the Creative Menu as well.

    1. same question here. Is there an option to craft them? Maybe include them like paint or craft it in workshop table…

      1. yeah including them as a paint is good idea, crafting in workbench also, because taking them from creative is not nice

    1. Alpha 19 B163 broke most of them, so the download is disabled by the author until the repo fixed.

        1. Alpha 19 B163 broke most of them, so the download is disabled by the author until the repo fixed.

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