5 thoughts on “Zombies Infections

  1. Careful Guys. I got ‘Bollock Rot’ for real after installing this mod. One of my balls actually fell off while driving my car. The other is hanging in so far, but I’m expecting something bad to happen, anytime soon.

  2. I have tested it only on A19.
    And here are my thoughts:
    – The idea for new mutations / viruses is great.
    – The medical kits / injections do not appear in my solo/offline game. (I have installed the mods properly)
    – Bird Flu is extremely annoying. You can get it almost anywhere outside where vultures can reach you. Whether it is by their ability to “spit acid”, or melee attacks, the probability (at least in my case) of you catching bird flu virus is like 100% per single attack.
    It does increase the difficulty of the game – which is great for veterans such as myself – but dying to that virus in early stages of the game at least 5 times, (because injections are nowhere to be found nor can i get my hands on early-game med-kits / products i could have turned into the cure (injections).

  3. At least in the version I’m using there are actually 4 different infections.
    Each with their own first aid (test) kit that only cures the infection it’s designed for.
    You can catch the infections from Hazmat and Stripper zombies. And from Vultures.
    You have 60 minutes to get a test kit for the infection you have or you develop an incurable variation of the infection that then kills you in 60 seconds.

  4. No explanations! Do these all get cured by the same antibiotics? or does this include new recipes that have to be made? Great mods, terrible information about them!

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