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Behold survivors!
Mother Earth has been soiled long enough by these nasty Zombies. It can stand no more and its revolt has started. Biomes won’t make a distinction between the livings and the undeads.

With a big thank to the forums’ community – to all of you that help, answer questions and provide great tutorials, Umbrella proudly presents

Biome Activity

The world has around 40 apocalyptic natural disasters and biome activities, Structured by location and biomes, alternate light episodes and crisis. A few are more “supernatural”.

  • Volcanic eruption, Lava flows
  • Meteore strikes, starfall
  • Earthquakes, sismic ground motions, flood, geyser
  • Gaz emanations (fire, poison, freeze, enlighten, blind … )
  • Bushfires, wissfires, electric disturbances, radiations
  • Twisters, Moving / flying / floating biome decorations, slime blocks
  • Altered physics (gravity, sizes and motion, repulsive fields, non-igniting gun powder …)
  • Player inventory alterations (evaporate, rotten, stuck bag, filling)
  • Zombies: a few enhanced attacks, AIs and specials.
  • 13 “minibiomes”, combining re-textured decorations, moving colliding particles and area buffs.

Zombiome can be tough. If you don’t like what is happening around you, move and explore new areas. Observe your surroundings, some may be used to your advantage. Don’t forget to learn affinity powers and craft.

Biome Affinity

Learn to control biomes by completing special challenges at epicenters.

  • BiomeDust unlocks 40 powers, including attacks, aoes, pets, block/biome alterations, construction…
  • 80+ craftable items to complement the BiomeDust
    • Under new Biome Awareness attribute (no skill point needed).
    • 30+ powerful attachements for melee, guns and turrets. Some weapons (Frost harpoon, pegasus glove).
    • Modified attacks, 3rd weapon attack (charge, dodge, shield …), vehicle actions.
    • Blocks, traps (stalagmice, slime, rooting roots, fertilizer block, elemental fields, regenerating walls …)
    • Consumables, Equipment (bouncy shoes and armor, glasses with various detection ability …)

Mod Usage

  • ZomBiome is distributed under a BSD 2 License.
  • Download ZombiomeA20.7z Unzip and copy mod folder “Zombiome” to 7 Days To Die/Mods folder

If you download repo 7Dmods, you have an extra level (zip within zip). Make sure you have a single “Zombiome” folder

eg C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Zombiome\Config\ and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Zombiome\Zombiome.dll

Current Status

  • Experimental – Single Player only
  • The mod is globally stable and playable. A few errors may still occur but crashes are rare.
  • Version: 1.0 (Dust,Craft,AdvancedActivities), Tested Vanilla: 20.6 (b9)


  • Could mess up your saves. Duplicate your savefile or start a new game!
  • Balance or performance sometimes so-so. Not yet tested by many players.
  • In sismic areas, any container (and its content!) could be destroyed in a second. Landclaim/bedroll have small sismic-free zone. Think twice before chosing location of your base and chests.



  • XML, change the global activity strength, and each activity weight separately.
  • Zombiome commands and items can help you alter landscapes for your own edited maps.
  • God-mod command for infinite affinity and color selection: “zb D” (easier Dust and item testing)


  • While Zombiome runs, you should periodically see a long line printed in the console (F1), starting with “ZombiomeManager update … “.
  • Zombiome should start automatically when player spawns. If it does not, or stops for any reason, use command “zb start”.

Any feedback appreciated!

Teaser / Vids


7 days to die zombiome overhaul additional screenshot 4

7 days to die zombiome overhaul additional screenshot 1

7 days to die zombiome overhaul additional screenshot 2

7 days to die zombiome overhaul additional screenshot 3


Umbrella released important bugfix solving the 2 main errors:

  • Tries to write debug info to some hard coded local files
  • NPE loops on bolt explosion killing Z.

Just investigated 20 epicenters at Awareness 20 without any error 🙂


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Umbrella

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5 thoughts on “ZomBiome Overhaul

  1. Does not work. I tried both on the current server and on the newly created one. I keep getting an error when I try to login to the server:
    2022-10-27T19:01:35 117.573 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing ” failed
    2022-10-27T19:01:35 117.577 EXC Class ‘Remat, Zombiome’ not found on block treeGrassBig1!

  2. it does work, but the meteors happens way to often. is there a light version? like say, once every 2-4 day randomly?

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