TongoMod 2.4

7 days to die tongomod, 7 days to die overhaul mods

There is a new version of TongoMod available 2.4, many new features are included.

  • New recipes
  • New machines
  • Restructuring of the current ones
  • New tools
  • New consumables
  • New minerals
  • New materials
  • HUD changes
  • Farm as alpha 19
  • Backpack with up to 84 slots
  • New mods
  • Modification in the biomes
  • New progression system

7 days to die tongomod additional screenshot

And much more in TongoMod 2.4.

Download from GitHub
Download from Google Drive

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Tekja

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5 thoughts on “TongoMod 2.4

  1. maybe better the skills are blocked if you remove some skills not everyone will like your mods me i like the blocks that change by breaking them also the plants that grow back what annoys me are the skills

    1. hi
      The change in skills is an essential part of TongMod.
      I think it’s more fun, since it allows you to try different skills by merging all the branches into one.
      In alpha 21 it will be reconsidered.

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