7 days to die agf hudplus, 7 days to die hud mod

AuroraGiggleFairy (Previously known as RilesPlus) has updated the HUD for A20. This overhaul provides additional information while attempting to keep the minimalist appeal.

  • Works server side
  • Wider and more accurate compass
  • Chatbox improvement
  • Time and Date shown on menus
  • Simple Container Status Colors
  • FULL Language Support!
  • (Optional) Enhanced Patch Available

7 days to die agf hudplus additional screenshot 1

7 days to die agf hudplus additional screenshot 2

Download AGF HUDPlus
Download Enhanced Patch
Download Khaine’s 15 Slot Toolbelt Compatibility Patch

If you appreciate AuroraGiggleFairy’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: AuroraGiggleFairy

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12 thoughts on “AGF HUDPlus

  1. Looks GREAT !!!
    And works PERFECTLY with Kheldons 96-slot backpack !!! Because in vanilla game the belt was a little over the bottom part of backpack…now with this mod it is much much better !!!

    And it works perfect as server-side mod !!!

  2. If I want to run the enhanced version with 15 slot toolbelt, do I need all three in my mods folder or just enhanced and 15 slot?

  3. Playing @ 3440 * 1440 the bottom of the mod falls off the bottom of the screen – a little of the food and water bars appears to be missing, and everything beneath it has gone.

    Don’t know enough to move that element up a bit, but if anyone has simple instructions I’d be grateful.

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