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AuroraGiggleFairy has updated her HUD for A21. This overhaul provides additional information while attempting to keep the minimalist appeal.

  • Works Server Side
  • Safe to Install on Existing Games
  • Removed Location Popups
  • Minimized Skulls under Compass
  • Wider, Accurate, Center Marked Compass
  • Improved Chat Output
  • Compact Stats Display
  • Improved Map Page
  • Improved Quest Selection with POI names
  • Simple Colors on Interactive Blocks/Items
  • Time and Date in Menus
  • 5 Crafting Slots
  • FULL Language Support!
  • (Optional) Addon Mod (NOT SERVER SIDE) shows lootstage and additional info.

7 days to die agf hudplus additional screenshot 1

7 days to die agf hudplus additional screenshot 2


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: AuroraGiggleFairy

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16 thoughts on “A21 AGF HUDPlus

  1. For A21 changes – Location Popup specifically. Does this mod remove it all? Whereas, when in the area/POI, will it still show in the corner the level of difficulty? OR is that removed as well/considered a popup?

  2. I was putting this out there to see if anyone knew of anyone working on a headshot multiplier mod for alpha 21? A mod that makes headshots kill unarmored zombies with one shot to the head? Great work on this one as well though as always!

  3. Where do I go to change the Location Popups to be back on?
    Its one thing some people on my server love (for some reason)

  4. Playing @ 3440 * 1440 the bottom of the mod falls off the bottom of the screen – a little of the food and water bars appears to be missing, and everything beneath it has gone.

    Don’t know enough to move that element up a bit, but if anyone has simple instructions I’d be grateful.

  5. If I want to run the enhanced version with 15 slot toolbelt, do I need all three in my mods folder or just enhanced and 15 slot?

  6. Looks GREAT !!!
    And works PERFECTLY with Kheldons 96-slot backpack !!! Because in vanilla game the belt was a little over the bottom part of backpack…now with this mod it is much much better !!!

    And it works perfect as server-side mod !!!

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