Darkness Falls Mod

7 days to die darkness falls mod, 7 days to die overhaul mods

This is a mod KhaineGB originally created to fix a few “issues” himself, his wife and some friends felt the game had. Turns out he really enjoy modding so he has expanded on it quite a bit. The intent is to drag out the early game, so it will take you longer than usual to get to Iron and Steel. He has also tried to inject a little realism by locking away quite a few recipes behind perks, since most normal folks wouldn’t know how to do/make those things.

Also, he started playing in Alpha 8, so he wanted to try and bring back a few things from that era. Hub city, sharp rocks and sticks are pretty good examples, and he want to try and incorporate more features from that era of gameplay. He will also be trying to add in new zombies/enemies to make the “end game” more difficult.


  • 8 Classes to choose from, with 6 quests each!
  • 96 slot backpack! 12 slot crafting queue!
  • Custom UI! Food/Water bars next to the hotbar.
  • Increased zombie spawn/respawn rate!
  • Night time is now dangerous. The ferals come out to play…
  • Zombie Behemoth (male and female) added!
  • Scrap Iron Tools added. Iron requires level 15.
  • Titanium added! Can be found as trophies, underground and above ground. Used to make tools, weapons and blocks.
  • Forge Ahead & Leather Tanning books are back! (can also be purchased as perks)
  • Wrench is now a perk and a schematic, but crafted and repaired with Iron.
  • All common books added as perks, so you have the choice of finding the book or spending points.
  • Action skills are back!
  • Skill books added for all 100 level skills.
  • Generic skill point book added so you have ways to get skill points.
  • Skill notes! Find a recipe you already have? Scrap it into a skill note and craft that into something more useful.
  • Extra crops! Grow apple, orange banana and coconut trees, plus wheat, carrots and tomatos!
  • More food! Way too much to list, but bread is now an option. So are sunday roast dinners. YUM!
  • Animal Coops and Snares from Valmod added.
  • Clay bowls are back, and used for more than just pretty plants!
  • Craftable Small Engines and Lead Batteries!
  • Several new guns! Like the P225 Pistol, AR-15 Automatic Rifle, Winchester Rifle and Combat Shotgun.
  • Gun crafting! Gun parts are back and require the rare, find-only Lathe to be crafted.
  • Arrows can now use cloth fragments instead of feathers. Sticks and Sharp Stones have also made a return!
  • Tree sap is now a thing! Try left-clicking on non-dead trees with jars or bowls…
  • Sterile Bandage! New healing item to fill the void between normal Bandages and First Aid Bandages.
  • Working sinks and ovens! Both types craftable, so pick whichever matches your kitchen.
  • 5 new workstations. The Advanced Forge (required to smelt steel, but no fuel needed!), the Mortar and Pestle and two workbenches! There is also the rare, loot-only, Lathe!
  • Stone hammer added. Counts as a construction tool. Used only for repairing and upgrading.
  • Lockpicks added! Now you can lockpick all safes and most doors.
  • Steel crossbow added that takes steel, exploding and titanium bolts. Both crossbows can be scoped.
  • Combat axe added. There’s also a titanium version.
  • Trader’s are no longer protected! Take care of your local business!
  • Guards added to the trader, with a Guard Captain NPC! Talk to them to buy quest starters, which can earn you skill notes! (Single player only due to server bugs)
  • Larger player-crafted storage (kitchen cabinets, lockable!).
  • Time REMOVED from under the compass and on the map. Added to the trader window (under restock time).
  • Junction box added for invisible wires. Unlocked via electricity perk.
  • Bomber zombies added! These are designed to tear your base to bits. You have been warned!
  • 7 Day hordes re-done (less game stages so difficulty should ramp up faster and ferals appear sooner).
  • Writing Desk, Ink and Quill available! Used together, these halve the cost of creating skill books and class papers.
  • Grass spawns reduced for better performance/easier to see things.
  • Traders now have more basic materials for building.
  • Localization HEAVILY edited to show where items are crafted, including if they can be made in multiple workstations (one will have a reduced resource cost) and what tools may be needed.
  • Compo pack added!
  • Hornet from A15 and earlier is back, with it’s original sounds and model! Keep an eye out for them in forest biomes.
  • Trader Caitlin has arrived! She has her own POI, her own voice, lives in the wasteland and carries the most powerful items.

SDX Integration

  • AnimationSDX added so custom models can all be added, rigged and animated in-game.
  • Plants (not tree’s) now REQUIRE water to grow on a farm! They will still spawn in the world with no issues. However, they must have water within 4 blocks of them (any direction, including underneath) otherwise they will die. Water must also be topped up.

Class Information

Civilian Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – Full suit, +1 skill point.
  • Quest 2 – 2 murky water, 2 red meat, +1 skill point.
  • Quest 3 – 2 painkillers, 2 first aid bandages, +1 skill point.
  • Quest 4 – Flashlight and +1 skill point.
  • Quest 5 – 2 painkillers, 2 first aid bandages, +2 skill points.
  • Quest 6 – Bicycle.

Class mastery: None

Farmer Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – Cowboy hat, t-shirt, denim pants, cowboy boots.
  • Quest 2 – 2 boiled water, 2 beef rations, +1 Living off the Land perk.
  • Quest 3 – 2 first aid bandage and +1 Sous Chef perk.
  • Quest 4 – No reward.
  • Quest 5 – Blunderbuss, 50 blunderbuss ammo and +1 Sous Chef perk.
  • Quest 6 – Iron Hoe Recipe.

Class mastery: Gaining the two Mastery perks grants the following:

  • Wheat Seed Recipe.
  • Carrot Seed Recipe.
  • Tomato Seed Recipe.
  • Banana, Orange, Coconut and Lime Tree Recipes.
  • Grandpa’s Awesome Sauce Recipe.
  • Grandpa’s Moonshine Recipe.
  • Grandpa’s Learnin’ Elixir Recipe.
  • Beer Recipe.
  • Roast Dinner Recipe.
  • Blueberry Pancakes Recipe.
  • Banana Pancakes Recipe.
  • Banana Bread Recipe.
  • Orange Marmalade Recipe.
  • Orange Tea Recipe.
  • Meat Bolognaise Recipe.
  • Veggie Bolognaise Recipe.

Hunter Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – T-shirt, denim pants, worn boots, Cowboy Hat.
  • Quest 2 – 2 boiled water, 2 chicken rations, The Huntsman Perk.
  • Quest 3 – 2 first aid bandage.
  • Quest 4 – Scrap Machete, The Huntsman Perk.
  • Quest 5 – Pipe Rifle, 100 7.62mm Bullets, Stealth Assassin Perk.
  • Quest 6 – No Reward.

Class mastery: Gaining the Hunter Mastery perk grants the following:

  • Titanium Machete Recipe.
  • Titanium Combat Axe Recipe.
  • Steel Crossbow Recipe.
  • Titanium Bolt Recipe.

Laborer Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – T-shirt, brown denim pants, worn boots, mining helmet.
  • Quest 2 – 2 boiled water, 2 beef rations, Hammer and Forge Perk.
  • Quest 3 – 2 first aid bandage.
  • Quest 4 – Hammer and Forge Perk.
  • Quest 5 – Hammer and Forge Perk.
  • Quest 6 – Nailgun item.

Class mastery: Gaining the Laborer Mastery perk grants the following:

  • Titanium frame recipes for building bases.
  • Titanium bar recipes (normal and centred).
  • All Titanium tools (Hammer, Fireaxe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Auger, Chainsaw)

Mechanic Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – ZU Football T-Shirt, Overalls, Ball Cap, Worn Boots.
  • Quest 2 – 2 first aid bandage, Salvage Operations Perk.
  • Quest 3 – Wrench Item, Salvage Operations Perk.
  • Quest 4 – 2 boiled water, 2 chicken rations.
  • Quest 5 – Salvage Operations Perk.
  • Quest 6 – No Reward.

Class mastery: Gaining the Mechanic Mastery perk grants the following:

  • Motorbike + Parts Recipe.
  • 4×4 + Parts Recipe.
  • Oil Pump Recipe.
  • Steel Wrench Recipe.
  • Car Battery Recipe.
  • Small Engine Recipe.

Scientist Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – White jacket, t-shirt, suit pants, suit shoes.
  • Quest 2 – Physician Perk.
  • Quest 3 – 2 boiled water, 2 chicken rations, Self Medicated Perk.
  • Quest 4 – Scrap Machete Item.
  • Quest 5 – Physician Perk.
  • Quest 6 – No Reward.

Class mastery: Gaining the Scientist Mastery perk grants the following:

  • Antibiotics Recipe.
  • Painkillers Recipe.
  • Paramedic Kit Recipe.
  • Coedine Pills Recipe.
  • Acid Recipe.

Security Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – Army shirt, army pants, worn boots, ball cap.
  • Quest 2 – 2 boiled water, 2 chicken rations, Pain Tolerance Perk.
  • Quest 3 – Pipe Pistol, 100 9mm bullets.
  • Quest 4 – Flurry of Blows Perk.
  • Quest 5 – Pain Tolerance Perk.
  • Quest 6 – +1 skill point.

Class mastery: Gaining the Security Mastery perk grants the following:

  • Titanium Armor Recipes (Chest, Boots, Gloves, Legs, Helmet).
  • Titanium Spiked Club Recipe.
  • M4A1 and all parts Recipes.

Survivalist Class

Grants the following:

  • Quest 1 – T-Shirt, army pants, cowboy boots, cowboy hat.
  • Quest 2 – 2 murky water, 2 chicken rations, all leather armour recipes.
  • Quest 3 – 2 first aid bandage, 2 painkillers, +1 skill point.
  • Quest 4 – No Reward.
  • Quest 5 – Scrap Fireaxe, Pickaxe and Shovel recipes.
  • Quest 6 – Watch Recipe.

Class mastery: Gaining the Survival Mastery perk grants the following:

  • Titanium Machete Recipe.
  • Survival Torch Recipe.
  • Radio Recipe.
  • Jerky Recipe.

Terms of Use

The use of SDX has allowed him to add various models and sound effects into the game, but some of these had to be purchased. As such, a Terms of Use is now required so he can properly detail what may and may not be used by other people in their projects. Personal use is fine, but they may not be redistributed. As such, here are the lists of what may and may not be used by other modders.

Available For Use

  • Any XML as this is originally property of TFP and I have simply expanded upon it.
  • Combat Axe – Available for free on the Unity store.
  • Water Barrel – Available for free on the Unity store.
  • Tomato Plant + Tomato – Available for free online and legally.
  • Original Behemoth – Property of TFP.
  • Frostbitten Worker – Property of TFP.
  • Female Lab Zombie – Property of TFP.
  • Health/Stamina/Food/Water bars – Property of TFP.
  • Item Icons – Either provided for use by Valmar on these forums, icons from previous alphas or icons altered by me.
  • Roadhog and sounds.

Not Available For Use

  • New UI textures.
  • Lockpicks.
  • Stone Hammer.
  • Stone Spear.
  • Radio.
  • Oil Pump.
  • Metal Workbench.
  • Laser Workbench.
  • Lathe.
  • Big Forge
  • Advanced Forge.
  • Fusion Forge.
  • Any of the “Sci Fi” stuff, like doors, desks, etc.
  • Laser Rifle, Pistol, Sword and new tool.
  • Male Lab Zombie.
  • AR-15.
  • Combat Shotgun.
  • P225.
  • Apple Tree’s + Apple.
  • Banana Tree’s + Banana.
  • Carrot Plant’s + Carrots.
  • Palm Tree’s + Coconut.
  • Wheat Plants.
  • Female Voice Lines for Bandit.
  • Female Voice Lines for Caitlin.
  • Winchester Rifle.
  • Laser Weapons.
  • Coil guns.
  • Steel Wrench.
  • Both Demons.
  • Armoured Car.

Permission will never be granted to use items in the “not available for use” list due to EULA’s, so please don’t ask! All of them are available on the Unity store and he is happy to provide links to the various store items if people want them (and if they are still available). Any mods found using those assets will be repoted to the moderators. You have been warned.


Darkness Falls is a total overhaul mod, which means KhaineGb has changed large amounts of the XML files on a permanent basis. Not all modlets will be compatible, therefore I thought it might be a good idea to start a list of ones that do work.

Using mods not on this list means he can not offer you support.

Confirmed Working

  • Sorcery (A19 preview version confirmed working.)
  • Valmar’s Expanded Traps (other modlets here are not confirmed)

DO NOT INSTALL COMPO PACK. It is already included, has been edited so quests work more reliably and better balance for loot/zombies.

DO NOT USE NITROGEN. It does not obey biome restrictions KhaineGB has put in place for some POI’s.

Known Issues

  • Animals have some issues that need to be investigated.
  • Food/Water don’t display correctly. Anything over 100 doesn’t seem to work, so bear that in mind.


Alright folks, here it is. Darkness Falls V4.03A with compo pack included is now ready for everyone!

This update includes some required tweaks so the mod will now be compatible with XBox Game Pass versions of the game. Also, this version of the mod has been tested on both 20.4 and 20.5 experimental, so you can use whichever version of the game you wish.

Regarding save compatibility, he has tested it on his youtube save, and there was no issue going from 20.4 and V4.03, to 20.5 and V4.03A. A new save is still recommended, as per TFP guidelines, but you CAN get away with not doing it.

Darkness Falls V4.03A

  • Added Krunch’s 8k map and required POI’s.
  • CompoPack and required rwgmixer edits added.
  • Khaine’s version of the A19 Crack-A-Book tower added.
  • Edited the small Crack-A-Book POI to swap to new bookshelves.
  • Added new pre-generated maps that included the CompoPack. (they have CP at the end instead of NoCP)
  • Scoutsmod updated to run from any folder, and compiled into the main DF DLL file.
  • Scoutsmod now configurable via blocks.xml (info is at the bottom of the file).
  • Darkness Falls XML updated to allow it to run from any folder (including the new mod folder).

Installation Instructions (If you don’t use the mod launcher)

Make a copy of your 7 Days to Die folder first!

Download the zip file at the link below. Unzip the Mods folder and Darkness Falls Icon and Serverconfig.xml to your 7 Days to Die folder. Overwrite when prompted.

Video here for folks who find that easier.

Installation Instructions for macOS Users

Important Note: He does not have a mac. This is a guide he found for Starvation Mod and Ravenhearst, but it also works on War of the Walkers so it should be fine here.

  • 1) Uninstall 7dtd. Open Finder, from taskbar choose Go -> Home. Open Library -> Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common. Delete 7 Days to Die folder. Reinstall 7 Days to Die.
  • 2) Unzip downloaded mod. Open unzipped folder. You should see 3 folders: 7DaysToDie_Data, Data, and Mods. I will be referring to this as a “home screen”.
  • 3) Open Steam. In your games Library, right-click 7 Days to Die and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. Choose the LOCAL FILES tab and choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES.
  • 4) Copy & paste (do not drag-and-drop) the Mods folder to this location.
  • 5) Open 7DaysToDie_Data -> Managed.
  • 6) Right-click 7DaysToDie.app and choose Show Package Contents. Here you should see 2 folders: Contents and Data. This will be the other “home screen”.
  • 7) Open Contents -> Resources -> Data -> Managed.
  • 8) Copy & paste (do not drag-and-drop) the .dll files into this location. Mac OSX will ask if you want to keep both or replace. Choose replace.
  • 9) Navigate back to each home screen.
  • 10) Drag-and-drop the 7DaysToDie_Data and Mods folders into this location.
  • 11) Open the Data folders in each location. You will see there are Config, Prefabs, and UMATextures folders in each.
  • 12) For each of these three folders, open up its corresponding folder so you can see the contents. Drag-and-drop the mod’s contents into its respective folder. For duplicate files, mac OSX will ask if you want to Skip, Stop, or Replace. Check the “Apply to All” checkbox, then choose Replace.
  • 13) Start 7 Days to Die and enjoy the mod!(edited)

Alpha 20 Version
Download Client and Server for A20 (Not EAC Friendly. Click the 3 dots, select download as zip)
Also available on the mod launcher!
Alpha 19 Versions
Download Client for A19 (Not EAC Friendly)
Download Server for A19 (Not EAC Friendly)
Also available on the mod launcher!

If you appreciate KhaineGB’s work and you want to show support, use the Paypal/Patreon link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KhaineGB

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154 thoughts on “Darkness Falls Mod

  1. So I downloaded this for my friends server since they are using this mod. They get in it just fine but for some reason I get thrown right into a single player game. I dont even get into the lobby and cant even choose to jump a game. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled without mods and got into the main menu just fine and was able to join games just fine but when I put these files into my 7daystodie file folder it keeps throwing me right into single player. Doesnt give me no options to choose any games and I cant even get into main menu. Any reason why it does this?

      1. There is 2 ways to install the mod

        #1 unzip all files into the base-game folder so it would say Data and mod folder inside the zip those go in the base game folder

        #2 Make a direct copy of ur game folder and just rename it to Darkness Falls 7 days to die and do the same thing.

    1. If anyone is having any issues launching the mod please make sure you have [Easy-AntiCheat] Disabled if that is on it affects mods.

  2. Help! I keep installing and doing everything correct and when I pull into darkness falls I have no words to show me what the buttons do!

    1. Do you have any other mods in your Mods folder besides from Darkness Falls? This was happening to me when I had the SMXUI and such mods in the folder.

    1. in your steam library click on the ‘play’ button, it should bring up a box that has 2 options, ‘play 7 days to die’ and ‘show game launcher’
      click on ‘show game launcher’ and make sure EAC is disabled, save and run

  3. Hey I’m trying to use the mod on A14 Exp. Server download. I upload the files to my remote server but when I do I get errors that the mods are looking for files in wrong folders is there any way to change the find directory?

  4. so, first time installing the mods. After doing everything stated, i opened the game and tried to start a local game to try out the mod… after 15 minutes of “generating detail height data” im still at 21% loaded…. this mod IS NOT PLAYABLE for anyone who doesnt seem to have a high end gaming rig .. and unfortunetly i sold mine n downgraded….RIP asf … i suggest including a small disclaimer for people to know this mod isnt meant for them before they get their hopes up….

    1. DF’s and a few other mods allow for massive maps up to 16k the problem DF has that make it take so long is it uses the games default compiler instead of nitrogen your pc’s resoucres are by in large irrelavent a 16k map takje me many hours to build but uses like 4% of my computers resources with an overclocked to hell 12900k 128 gb of ram and a rtx 3090. That being said there are litterally tons of DF maps of various sizes you can download from mod sites and there are several of each size included with the mod itself, if you want to make a new map just set it up before you go to sleep it will be done by morning.

  5. Помогите пожалуйста!При загрузке мира(версия 18.3(b4))появляется консольная строка,где говорится что отсутствуют некоторые файлы(скачивал у вас)и игра потом зависает.Очень хочу поиграть в этот мод,но я понятия не имею в чем проблема.Зарание спасибо!

  6. Hey so, I accidentally hit a trader ( the only one I have discovered as yet on this map ) and now he won’t interact with me ( so to avoid being slaughtered by the guards, I tele’d out of there lol ), now my question is, how long will his anger last?
    Am I hooped with that trader?

  7. Hello. I downloaded this mod and after starting the game I didn’t have a full loading of the game menu and the process was set to “load block textures” and nothing else happened. Help me please.

  8. Hey, I’m trying to do a play-through but the map keeps generating POIs that are either floating in the sky supported by nothing, or on top of shear cliffs and I am forced to pole my way up to even do a clear. Did I do something wrong? If links are ok I recorded two videos trying to get it to work.

  9. Hey – Is there any point to survivors? Or are they just random NPCs to walk around.

  10. When we downloaded it, most buildings were floating and then collapse when you approached or go inside. Is there a bug fix for the floating buildings? Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. SAME HERE!!!

      One of (if not THE) best overhaul mods yet its killing it for me not knowing the time 🙁

      Do I have time to run to the trader before it closes? fk knows, I dont know what time it is until i get there 🙁

      1. The upside is that the trader essentially never closes. You can visit the trader at midnight if you want. You can even camp inside the trader fort for the night.

  11. Hello I had downloaded darkness falls and all of my poi’s are floating. And nothing I do including deleting darkness falls and the mod loader fixes the problem. Is there a way to fix this problem. Please help me. I’d like to enjoy playing this mod with going to a poi and having it collapse on my head.

  12. Кто знает как убрать изображение персонажа в диалоговом окне?
    Who knows how to remove the character image in the dialog box?

  13. Hello, KhaineGB

    Ive got a question the a19 client download does that mean my friends dont need to download this mod like if im in a world with 2 of my friends will it work for them to play the mod without having need to download it ?

  14. 2020-08-23T09:14:41 177.468 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing ‘progression.xml’ failed
    KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

    I get this error on the server when taking it, and I can’t get into the game on the client, always make this error, some respect from xlm, proguession can someone help me with that?

  15. Also these mods have worked
    Instant Scrapping (Sasha’s Faster Scrapping)
    StallionsDen’s No Digging Zombies
    PhD Nailgun
    More cooked foods
    PhD 30k stacks

    My partner and I have been using them. They seem to be working without crashes or errors.

    1. I can also confirm working these two:
      ZZStallionsdens Stacker
      Khaine’s 3-slot Forge Input

      Looking forward for more confirmed modlets in the comments ^^

  16. maybe i’m stupid but ho do i upgrade frames or anything in the mod because right click with stone ax just brakes them down any help would be appreciated

  17. indexoutofrangeexception: array index is out of range
    keeps popping up
    tried different maps
    only darkness falls mod running

    1. sorry its indexoutofrangeexception: Index was outside the bounds of the array
      don’t know if this is that the mod needs to be updated to alpha 19.1?

      any help would be grateful

  18. We updated the server for Alpha 19.1 stable version, and have been trying to get into our server for the past 2 days. Our provider is trying everything, but it seems that there is issues with the vehicles, and send tons of error codes. Anybody else having these issues? We have uninstalled 7D2D, along with the mod launcher, and then re-installed, and still have the same error codes. Anybody have suggestions on why this is happening? Our server provider I am sure is very confused as to why we cannot get into the game.

  19. Hi Guys urgent,
    1st time downloaded and ran Darkness Fall mod, facing this error now during loading, it keeps showing “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”…
    How to solve this?
    Downloaded 19.1 Server version for my A19.1…

  20. Same here, soon as i put these files into my game, cant load the main menu. Music comes in finishes loading according tot he console but just 7d2d title is there with trees background and 0 menu buttons. I’m running no mods and followed instructions and “clipit” video to a T, not using a Mac either. Just cant even enter a game with no menu buttons available. Allowed 3 other friends to try instructions and we all get to the invisible menu together.

  21. I keep getting error: This archive is corrupt and unexpected end of archive when I DL.
    I’ve tried twice now…
    Anyone else got it and know how to fix it?

  22. This mod is simply amazing. It basically takes 7 Days to Die and makes it 10 times better. Works perfect for me and my friend on a Nitrogen map with CompoPack 45. Can’t recommend it enough!

    1. Did you download the server datas for the multiplayer or are you both running the normal version?

      Have Problems with playing with friends since they cant join my game 🙁

  23. Hello, I really like the CCTV mod in your darkness falls, is it possible for you to code/create that CCTV with your other downloadable mods so players who are interested in your CCTV mod can use it in their games? Thank you.

  24. Just downloaded the mod, I like the realism and class based system. But I’m running into a bug which I’m not sure if anyone is aware about.

    When I talk to Trader Bob, on XSmallDarkness map; and ask to see his inventory the game doesnt open his inventory. It just stays stuck and I’m not able to cancel out or move away. Please fix this.

  25. Ok, so, on single player I forgot that my base was just across the road from a trader and I used “killall” and killed the trader and the guards, is there a way to reset them? Thanks in advance

  26. Hey thanks for updating to 19.3 guys! I’ve been playing a lot with people recently however we did notice a pretty big bug with secruity’s craftable “Advanced Brass Catcher”. It was working then after day 45 it stopped working. This issue happens with both my allies and myself (security class). Tested remake the mod different ammo and weapons and once it stops working you can no longer get it back.

  27. I liked the new repair system. But there is a problem. What about Grade 7 subjects? In repairs, these items are lowered to class 5 and there is a chance of losing modifications.

    Мне понравилась новая система ремонта. Но есть проблема. Как быть с предметами 7 класса? В ремонте эти вещи опускаются до 5 класса и есть вероятность потерять модификации.

  28. So I always use the advanced brass catcher once I master security and ever since the 3.3 update neither brass catcher works for me. What and why?

  29. When my ffriend or i try to get on a server that pops out: steam kicked you your authentication data is from a different game. Anyone have a solution?

  30. I had used this mod in the past with no issue. But now, I can’t get it to function properly before even getting into a new save.
    I’m using Mod Launcher. I’ve done a clean install, file verification, and when I try to play the mod through the launcher, I get constant red text. Much of it saying it couldn’t install the new entities and a LOT of “null reference exception object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

    1. Hey there! I was having that same problem, i decided to just delete the mod and reinstall making sure to pre-sync and now its working. I hope this helps

  31. UMMM HELLO??! How is it, that I am the only person on earth who cannot build a horde base without it collapsing??? if you build over 2 stories your whole base come down around you. I have had 4 different horde bases collapse. The build mechanics have been altered in DF and no one acknowledges it. I cant find a single post on this major flaw.

  32. Hey guys there is this bug where like i try and walk through the trader door at the start and its a full block but i can clip through it and then open it up. Is this just a bug temporarily?

  33. Curious if this will work with any other overhaul mods or not as I like to know if I could run both overhaul mods or if I would have to switch between them?

    1. I think only way to fully uninstall it is to Delete all the mods from mod folder then completely do a Clean Reinstall I not sure if you can delete it any other way as Most Overhaul mods completely override all files in the folders. In order for me to uninstall a old Overhaul Mod I had I had to do a Clean Reinstall. Which Requires you to completely delete the entire folder in the steam games commons folder then completely reinstall the game. I am unaware of any other method But perhaps others in here have a much better solution.

    2. my assumption is that if you made a copy of your game like the directions said, replace the current 7d2d folder with the older one or just reinstall the game i guess and delete related mods in mod folder

  34. hello, i have a problem with the forges, the area that says what materiasl i have smelted in the forge (iron-brass-lead-stone-clay and so on) is missing. any ideea why , and how i can fix it ? plz help me. thank you

  35. Greetings!

    Downloaded the mod but after the initial log in, I can no longer connect to the server–I get server timed out messages every time, and then the server disappears from the server list for 5 minutes before reappearing. Any ideas?

  36. hello i have a server and i try to install the mod darkness fall i follow the guide to install but when i try to open, the game don’t work, why? please help me

  37. Hey Guys i have a question for anyone thats knowledgeable on the subject. Im aware that this mod takes away the input slots and values stored on furnaces/forges. Does anyone know if it is possible to revert that change and keep the rest of the mod, as in editing .Xml files? Any help is appreciated thanks!

  38. Can someone please help me I beg! I have a Mac and ive been following the directions and I cant get it to work, ive been trying for over an hour and a half and I don’t know what im doing wrong, please please please somebody help me, ive been wanting to play this mod for so long! my discord is Moon.#1095 so we can talk about it there to make it easier! please help me 😭

  39. my game version is 19.2 b3 and when I installed darkness falls it changed it to 19.4 b3 and when loading the world it gives an error. ressource.assets corrupted delete the file and restart unity.
    Can anybody help?

  40. can you add more guns from vanilla fire arme pls

    -M1 garand
    -1911 .45 ammo
    -Scar-L 5.56 ammo

    and more, more guns guns pls

  41. anyone know how to make weapons stop dropping levels when repaired? its getting really boring that the weapon always drops in level with each repair

  42. Help. Mod downloads and plays great but I can’t join a friend’s game and the friend can’t join mine. We can each play single player with few issues but attempting to load into each other’s game just sits there loading configs, etc., never actually joining.

  43. I tried this mod with a friend and we got really long loading screens, we played it in the 19.5 version . My friend got 15-20 minutes of loading time, we both have decent computers and internet connection and the game is a legit version from steam. For some reason the loading time was really big , for me was about 8-9 minutes. Anyone can tell me what could cause this long loading time? we used 75 for the max zombies alive and the world was 6172×6172

  44. i want to play this mod with my friend but we can’t do it we can only play it alone please could someone help me

  45. Ok… mod works great for the A19.6 update BUT if you load a DF A19.5 save file, you’re screwed. Infinite loop of “Object Not Set to Instance of Object”. Works perfect if start new game and/or load a game that originated in 19.6.

  46. I can’t create new save on A19.6 but my server can, but if i try to join this server on A19.6, console pops up in all red messages.

  47. Следовал инструкции, при создании игрока консоль вся красная и её нельзя закрыть

  48. I wish we could take some of the DF features to the core game. Man i really love the apple,orange and the others trees of DF.

  49. Darkness falls no longer works for multiplayer after the last update. I installed it as I usually do and set up a server, then install it the same way on my friends computers to make sure it’s the same way, and they can’t join. I deleted all old saves so nothing from 19.5. We even unnistalled and reinstalled the game and mod numerous times each. I look everywhere and only see single player games out there, no one seems to talk about the multiplayer issue.

    1. We’ve been playing this multiplayer. We all set it up just like we did previously but we all had to all start with a fresh image of 7d2d. Not sure that anything special was needed on the server-side but we had it up 7/30 and have been playing fine ever since. I join through Steam Friends and don’t try to find the server in the game as it’s hit or miss if it gets listed

  50. Sorcery does not work with this mod. at least when i set it up. sorcery is enabled but you cant loot the sorcerers to start sorcery quests you just get command line errors when trying to loot them. also ive found that lootable zombies mod does work si far

  51. new notice. i randomly go frrom 79 hunger to 2. and ive been wondering why ive been randomly dying all the time. hope this is a bug and im assuming 0 hunger in this mod is instant death rather than trickle health?

  52. Help: I have zero idea how to install this on my Nitrado server as it only uploads zip files. which was simple for small mods but this has multiple folders and im confused

    1. ignore: i finally got it working… but i did notice that you can hide in the traders guarded sections and that seems kind of cheesy imo

  53. Love the mod, very very very hard. For example, If you don’t have a cast and you break your leg you might as well just kill yourself lol because a splint does absolutely nothing haha. So either you kill yourself, find a cast (extremely rare), or wait hours!!. Would be nice if you changed the description for the splint though ;). Great mod all around.

  54. What is SDX, I cant seam to find SDX which has 3 folders. You say these are needed for your mod. The only SDX i can find Seams to be a mod Launcher Which i did fiddle with. BUT it had an error when trying to create. Can you please clarify what exactly this is and where to find the 3 files? Please? Thanks. Mod looks very cool. Ive been wanting to try it. BUT Cant find these files.

  55. I accidently removed the hunters class quest from my quest logs and now I cant figure out how to continue it or restart it. Is there some way to do that or is there a console command I can use?

    1. you can use CM for creative mode which adds a menu to the right (lightbulb) of the craft menu. There you can search for that class book and use it to get going again.

  56. Hello! I’m playing this mod in Korea!
    But recently ..I found some problem that the elevator could not set up over the ground 3×3 🙁
    My verseon is A19.6..
    Could you reply me how can I fix it..?
    Thank you!

  57. Hello, Can u help me … i have problem with this…
    “Easy Anti-cheat blocked the followed game file because it has been modified “7DaysToDie_Data\Managed\assembly-csharp.dll” If you have run mods that changed this file you have to run the game without EAC! Otherwise, validate your game from the Steam game settings.”

    Do u know what can I do ? when i deleted this file.. game didnt work…
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hiya, you can launch the game without the anti cheat, if on steam, use the “Show Game Launcher” option when starting up

  58. I know 7 Days vanilla alone is taxing on RAM. I was wondering how much RAM would someone need to run this mod. Any suggestions or ideas?

    1. From trying out DfSmall1 which would be one of the smallest I was capping out my 10 GB with nothing else running on this PC and was barely able to run this so I’d recommend at least 12 and probably 16 or more to run the other larger maps, good luck

  59. Is it planned to get it updated to run on Alpha 20? My Girlfriend and me love this mod. Does anyone know anything?

  60. Every time I arrive at the trader there’s no dialogue for buying only the dialogue for jobs and the trader always replies I don’t trust you bla bla. There’s also no bodyguard for the traders.

    1. Similar issue: the trader works fine, but no npc guards at any trader base I’ve found so far. Only turrets without ammo or power. Also, only started with one class book. Thought I’d get two.

  61. Thanks for the amazing work! Truly.

    Some things going on with latest build (V4, alpha 20.2 stable):

    I’m playing on Mac, no other mods installed. Playing both DF small map and DF Navezgane.

    Traders have no guards, just turrets without ammo or power.

    Only spawning with one class book.

    Survivor npcs can’t be interacted with.

    This is my first time with DF, so I’m basing my observations on descriptions from this webpage and forum posts. If the issues I listed are intentional, right on, gotcha.

    Thanks again!

  62. A bug I encountered. sneaking and shooting a stone arrow at a sleeping(leaning against wall) zombie. I died immediately after shooting the arrow. I was in the middle of the first fetch job.

  63. Anyone know how to not put yourself on fire when using the flamethrower from the Scientist Class?


  64. All working fine except vehicles. I cannot interact with any vehicle. I press (Y) on my controller, I have also tried (E) on the ketboard. Nothing happens, well, I just move a little bit closer to the vehicle. I even tried the horn, it is deafening by it’s silence.

    Problem solved. It was a mod by you, yep i9t was the one that will do damage to those pesky zeds.

  65. ‘If you don’t want to run vanilla AND the mod, drag all the files from the zip you opened (and should’ve kept open) into the window where 7 Days to Die is’

    Where do I install the mod files if I DO want to play vanilla and the DF mod?

  66. Is there a standalone mod to add in all of the non special zombies? My group of friends isnt ready for the crazy that this mod offers but adding in just the new zombie types should help them get better and get ready to fully use this mod later.

  67. me and my friends are playing on dfalls-navezgane map and was wondering if it has the modded poi’s in it like the labs can we find everything from the mod just wondering if the map is modded for it since it says “dfalls-navezgane” instead of normal navegane so if it has the labs let me know otherwise we have to start over on the other maps.

  68. 2 Questions: A) how do you get a “class”
    B) How do do you find a small backpack to complete the initial quest, as it can’t be crafted?

      1. Hello! just started a multiplayer server with my friends, all seems to run greate! but, when we first loggin, we do not spawn with the backpack for the class book, so i am assuming i have done something wrong? is it a common bug or should i look more into it?

  69. Love the mod, but please fix where demonic zombies can hit you multiple floors up through POI floors. We are trying to complete the laser workbench POI but being burned and blasted from lower floors is to the point where we cannot complete the encounter.

  70. Hey everyone! Can wait to try Darkness falls on Alpha 20. Just wondering if the compo pack is working on Alpha 20. It says in the description it has been added, but then in the game there are only No-CP maps. Do I need to run random gen for that? Would be super super grateful for any info or tips! Thanks in advance good people of apocalypse! 🙂

  71. HI having an issue in a solo game, I’ve got nothing showing in my inventory, not even the individual boxes where items would go. No other mods installed, using a default DF map. I’ve opened the backpack, I’ve punched to get some items, crafted a couple of things, but nada. Thanks for any help you can offer

    1. I think I’ve “fixed” it, just did a fresh install of the mod and seems to be working fine. Thank you for a great and FUN mod.

  72. i have ben trying to install this and all i get is network error my network is fine cuz it can install everything else fine just the overhalls idk what im doing wrong

  73. Are you Planning on Adding or make changes to SMG auto/ Auto Turrets where it can use coil and/or laser ammo?

  74. So everything seems to run just fine other than the fact that the custom vehicles seem to be unusable and they’re indestructible, only reaching one health.

  75. hay it seems on my game i can`t craft the forge. the forge still has a lock although i unlock by reading forge ahead. Dose anyone know is this a bug or that i also have to have the forge and hammer skill in order to unlock and craft the forge

    1. I had to unlock the forge ahead perk and read the Book to be able to craft it. Go into your crafting menu and select the descriptions book or the lock can’t remember off the top of my head. This should tell you the requirements to unlock and create it as well.

  76. So I got mastery in two different classes, but I die alot and now I notice my mastery is gone, and a lot of my perks disappeared and the quests that give me all the unlocks though completed are showing as if they aren’t completed. Does this wear off? Is this really the punishment for death, that you lose your mastery of a class and a lot of the class perks, cause that is what happened to me and I don’t know how to fix it.

    1. for some reason the ui for the skills, journal and quests dont change and i can’t figure out why.

  77. So uh, not sure if this is a bug but playing on the DFalls-XLarge1 map and at the perimeter of ~7160 S on the map, there is just an endless White void – I haven’t scouted the entirety of this edge but it instant kills and deletes anything which goes through. Was in a convoy with the squad exploring the wilderness and the lead vehicle was going over the cliff through the air and went over the edge. The players are now permanently stuck with no way to respawn as even with force suicide it’s respawning them (despite bedrolls) over the perimeter in the white void that they had to just start new characters.

    This is the first time I’ve seen this in Darkness Falls where there is no warning before reaching the edge of the map (if this indeed the edge).

    Besides all that, great mod. Was just super surprised and wanted to confirm this wasn’t a bug.

  78. Quick Question: Do I have to use a pre-gen Darkness Falls map in order to get the custom PIO’s, or will they generate using the in-game system? Also, if I have already got a pre-generated map, with the Darkness Falls PIO’s be added to this on starting a new game, or do I have to re-generate the world to get them?

  79. Hello,

    I installed Darkness Falls and was really enjoying it, then it started throwing up lots of exceptions/errors. Then I deleted and re did the install process, but it will not work. It keeps stopping at “Building Environment”. I made sure to use the non-eac installer, also made sure to remove the MODS folder from Vanilla. In fact I followed KhaineGB’s video and it still will not work for me for some reason. I used win-rar to unzip the file and it says the file is corrupted. Can anyone help me with this please?

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