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The NPCMod is a community modding project. While initially started by Sphereii and Xyth back in A16, the team continues to grow in size every alpha. The goal of this project is to provide “Core” functionality and templates that can be reused by modders to add high functioning characters to their mods. There are 2 core modlets, both are required for this mod to work. The 0-SCore modlet contains C# code and the 0-XNPCCore contains the xml and templates.

By design this mod encourages expansion through expansion packs. Character packs focused on a entity type, for example, a 1-soldier pack or a 1-spider pack add new characters to the 0-XNPCCore. A 2-soldierfactions pack might add different factions to the 1-soldier pack, reusing those same soldier models. The sequence 0-, 1-, -2 etc. indicates there is a dependency on another modlet with a lower number prefix. Other character modders have committed to contributing additional characters that leverage this mod pack like they do to the POI (Buildings) collection called CompoPack. If you would like to join this community team, or have some features or characters to contribute, they would love to hear from you!

Current Stable Version:


  • This mod includes a Unity Tutorial Project (available separately) containing the mods controller and templates and scripts so making new characters is easy.
  • NPC characters support all vanilla character features. These include Humanoid rigging, root motion animation, collision with vehicles, rag-dolling, 100’s of animated reactions, limb decapitation and gore. These can also be retextured in xml to offer even more variety. There are some exceptions, especially on animals, which typically do not have ragdolls.
  • NPCs use a new Artificial Intelligence system called UAI. Unlike zombie AI (EAI), this system allows for advanced tasks and real time decision making based on considerations. Should the NPC attack, run, loot, follow, backup to optimized weapon range? All tasks and considerations.
  • Work very well as sleepers in POIs, respecting all of the POI volume properties.
  • Can be setup to attack on bloodmoons!
  • Spawn with vanilla or custom weapons just by editing xml.
  • Can be hired, becoming loyal companions, sharing your adventures and challenges.
  • Hired NPCs can be ordered to follow and stay, with full control via optional control icons.
  • Animals can also be hired, though don’t accept Dukes. Try meat.
  • NPCs have factions. Some like you, some don’t. Beware of bandits!
  • Hostile NPCs have additional AI so they will hunt you down more than zombies can, be warned!
  • No more losing your NPC. They will teleport to you if stuck, get too far away, or if configured, to your bedroll when you die.
  • They will follow you on foot, keeping up with you, and if you get into a vehicle, they will hide and reappear once you exit the vehicle.
  • They can heal themselves when its safe to do so, and there is a medic package for characters that can heal and mend others.
  • Low maintenance, no need to feed or water these folks, but that is a feature that could be available later.
  • Lifelike Idle animations while chatting and wandering were added to improve immersion. Many more will be added after initial release.
  • When the player/leader crouches, so do the NPCs
  • Scalable, modular architecture, so expanding character and new behaviors is much simpler.
  • Customizable pathing per NPC is available for POI designers.

New for A21

  • Weapon Swapping! Add player weapons (not every one is supported) to NPCs storage, and use the menu to enable that weapon.
  • New controller. Optimized to eliminate odd animation issues seen in A20

NPC Controls

There are craftable player commands that will control your hired NPCs as a group. You can craft these commands by typing in NPC in your crafting menu.

Tutorial Video:

There are currently three commands:

  • Mode: This command is a toggle between various control modes:
  • Hunting (default): In this mode your NPC swill automatically target anything that it sees as being hostile towards it or yourself. You have no control over their actions besides stay and follow.
  • Full Control: In this mode the NPCs will not automatically target anything. It will behave as if all hostiles are threats and will only engage if you are hurt or if you start attacking one of the threats.
  • Stop: This command is a toggle and when paired with Full Control will make your NPCs halt or resume attacking their targets. This becomes especially useful when you feel like you or your NPCs will not survive an encounter and you want them to simply follow you so you can avoid the encounter altogether. It is also useful when you wish to travel without engaging any targets.
  • Help: This command is useful when you are in Full Control and want your NPCs to engage targets within 20 meters of you. If you are without ranged weapons, you want to be able to have your NPCs help you without having to either take damage or attack the hostile.

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 1

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 2

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 3

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 4

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 5

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 8

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 9


  • What happened to the CreaturePacks and NPC mod?
    • They have been merged, combined and obsoleted. Now that code can be natively loaded by the game, there was no reason to keep those two separated. This version is simpler to load, maintain, and has more features than either one did.
  • Can I run this with EAC enable?
    • NO, EAC must be turned off.
  • Can I learn how to add my own characters?
    • Sure, its never been easier to learn to make characters. lots of work went into simplifying the process, and scripts can do most of the work for you now. There are videos available to assist.
  • I have great ideas for more features, where do i make suggestions?
    • Forum thread works or on Guppy’s modding forum in the NPC-mod channel
  • I found a bug! Where do i post that?
    • Please provide the info requested in the bug form found below, and post it forum or on Guppy’s modding Discord under the npc-mod-bug reports
  • Does this work on dedicated servers?
    • It should, the current version tested well on dedi. All mods, cores and expansion packs MUST be loaded into BOTH the Dedi and all client Mods folders.
  • Have a good question? Maybe you will see it listed here soon!

Known Issues

  • Always use a fresh game if you update Score or NPCCore. Strange things can happen updating the cores on an existing game.
  • The UI needs work, some overlapping text, Sirillion has volunteered to refresh it.
  • Hired NPCs might Leroy Jenkins on aggressive animals, use the command interface to gain more control.
  • Melee NPC detection of crawlers in the grass isn’t as good as ranged, but works.
  • NPC ranged can sometimes not hit as well as other times. Might be debuffs accumulating.
  • It’s a very complex mod, expect bugs we didn’t find yet, and please report those.

Bug Tickets

  • NPCMOD-SP-0034: Hired NPCs will despawn at times (ex: using vehicles)
  • NPCMOD-SP-0037: Ranged Hostile NPCs stop being able to damage you when you are close and lower than them
  • NPCMOD-SP-0039: Friendly NPCs spawned in “passive” sleeper volumes will not move if hired
  • NPCMOD-SP-0044: Melee NPCs can properly hit crawlers when on the road but cannot always see them when in grass
  • NPCMOD-SP-0048: NPCs can talk to the player while fighting, until they are hit by an enemy
  • NPCMOD-SP-0049: Setting the respawn CVar to 0 still respawns NPCs next to their leader. Possibly change SCore so CVar value of 1 would respawn them. No CVar or value of 0 would not
  • NPCMOD-SP-0050: NPC ranged can sometimes not hit as well as other times. Might be debuffs accumulating.
  • NPCMOD-SP-0051: NPCs will use the trader voice set at times
  • NPCMOD-SP-0052: NPCs in passive sleeper volumes turn to look at the player when they’re not active
  • NPCMOD-DEDI-0006: NPCs can be hired by another player after you’ve hired them – fixed
  • NPCMOD-DEDI-0008: A hired NPC does not know who to focus on when two players are around them. Focus should be on the leader – fixed
  • NPCMOD-DEDI-0015: NPCs no longer have the walking anim, float when walking away from you and you chat with them: Only occurs when you press “E” quickly before they enter chat action.
  • NPCMOD-DEDI-0016: Hired NPCs will path to another player then path back to the leader
  • NPCMOD-DEDI-0021: When you hire a dynamic spawned NPC, their spawner source is supposed to be changed to static. It seems that’s failing


Summary: (a short description of the bug)
Game Version: (A20 bxxx)
Platform: (PC / Mac)
Video Settings: (Low / Medium / High / Ultra / Custom (Custom has many combinations, so just list the settings you think are relevant to the bug if any))
Game mode: (MP host / MP client / SP / Client on Dedi)
Did you start a new game? (Yes/No) Note: Do not submit a bug report until you retest your issue in a new game.
Did you validate your files? (Yes/No)
Are you using any other mods? (Yes/No) Note: Please retest without any mods loaded in a new game.
EAC off? Note: Needs to be Off.
Bug Description:
Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:
Actual result: (description of what is occurring)
Expected result: (what you expect to occur)


Turn EAC Off!

Option 1: Download and SCore using the links below. If the download is a .zip or .7z file like the is, then unpack that compressed file and place the mod found inside into your Mods folder. SCore isnt compressed, so download that folder directly. Then load as many expansion packs as desired, unpacking the file if needed. If you are using a dedicated server, you also need to load both Core modlets into your dedi server Mods folder. So copies in both the client side Mods folder and also on the server Mods folder.

Option 2: Use the modlauncher to load the 2 cores.

Here is a helpful video to get you started:

Terms of Use

1. You are allowed to use the NPCMod, its NPCCore, Unity Controller and expansion packs without any kind of direct modifications. All modifications and/or derivative works of NPCCore, controller and expansion packs are restricted to private use only unless those modifications are done in expansion mods that have a dependency on the unaltered Core mods being loaded. The mod and expansion packs contain purchased assets, including animations in the included character controller, so any derivative use of the models or controller is also contingent on purchasing those assets first.

2. You are encouraged to use the NPCMod as part of your own mod, public or private. However, you must provide credit to the community team by adding the “Powered by Score and NPCCore” logo to your mods opening screen and forum posts. (Resize as appropriate)

7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 6


7 days to die npcmod and addons additional screenshot 7

3. The team is not responsible for any damage, including damaged savegames, by using this mod.

Meet the Team

(Historic and Current, in no particular order)

  • Sphereii: C# wizard and modding community teacher. Famous for his mod launcher and other code bits
  • Xyth: Unity guy and modding community teacher. Not very famous.
  • GuppyCur: Discord master and sometimes zombie maker.
  • TSBX: TFP tester and previously a zombie creator
  • DarkStarDragon: Active creator of NPCs, maker of great expansion packs
  • Sirillion: The UI master himself, creator of screens and menus.
  • FuriousRamsay: Contributor of NPCCore xml code
  • Khzmusik: C# code contributor
  • Mumpfy: Graphics and character retexturing guru
  • Khaine: Very helpful input on mod design
  • Arramus: POI/sleeper tester and designer
  • Mr. Devolver: Longtime tester and advocate
  • Magejosh: Tester
  • GanTheGrey: Zombie maker
  • EndZ Development Team: Maker of great expansion packs

And cheers to the many new NPC and Zombie makers, who are encouraged to join the team!

Xyth is sure he’s missing several others who helped along the way, please let him know whos’ been missed!

Videos That Might Be Useful


  • (new) Minor update to version .20: Fixed Demolition Zombie not attacking NPCs. Also fixed the 1-Birds addon so birds now spawn as expected.
  • NPCCore updated to .19: Bandits using EAI are braver now, much less likely to run away when damaged. Removed duplicate Lockpicking window entry.
  • Added 1-EndZ-AustrailianEntityPack expansion pack.
  • Pushed .18 build of npccore. Added custom placement models for hirable NPCs in the core, moved generic placement model into existing resource package. Fixed the Boar not harming player until attacked twice.
  • Two new expansion packs have been added. (1-khzmusik_NPC_Rogues_and_Psychos, 1-EndZ-WesternEntityPack)

DOWNLOAD A21 Tutorial Project (This is only needed if you want to teach yourself how to make your own characters, or vehicles, or guns etc.) (1,2 GB)
Stable Releases
DOWNLOAD A21 SCore: (0-SCore) (25,8 MB)
DOWNLOAD NPCCore: (0-XNPCCore) (77 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-NPCXBirdPack by Xyth (Adds birds to the sky) (4,6 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-NPCXSpiderPack by Xyth (Adds giant spiders to hostile biomes) (10,2 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-DarksZombiez by DarkStarDragon (DarkStar’s first zombies, wasn’t gonna happen until it did.) (81 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-DarksRaiderz by DarkStarDragon (DarkStar’s Raiders, be afraid, be very afraid.) (16 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-DarksSoldierz by DarkStarDragon (DarkStar’s Soldiers, Hire yourself some protection.) (54 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-DarksCleanerz by DarkStarDragon (DarkStar’s Cleaners, Special OPS guys, like soldiers but in badass black gear) (57 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-DarksRaiderGurlzFriendly by DarkStarDragon (DarkStar’s RaiderGurls, Friendly NPCs Gurlz, Only load one version, not these and the bad Gurlz below.) (19 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-DarksRaiderGurlz by DarkStarDragon (DarkStar’s RaiderGurls, Bandit NPCs version of the above Gurls. Only load one version, not both.) (19 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-SummonFriendZ by Arramus (Summon FriendZ Pack using TFP zombies as helpers that can be found or bought.) (44 KB)
DOWNLOAD 2-SummonFoxFriend by Arramus (You have a friend.) (73 KB)
DOWNLOAD 2-NPCXSpiderPack-ColonyExpansion by Arramus (An expansion for an expansion pack! Adds more spider variety. You need to load the cores AND the 1-NPCXSpiderPack expansion when you load this mod.) (409 KB)
DOWNLOAD 1-GansStandardZombies by GanTheGrey (Gan is back with some of his A19 favorite normal zombies.) (32,3 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-GansSpecialZombies by GanTheGrey (Like zombie oddities? Look no further…) (10,9 MB)
Coming Soon 1-khzmusik_Zombies by Khzmusik (As if you have enough zombies…)
DOWNLOAD 1-khzmusik_Civilians by Khzmusik (Folks just like you, trying to survive.) (128,3 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-khzmusik_NPC_Rogues_and_Psychos by Khzmusik (Adds “Rogue” and “Psycho” human NPCs to the game.) (84,2 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-EndZ-WesternEntityPack by the EndZ Development team (Giddy up cowboy!) (640 MB)
DOWNLOAD 1-EndZ-AustrailianEntityPack by the EndZ Development team (Adds Australian animal entities.) (40,7 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Xyth, SphereII and community

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110 thoughts on “NPCMod and Addons

  1. Hi guys, does anyone know how to solve the following bug?
    There are no other mods installed.

    When creating a new world, it loads every file until the “creating new character” phase starts, and I get the “object reference not set to an instance of an object error”.
    Any tips?

  2. I see the NPC names are not working except for the western ones. and even them only show 1 name. i tried to make that work but i cant seem to get there. Does anyone know how to make that work?

  3. The best modification. I can’t play without it. I would really like to see the implementation (in order of importance):
    1 – Water requirement.
    2 – Need for food.
    3 – Ammunition requirement.
    4 – Ability to install modifications to NPCs. Head flashlight, armor plates, color dye, etc.
    5 – If the NPCs do not see the zombies, they can pick up resources (stones, grass, bushes, etc.) without moving too far from the player.
    6 – A separate user interface window to control the behavior of NPCs.

    Anyway, thanks for the great modification. Even now this modification is the main one on my list of mods.

    1. Yeah, Having a team of NPCs means more resource consumption and upkeep, good balance check and keeps you from over NPCing.
      -NPCs use healing packs and bandages when low health, if equiped and retreat when low health.
      -NPCs contract diseases
      -NPCs can be equiped to use the weapons and ammo you give them, and degrade with use.
      -NPCs level as well.

      Basically everything the effects the player, just AI controlled.

  4. With the npc mod installed you can not shot zombie dogs or bear with any gun you can stab them but they only seem to be taking 1-3 hp of damage per hit i tried with every gun in the game

  5. how do i turn friendly fire off, not interested in being blasted by friendly npcs, please assume i’m stupid i saw one comment say game options friendly fire off, but where, what file, how?

  6. I love this mod, though raiders with rocket launchers on day 1 are a bit much. My question should be simple to answer tho. I am running the spiders mod and realize now that they spawn only in the wasteland and desert biomes. I currently prefer a 100% winter map and have to ask, what can I change to allow these spiders to appear in Winter/Snow biomes?

    1. P.S.
      IMHO the creative mod is NOT the reason. I’ve tried without CM and the NPC’s are hostile too.
      Lack of money isn’t the reason too 😀 Visible gun too.
      Absence of the three control buttons – not the reason.
      Other mods – the same.
      I’ve tried with a new map, from scratch, the same world (standard Navezgane), the same mods, and it works. Strange.

      Any thougths?

  7. HI… Thank you for these Mods. I was successful playing this through my host server for A20 and A21 but once A21.1 was released my server is having issues with the new SCore and NPCCore file’s… When playing through Steam I have no issues but on my hosted server I get NO LOVE. Any advice?

  8. Hey any chance you guys can get your mod to work with the virtual reality 7DVR mod that is all the rage and the single best mod in existence for a game, next to yours? I will gladly tip 20 dollars for that or join your patreon. 🙂

    The issue is as soon as I add the 0-SCore and 0-XNPCCore into my mods folder, when I go into VR with the 7DVR mod enabled as well, none of my weapons can hit anything in game, it’s as if my weapons (club or stone axe hammer) no longer have hit boxes, but enemies can still hit me.

  9. Maybe I didn’t read something. Is it possible to install only extensions? I’m just not particularly interested in NPCs, but various mobs and zombies are very good.

  10. Hello there.
    First want to say this mod is such a wonderful improviment to the game.
    But for me i experience a minor bug that is bit problem. When i put the mod core that one is 0-Score to make it work, the worker Hammer or the Stone Axe to not fix the blocks or anything on the game. I don’t know but maybe its because the game is on experimental build and not yet this mod working but hopefully it get updated.
    Thanks anyway and good mod.

    1. I have the same problem. With NPC mod, right click doesn’t work (no animation or anything) and so I cannot upgrade or repair.

  11. does anyone know where in the XML files I can remove the “sighing” noise the NPCs make? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t figure it out 🙁 the sound makes my skin crawl but I love this mod

  12. NPC friend fox, told it to stay, I then went some distance to return a quest, came back only to find that the fox is gone, is this intended feature?

  13. Really cool mod but there is a problem friendly NPCs you can’t kill them etc. when it bugs and when we don’t want to have them anymore it stays bugged with us it follows us everywhere even though I have a National Guards NPC and it’s just been twisting on the spot since I sent it back and it’s still linked to me and I can’t even kill it to get rid of it…

  14. the ranged npc doesnt shot this much like a20…they prefer meele atack or do nothing i tried hunting mode…they rare attack zome zeds or raiders… much time they just standing still and get claped XD….and full control they dont atack my targets….and help dont do anything

  15. Hired NPCs sometimes duplicate themselves for no apparent reason. Either by getting to far away or getting out of vehicles. They sometimes vanish and the arrow pointing in their direction leads to nothing. Is there a command to get rid of them.

  16. its grate mod, but i have a question, about tracking all this Friendly NPC and Bandits like Harley and other. I hope in the future you will make some mod to track them

  17. Please make your raider scaling with the game stage. Why I’m lv1 had I encountered a raider with a shotgun?

  18. Is there a way to reduce spawn rates of soldiers and raiders? Like I hardly see zombies in the wild with them enabled. I want them to be rare but like starting a new world and the first 10 npcs I come across is a soldier and the rest are raiders with submachine guns or hunting rifles. Like again I want other human characters to be rare and zombies have a higher priority in spawning. I shouldnt see a human for the first 100 npcs in my opinion other then the trader. If someone could walk me through editing the xmls to reduce their priority thatd be great thanks!

    1. I think you need a fresh start save game. Or those odd thing will always appear.
      For possibilities of spawning an npc is in config/entitygroup.xml
      Value after npc name is a spawn probability of npc (ex. NpcBakerRiffle, .1)
      The .1 is spawn probability

  19. how to get like the soldiers for hire (Like in Rebirth mod)? All I see for hire are the Bakers and Nurses…I’m assuming all the other separate downloadable packs are NOT for hire and the Civilian one not ready yet.

  20. I wonder if this mod could be updated to A21? But sadly most custom zombies cannot due to archetypes not working on them in A21. :/

  21. Hi, is it normal that my friends can’t load in my save while I am having this mod enabled? I had no problems using this mod in singleplayer but when my friend wanted to join my singleplayer world he couldn’t load in even though he can join my singleplayer save whenever I take the NPC mods out of the Mods folder. We’re trying to enjoy the mod at the same time on my save but it won’t let him join, it always gives him some sort of error or hes just stuck in the loading screen. Any help is appreciated!

  22. Pros:
    > Great mod! game dont feel as lonely as before lol
    > I get so many free assists during early game from unhired NPCs and some great challenging moments with the Bandit / Raider NPCs

    Can Be Improved:
    > NPC movements are mostly awkward / abnormal tho, i.e. they shoot and spin around while shooting (hilarious but fun to look at), especially those bandits/raiders. Is it possible to code them to be a bit calm? maybe slightly stealthy when they approach you / zombies / wild animals i.e. they should try to hide, crouch, wait etc

    > NPC move around too much like they are on a mission or something lol they need to calm down, sit and sip some water or maybe eat.

    > NPCs can see zombies from quite a distance and charge em kamikaze style (btw, their guns are too loud lol but yet it doesn’t attract any zombies). NPCs without weapons should flee instead of fighting.
    – – – I have encountered an NPC army with a rocket launcher shooting at homes because it somehow detected some zombies in it (bruh almost killed me as i was in that same house)

    > NPCs went missing after a certain distance away from you

    > Inaccurate sound distancing i.e. you can clearly hear them getting hurt like they are next to you but they are nowhere near you (also the sighing from female NPC is creepy)

    > NPCs clothing too jovial in a post-apocalyptic world. No backpacks?

    I love this mod tho hopefully it gets better!

  23. Soldiers Really Kills The Gaming. Have to turn the Volume ALL The way Down Because Their Guns are so Loud. Can You Tone Those Guns Down, Please? That is the Only Complaint on This end. Mod Works Fantastic Otherwise.

  24. Ok, so I have the Soldiers installed, is there a way to decrease the spawns? there is literaly more soldiers than zombies and kinda no point in playing at that point.

  25. Does anyone know how to remove the “sighing” sound? I love this mod so much. The only things is the talking and sighing is too frequent. I was able to delete the talking but I still can’t figure out how to stop them from sighing so frequently. I am a huge fan of mods so I should probably start learning xml…

  26. Hi peeps been playing 7d2d for a couple of weeks now and love NPC

    I have a suggestion as i’m a single player guy i find that i have so much food and weapons, would it be able that the NPC’s you control need to eat a certain amount daily and have the ability to give them weapons i wish them to use with the ammo

  27. for those who have red errors. look where it is right now to install mods. the installation location has changed. also in mod 0-xnpccore rename the file physicsbodyes to physicsbodyes_1 for example . so that the bodies are not dublecated.

  28. So, found out how to modify NPC HP and DR…
    Why does it take more than 2 magazines of point-blank AK ammo to kill a single raider with nothing but headshots?
    Why do I need power armor in order to survive this without being annihilated in a single burst of weapons fire at range?
    We tested removing all NPC DR, so on HP alone, bargain basement raiders are OP.
    This isn’t balanced gameplay.

  29. I installed this mod using the mod launcher, when i interact with the traders, no menu appears. do i have to enable something in the configs or is this just an issue i have to deal with.

    1. idk if you have any other mods installed, but they conflicted with mine too and i wasnt a big fan of the new UI of the traders when i installed this mod. so i deleted the “XUi” folder. the path is :\0-XNPCCore\Config\”XUi” and it returned me to the vanilla. and fixed it so another menu mod i had worked with it

  30. Where do I install the expansion pack npcs? I just extracted their folders into the mod folder and im not finding them.

  31. I tried to start up a new game with this on, and only 2 expansion packs, but the debug says that XML failed to load and parse blocks.xml, and above that in yellow it says WRN XML patch for blocks.xml from mod 0-XNPCcore did not apply, (then it lists the line of code from the file, line 3). I did download both cores and 2 expansion packs as mentioned before. If anyone knows if I didn’t download something right, or if there’s some other issue causing this, let me know.

  32. hello I wanted to ask if in this update the npc when they kill share the experience with the users and the other have a button to pass the things from the inventory to the npc all together as we do with the storage chests

  33. Hey not sure if this is right place but got great idea for your awesome mod

    Would be great if npc have like gangs simple as changing there colour blue,green,yellow or something they have there own poi and you can pick one to join they have there own traders and stuff exclusive rewards for completing there quest which is like kill other colour get ammo from enemy base and then for step further have in game map colours have there own teritory need take them all over can call it conquest

  34. So I find the mod fine but the NPCs kinda just walk into spikes and traps so it ruins defenses unless you build a wall to block them in the first place but like.. Thought the npcs simply wouldn’t wanna walk into a pit of spikes like the zombies consider..

  35. Hello, I installed just the npc files and the core (not the zombies and other creatures) and i see NPCs and i can spawn them but when i speak to them i have no options to hire them, i tried with almost every NPC, What can i do?

  36. So I saw that it can be set for them to attack during a horde night. I’m not seeing options for that in the files. Were you meaning to get your NPCs to fight for you? If so, is there a way to get a certain percentage of horde night mobs to be hostile NPCs?

  37. It’s a very good mod! But I got some suggestion for you guys:
    1. More model for friendly NPC, not only Baker and Nurse
    2. Make players can hurt friendly NPC too, that’s more realistic
    3. Make lootbag dropping frequency higher, will make more sense
    4. Remove rocket launcher from NPC/officers etc. , it’s so annoying that they blasting everywhere, one time they even destroy one side of my house, which pissed me off, it doesn’t make any sense that they carry rocket around with unlimited ammo but can’t hurt them self
    5. For reason it becomes buggy after about 30-40 minutes of playing and I don’t know why, too many NPC spawning maybe?

    That’s been said, still a very good mod tho, very enjoy it so far 🙂

  38. Con las nuevas actualizaciones y yo sigo en Alpha. 20.2 los npc y zombies dejaron de aparecer, ¿Forzosamente tengo que actualizarme a alpha20.3?

  39. I get this message unexpected data received. the server is running an incompatible version or it is necessary to install modifications

  40. Just a reminder, if you want help getting this mod to work, post your questions on the official forum or on Guppy’s modding discord. No support is given here.

  41. Nice Mod…To bad that the hired npcs teleport after you and you cant let them at your base ….the stay here or wander around here does not work if you leav them they will teleport after you

  42. Can someone who is a modder take on the challenge of adding radiation zones? Like in the DF mod there are zones that are readioactive, what I would really enjoy also is a yellow mist instead of just the same grey fog. Just to add a new depth of environmental biohazard.

  43. i try the game to start normal and with modlauncher , but i got every time errors and the game crash.
    XNPCCORE and SCore is in mod foulder.

  44. The authors of this mod are happy to help with any issues you are having, but they don’t stop by this site very often. The mod support is handled on the official forums.

  45. Well its day 5 and not One of the soldiers or raiders appears but some new zombies with tutorial name appears why the all other npc does not appear? They spawn normal and have normal ai if spawned in debugmode

  46. DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!! Am i missing something here?! Do i revert back to A18, A19?!?! When i make a new game its just a regular no modded game!!

  47. Good day
    i have tried the mods ingame it keeps on giving errors, with other 54mods include and without
    tried all the maps same error
    but the game does not crash only errors
    system is on ultra

  48. downloaded the core files and dragged/pasted onto my mod file but i get red errors codes when running the game and my game crash….

    1. Your core Config folder should be at this path:

      YourDrive:\YourSteamLocation\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\0-SCore\Config

  49. Can we still get the wandering random npc? I liked finding the Cook fighting zombies and whisper that thing like hiring or controling dont really want it any way to get the wandering npc?

  50. The downgit links (SCore file and Xyth’s expansion files) won’t let me download for some reason. They either get stuck during the download or don’t start at all and stay at 0. Maybe I’m the only one?

    1. Buenas no entiendo algo, descargue el 0-XNPCCore, 0-score es suficiente para ver npc? entendi bastante poco al ver tantos enlaces y el spherell-mods tiene tantas cosas que extraer que me dejo mas perdido aun, que necesito para tener npc normales bandidos o cualquier cosa que agregue el mod? soy nuevo descargando mods de forma tan individual, normalmente usaba darkness fall y age of oblivion y solo era descargar, extraer y ya funcionaba todo, aca veo que las carpetas tienen otra carpeta con el mismo nombre extra por algun motivo y luego ya el contenido haciendo que tenga que extraer y luego abrir el archivo extraido y ponerlo en mods enves de extraer sin mas, y al ver que el mod permite modificar y agregar mobs, no tengo entedido si estoy descargando la herramienta o lo que trae el mod en si…

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