Black Wolf’s Better Loot Spawns

7 days to die black wolf's better loot spawns, 7 days to die loot

First of all, a massive thanks to Morph3usx and AuroraGiggleFairy for their patience and help.

This mod improves the loot spawns of several VANILLA items, and it was designed based on my considerations as some of these items simply cannot spawn in the loot or spawn extremely rarely, also, it is designed for servers with increased difficulty like wasteland only with more zombie spawns etc.

Mind that the spawn chance of some items has been lowered to balance the mod out, it should be unlikely for you to find something really good too early, though, i will do more adjustments as i play and test if needed.

Note: All new versions contain every previous change from version 1.8; Version 1.7 uses a different spawn chance system and is not being updated. I left it there for whoever installed it and would like to change it or use it for themselves. This should be totally safe to install on an existing save.

List of Changes

Ammo Spawns

All loot containers that have a chance to spawn ammo can now include special ammo as well like:

  • Shotgun slugs (AP)
  • Shotgun Breaching slugs
  • AP rounds for all ammo calibres
  • HP rounds for all ammo calibres
  • Rockets HE/FRAG

Explosives, excluding timed charges, i figured out that vanilla dynamite is simply better in every aspect.

  • Explosive/steel arrows/bolts
  • Incendiary/steel arrows/bolts
  • Steel arrow heads as a resource for who enjoys crafting those juicy explosive arrows.

Vehicle Mods

PassNGas crates now have a chance to spawn any type of vehicle mod!

Medical Items

You are now more likely to find better medical items in loot containers that are supposed to spawn them.


  • Candies that you can usually purchase from vending machines have been added to the food spawns!
  • Lategame and early game food that would never spawn in any food container (e.g pumpkin bread, boiled egg, spaghetti, pumpkin cheesecake etc…) now has a chance to spawn! Refrigerators can now spawn various cooking ingredients.


Stuff like mega crush, strong coffee, yucca smoothie and pure mineral water now should spawn a little more often, as well as the grandpa’s beverages.


Super corn, its schematic and farming plots now have a chance to spawn.

Rare Gems

Coffins and caskets now have a higher chance to spawn rare gems.

Mods and Tools

Firefighters helmet as well as firefighter axe mod can now spawn inside firetrucks. Diamond tipped tool mod was added to the pool of melee mods. Increased spawn chance of an extremely rare tier 0 axe tool which is better than the vanilla stone axe.


Firetrucks now have higher chance to spawn their respective perk books. All broken workstations will now spawn a guaranteed forge ahead magazine.


Increased spawn chance of water filter in broken dew collectors. Lockpicks should spawn a bit more often in the trash and inside purses. Acid should now spawn a bit more often inside sinks. Sewing kits should spawn more often inside medical loot containers.


Significantly improved spawn chance of High Performance running shoes.

This mod is server-side which means that clients don’t need to have it installed. Should be EAC friendly, if not just play without it, it’s only an extra bother anyway.


Credits: Black Wolf

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17 thoughts on “Black Wolf’s Better Loot Spawns

  1. currently getting no looting prompts when using this mod and i get an angry red wall of errors. when its not a wall of text and i get to an individual error it says
    “ERR LootContainer ‘birdNest’ unknown
    EXC NullReferenceException. object reference not set to an instance of an object”

    does this twice as i cant move until i hit escape where it posts the second error

    1. And i remember something like this used to happen im early tests of this mod. Are you sure you’re using the latest version?

  2. Does this mod include loot from drop bags as well? I get tired of seeing the same items over and over again. I more 44 ammo and brass than i know what to do with.

    1. Brass spawns haven’t been touched as you can get plenty even in vanilla.
      As for the ammo, the chance of an ammo group to spawn is decided by the vanilla game, my mod only adds a couple of grenade types, standard and special ammo to the vanilla 44magnum ammo group.
      The ammo group gets picked randomly based on chance (which i did not touch). 9mm/44 has higher chance to spawn when you level up gunslinger perk.
      Both of these items, for some reason, can indeed spawn inside loot bags.

  3. I was really hoping for a better chance at getting a water filter mod for my helmet with this mod. So far I have played for hundreds of hours and in different worlds with 200% loot abundant, lucky looter and lucky goggles and still haven’t found a water filter mod yet. I feel like I’m going to find bigfoot before I’ll find a water filter mod. I also don’t get it as a trader reward either event with points into better barter and daring adventure fully maxed.

    1. Hello, the water filter mentioned here is not the “helmet mod” but the item needed to craft dew collectors. It’s a rather low level mod tbh i usually find it quite often.

  4. You might want to dial things back a bit.
    On day 2 when I got to my first ATM, I have 47 lockpicks and 9 farm plots.
    And that pretty much goes for the rest of it too.
    Its a little cheaty at this point rather than a slight increase.

    1. I’m still adjusting the lockpicks spawns. As for farming plots, farming is already underpowered enough so i feel like it should stay like that, remember you have to wait TWO real life hours for a single crop to grow.

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