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You’ve waited a half life for this! Quality of crafted Crowbar is governed by Miner69er perk, but this tool won’t help you much to crack boulders. However safes, doors (including jail doors), hatches and heads are a different story as Crowbar does extra damage to them!

Repair with a Repair Kit and repair often as it can break!

How to obtain Crowbar:

  • Crafting at workbench – You must first learn how to craft it by using Crowbar Schematic.
  • Find it as a rare tool in loot.
  • You can buy it from trader if it’s available.

This is Mr.Devolver’s first real mod for 7 Days to Die using Unity3D.

A big thank you to everyone who made creating this mod possible!

Fixed Localization.txt – now it shows full Crowbar description.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Mr.Devolver
Additional Credits: Xyth, FunFant

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5 thoughts on “Crowbar

  1. about the crowbar in the merchant, will it cost dearly? like 30,000 because if it’s cheap it’s going to make the game kind of easy, and what is the rarity of it in the merchants, if it is more than 10% it can be very easy to get it

  2. Downloaded the Crowbar mod but for some reason it’s invisible in my hand and in UI When trying to spawn it from the menu for some reason Idk if its just me or what you may wanna update your mod just saying.

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