Snow Vehicles (Oignon’s Vehicle Pack)

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This mod adds snow vehicles to the 7 Days to Die. It includes some skis, a snowboard, a skateboard, a kart, a sled/large sled, an office chair and a electric/kick-scooter.

  • You can craft them in the Workbench using basic resources.
  • You can use Left and Right direction to do some rotation in the air/adjust your direction with every vehicle except with sleds.
  • Mouse based direction is prefered to use those vehicles. Will upload a version that let you choose to craft a “sport” or a “normal” version of every vehicle very soon.

-Added Japanese Version
-Added Kart
-Fixed yellow error on load
-Added Electric Scooter, works with fuel and has a headlight
-Fixed scooter sometimes getting stuck in walls

Moongaming recommend using a nitrogen map with smoothest terrain setting if you want to fully enjoy the ski/snowboard.

Japanese Version (translated by Chiko): Download

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Moongaming

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One thought on “Snow Vehicles (Oignon’s Vehicle Pack)

  1. Interesting mod, i would like to have it or few vehicles from it on A21. Is there any chance this mod to be updated for A21 version and reuploaded please? Many thanks!

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