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7 days to die home depot mod

Welcome to Home Depot where, if you can’t buy it, we can help you build it. This mod adds many (most) decorative items already in the game to either your crafting lists, or to the Traders items (at least as a rare Hidden Stash). It also fixes a couple established recipes and Perk walls (and, yes, ‘Fixes’ is a subjective term). But OrbitalBliss did try to leave most things the way the Devs made them. One of the main purposes of this Mod is to give players meaningful access to assets in the game that otherwise are trapped in Creative Mode. This 7 Days to Die mod is item-centric and kept completely within the Configs (aka; It’s a Modlet) so you can drop it on your server and it will deliver to everyone, no fuss no muss. Your players don’t have to do anything. And, yes, a few of the things this mod does have been done several times before… but like Home Depot, the Home Depot mod is meant to be one-stop shopping. Besides, he kinda wanted to write his own version of those things from the ground up anyhow as he taught himself how to mod. He hope this fills out your players gaming experiences. Have fun!

Added Trader Items

In this section they have added many (if not most) items that exist in game already, but cannot be acquired. These are added to the Traders decorations lists, with Economic Values and Repair Materials added for those items missing them. Also, slightly boosted the number of Decorative items Traders carry.

Here’s a list: WallOven, UtilitySink, HungSink, MicrowaveOven, RetroFridge, FridgeStainlessSteel, StoveOld, WashingMachine, TrashCompactor, Mirror, ShowerHead, BathTubEmpty, Toilet01, Toilet02, Toilet03, MedicineCabinet A, MedicineCabinet B, PillCase, Radiator, SchoolDesk, ShoppingBasket, LeatherCouchSofa, BarracksChair, Paintings (x6), CharcoalGrillClosed, CharcoalGrillOpen, GasGrillClosed, GasGrillOpen, BirdBathPlanter, Gurney, HospitalBed, FileCabinetShort, FileCabinetTall, LockersTall A, LockersTall B, LockersTall C, HeatVent, HeatVentIndustrial, LaundryBasket, FancyGarbageCan, Dumpster, WaterCoolerBottle, CoolerOpen, SatelliteDish, SatelliteDishSmall, MetalSlide, SwingSet, StationaryBike, Treadmill, WeightBar, BenchPress, Duffle01, WeaponsBagSmall, WeaponsBagLarge, Purse01, Suitcase, LuggageMedium, LuggageBig, Backpack01, Backpack03, AirConditionVentFan, ConditionVentFanDouble, SignRoadStop, SignRoadStop4way, SignRoadSlow, SignRoadPrivate, SignRoadWork, CommercialBlindsTop, CommercialBlindsBottom.

Added Recipes

In this section we added recipes for the handyman. A number of reasonably simple items (coffee table) and several related items (most of the cabinets) were added a recipes, many of them requiring Tablesaw and some of them requiring Perk levels.

Here’s a list: CommercialDoor1, CommercialDoor2, CommercialDoor4, HouseFrontDoor1, HouseFrontDoor2, DoorFrameWhite1, DoorFrameWhite2, DoorFrameMetal1, DoorFrameMetal2, CupboardsRed(x1), CabinetsRed(x1), CupboardsOld(x3),CabinetsOld(x3), WindowTrim(x5), DoorTrim(x2), WoodCrown(x2), DecorativePillar(x2), StoreShelving (x3), PewSegment(x3), GarageDoorHouse, Window02, Shutters1Plate, HardenedChestSecure, BookcaseEmpty, CoffeeTable, tableDynamic, WoodCatwalkWedge, MetalPillarTable, Coffin, RoadRailing(x4), ChainLink(x8), CorrugatedMetalPillars(x6), ConcreteBarrier.

Fixes for Recipes and Perks (of course ‘fix’ is subjective)

We tried to keep this to a minimum, but here we tweaked some existing recipes to (in our opinion) make better sense.

Existing recipes that should have required tablesaw: cntCabinetBottom, cntCupboardCabinetRedTopClosed

Include Snowberry Seeds Recipe (Locked behind LivingOffTheLand 3), and fixed planted snowberries to grow up into Player harvested Snowberries.

Include BloodDrawKit Recipe (Locked behind Physician 3)

Require GreaseMonkey Perk to craft vehicles (not just for vehicles parts) Each vehicle tied to its appropriate GreaseMonkey Perk level.

Include Vehicles in Trader Hidden Stash (Starting at Barter 3).

Fix Some Strange Upgrades, Repairs & Economic Values

A few items already in the game had either screwy economic values, or repair settings. And a few even have goofy upgrades. He think most of these were simply overlooked. They fixed those.

Here’s a list: cntWaterCoolerFull, cntBookcaseFull, cntBookcaseEmpty, decoPicnicTable, cntMunitionsBox

Added a few more sources for Brass: Destroyed doors with Brass handles give a doorknob, Blass Lamp can be harvested.

Add New Items & Included Recipes

In this section they added new items/blocks, which are mostly variations of existing ones, and usually add some functionality to the Player built version. Also, usually, the Player version is locked behind an appropriate Perk wall, and requires the Trader (non-functioning) version to craft. Most things in this section can be easily found by typing ‘Home’ into your crafting search bar.

Craftable Beds that can relocate. The bedroll was not the only respawn point, but was the only one allowed to be picked up. This adds player versions of the Mattress, Small Bed, and Large Bed that can also be picked up. Players still can’t have more than one respawn, just allows them to use the other ‘sleeping bags’ the same way if they so choose. Mostly this allows you to redecorate your home without having to destroy and rebuild your beds.

7 days to die home depot mod, screenshot 1

Craftable Ovens that function as Campfires. This adds a couple of ovens, microwave, and some BBQ Grills to craft and function just like Campfires. In the future he hope to tie the Electric oven and Microwave to the Electrical grid (can’t find a way so far).

7 days to die home depot mod, screenshot 2

Craftable Sinks and Fountains that function as Murky Water Sources. This adds some working plumbing. It also adds a much more difficult crafting item in the ‘Home Filtered Water Cooler’ which requires Purifiers in its recipe and higher Perk levels, but can provide Clean Water.

7 days to die home depot mod, screenshot 3

Craftable Light Sources. There’s all kinds of lighting in this game… but they gave us a single fixture to work with. This has been fixed, adding almost every electrical light source back into the game. In the future he would like to fix illumination levels, but this is impossible at the moment.

Here’s a list: ceilingLight01, ceilingLight02, ceilingLight02Brass, ceilingLight04, ceilingLight05, ceilingLight05Brass, ceilingLight07, ceilingFanLight, wallLight01, sconce1Light, porchLight01, porchLight04, porchLight04Brass, deskLampLight, tableLampLight, endTableLamp, streetLight01, streetLightClassic, industrialLight01, industrialLight02, industrialLight02Red, signShopOpen, signExitLight, workLightPOI.

7 days to die home depot mod, screenshot 4

Add Wireless Electrical Relays & Switches

In this section we added Wireless (or rather Hidden wires) electrical options. A ‘Home Wireless Relay Block’ that can be built into structures (and painted if you wish), a ‘Home Wireless Switch Fusebox’ and ‘Home Wireless Switch Electrical Box’ which add those models back in and use them for wireless electrical Switches, and a ‘Home Electrical Pole Top Relay’ for power poles. Some of this is not perfect, and he would like to move where the Power Lines come “IN” to some of these, but that looks like it’s hard baked into the models. Also we matched the power usage, of the few things that cost zero watts, to the 1W cost of normal relays.

The Paint Department

In this section we’ve restored access to a couple of textures that were included with the paint brush but hidden (Orange Drywall & Tar Paper). Also, found a few more textures that work decently enough on blocks and included them (Bookcase, Vent, WashingMachine, & Wet Concrete.

How to Install

  • Simply download the Home_Depot_v1.0.zip file (or whatever the current release is).
  • Decompress this directly into your 7 Days to Die install directory.
  • If you didn’t have a “Mods” folder, this will create one.
  • You should be ready to go.

Please Always backup your save folder if you are adding mods to pre-existing games.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: OrbitalBliss
Special Thanks: XelaNull

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One thought on “Home Depot Mod

  1. Hi – I was having problems with this mod installed (red text, couldn’t get into game) and figured out that the following changes fixed it:

    Deleted the “shoppingBasketEmpty” and “tire” lines of code in traders.xml and block.xml

    I don’t know enough about modding to spot why these lines had problems, so that’s up to the wise and all-knowing modder to figure out 😉

    Otherwise, thanks a lot for this amazing mod!!!

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