Telric’s Spiders

7 days to die telric's spiders, 7 days to die animals

This mod adds some new spider enemies. They will spawn more at night. There is a chance a spider egg cluster will spawn too. This is a good source of eggs and spider silk, which is used to craft spider web traps. These traps slow and damage the enemy. Skinning spiders gives spider silk, and a very small chance to give you a mountable spider. Wild spiders will die after 5 minutes of being alive, to keep the population down and allow actual zombies the chance to spawn more often.

7 days to die telric's spiders additional screenshot

This is a modlet and does not require a world restart. Simply place into Mods folder and play!

Tested and works with Alpha 19 b173.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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2 thoughts on “Telric’s Spiders

  1. It didn’t work here, put it on my A19 beta server and it gave several errors so try to enter it to test it. Did I install correct?

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