Assorted QOL Tweaks A20 v1.1

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Hello folks, this is my first mod upload to this site. Inside this mod, I tweak a few things around, like farming and food, as well as a few other things, like perk buffs that feel more rewarding to actually buy them. For example, seeds now drop from farm plots guaranteed, and food no longer requires oddly high amounts of certain ingredients just to craft them. Gone is the days you need 5 pieces of meat just to craft a single piece of boiled meat! That is one of the many tweaks made to make your survival a bit better and less, well, strange! I genuinely hope you folks enjoy, I hope this mod comes of great service to you lot!

7 days to die assorted qol tweaks a20 additional screenshot


Credits: Leviathan_0ne

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5 thoughts on “Assorted QOL Tweaks A20 v1.1

  1. Good afternoon Leviathan One. I was wondering if this mod was server side only? I have a player that doesnt want to download any mods and would love this one. Thank you.

  2. What other things does it do? just so I know so if I have a mod to do something the same I can delete it and use your mod instead.

    1. It changes seed drop rates to be guaranteed to be at least 1 when you harvest a player farm plot crop, and rebalances vanilla food recipes.

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