Tiered Forges

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This mod reworks the forges, adds Tier 2 and Tier3 tools as well as their tools. There is also a new magazine called “Forged Obsession”, which will level up a crafting skill that allows you to craft the forges and their tools. The forge item limit is also increased to 99,999.

7 days to die tiered forges additional screenshot 1

7 days to die tiered forges additional screenshot 2

This mod requires DA Mods Core, there will be 2 files below.

If you need any support for any of our mods, my discord server is open to anyone who is respectful!


Bug fixes

DOWNLOAD Tiered Forges A21 (607 KB)
DOWNLOAD DA Mods Core (1 KB)

If you would like to support us, we are open to donations, it helps us keep making mods: PayPal

Credits: Dewta, Ace

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