More Common Sounds

7 days to die more common sounds, 7 days to die sound mod

This 7DTD mod is an attempt to come up with more “normal sounding” extra game sounds by remixing common sounds heard in the game in order to make repetitive/common actions have a little more variety and increase immersion.

If you hear a sound that is a “little too off” or “weird” let him know. Please reference the item/action that causes the sound. More sounds will be made as he has time. He has not a sound engineer so these are not super high quality.

Currently this mod only adds sounds to these additional items:

  • Wrench (Harvesting – 9 Sounds)
  • Backpacks Container (Opening+Closing – 8 Sounds)
  • Cupboards (Opening+Closing – 14 Sounds)


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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