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7 days to die more common sounds, 7 days to die sound mod

This is an attempt to make changes to the vanilla sounds to make the game environment more “diverse” or “immersive” by changing the pitch or allowed pitch ranges.

This is also an attempt to come up with more “normal sounding” extra game sounds by remixing common sounds heard in the game in order to make repetitive/common actions have a little more variety and increase immersion.

If you hear a sound that is a little too “weird” let him know. Please reference the item/action that causes the sound.

Other than the sound pitch changes, this mod adds extra “new” sounds to these additional items.

  • Wrench (Harvesting – 9 Sounds)
  • Backpacks Container (Opening+Closing – 8 Sounds)
  • Cupboards (Opening+Closing – 14 Sounds)
  • Stone (Destroying – 6 Sounds)
  • Wood (Destroying – 7 Sounds)
  • Metal (Destroying – 2 Sounds)
  • Cloth (Destroying – 3 Sounds)
  • Door(wood) (Opening+Closing – 10 Sounds)
  • Door(metal) (Opening+Closing – 12 Sounds)
  • chest (player) (Opening+Closing – 12 Sounds)
  • zombiefemale (Alert+Sense – 10 Sounds)
  • zombiefemale2 (Alert+Sense – 9 Sounds)
  • zombiemale (Alert – 9 Sounds)
  • zombiemale2 (Alert – 4 Sounds)


  • v2.2.0: Added 44 more “remixed” vanilla sounds. He’s not super happy with some of the chest ones, and the zombie sounds are possibly too quiet or something (He’s not hearing them easily or at all?), but he plan to try to add more zombie sounds and maybe fix (amplify) some of these new ones.
  • v1.2.0: Added more sounds.
  • v1.1.0: Added a lot of sound pitch changes.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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7 thoughts on “More Common Sounds

  1. this works with the latest version A20.4 b38 EXP. only with two zombies it doesn’t work, but most is superb.

  2. Lyubov: Thanks!
    Clarity: I’m still working on the voices/sounds/and sound levels. Hopefully when a20 comes out I’ll do more updates and try to polish it more. I wanted to put out 4-8 “special robots” that behave all a little differently and say a lot of random stuff, just to have more randomness to the game. I’m also thinking of adding some special items just for robots (to take them down easier, etc). Anyway, I didn’t change some of the default creature pack sounds so that is likely it.

  3. Yo i really like this mod idea, but the grunts Females make in this, and how low it can get feels unatural, i havent tested this with a guy character, but yeah, otherwise its a great mod

    1. Yeah, in the second version instead of adding completely new sounds I added a bunch of “sound randomization of pitches” that was a little “wider” than the vanilla pitch randomness, and I added some pitch randomness where there was none before. This is because making new zombie sounds is really hard (to match the game well), so I figured why not just do alot of new sound changes in pitch and see what sticks. I also agree the female “stamina/fatigue” noises get a little weird sometimes, and I suspect the males will as well. I’m trying to keep track of all the “just a tad bit off” sounds to fix for the next update. Thanks!

      FYI: The stun baton seems to sound really good/different. And I dropped the pitch of most of the guns a bit and I think it sounds better but its still on the fence about that one.

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