Delmod Recipes Fix

7 days to die delmod recipes fix, 7 days to die recipes

Dropped the meat requirements on most recipes to 1 instead of 10. Added quantity 5 stews using less ingredients. Modified the Medical Kit recipe to require antibiotics instead of a blood bag and added an additional Medical Kit recipe using Herbal Antibiotics.

Added a Bottle of Acid recipe. Added a Hardened Chest recipe. Added Solar Bank. Added Solar Cell.

Added 6 level Log Spike Traps back with ascending increased damage – Requires Advanced Engineering perk and Table Saw to craft.

Added recipe for Beaker at the forge.

Modified recipes for arrowheads, bullets, bulletcasings, and buckshot.

IronBar recipe fix from 100 iron to 20 iron. Added back in old wooden spikes. Added Car Battery and another Acid recipe.

Notice: Adding this Modlet to an existing game should not pose a problem and should not interfere with anything existing in-game. However, there are NEW blocks in this modlet that once introduced into your world must remain or errors will likely occur. In other words, if you later remove this Modlet it could cause you problems unless you restart your world.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Del Stryker

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