9mm. Gun Pack (1/2)

7 days to die 9mm gun pack, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

9mm. Gun pack – vanilla expansion mod, new 12 guns (more in the future) with unique stats, balance based around the vanilla’s guns.

  • Traditional Pistol = high damage, long range(for pistol), small mobility bonus (walk)
  • Traditional SMG = high damage, high ammo CAP., high durability
  • Tactical SMG = medium damage, high accuracy / longrange (for SMG), low recoil, + extra mod slot

7 days to die 9mm gun pack additional screenshot 1

7 days to die 9mm gun pack additional screenshot 2
Tier 4 C96 can take drum magazine and trigger mod.

7 days to die 9mm gun pack additional screenshot 3


  1. Download and Extract .rar file (with 7zip or winrar)
  2. Go inside IZY_A219mmgun_PACK(1of2) you will see 3 folder and 1 txt file
  3. Put 3 folders into /7 Days To Die/Mods

DO TEST MOD before you load your current played saves.

Backup save are recommended.

7 days to die 9mm gun pack additional screenshot 4

New Features

7 days to die 9mm gun pack additional screenshot 5

From now on Izayo’s gun mods will use this silencer name “IZYgunmodSilencerIMS”

7 days to die 9mm gun pack additional screenshot 6

Can be crafted with vanilla silencer (also you can craft it back)

Coming Soon

Normal Edition Features

  • Remove all the special effect from immersive editions
  • All gun sights will uses simple small reddot so they will not get blurry when texture are set to half / quarter / eight

Search Keywords

IZY, Gun, SMG, Pistol

Common Problems Found by Users

  • Problem – missing models / icons
  • Suggestion – try re-download, install
  • Problem – Gun sight are blurry with low graphic setting
  • Suggestion – wait for the normal edition (soon)
  • Problem – Crosshair is hiding when aim
  • Suggestion – use toggle-on crosshair patch

Leave balance suggestions / bug / problem in the comment sections.

Special Thanks

  • BFT2020 XML advisor
  • xyth Unity advisor
  • Guppycur Unity advisor
  • bdubyah Unity advisor
  • Zilox Unity advisor
  • and people in the forum
  • Sketchfab free assets: models credit in the mod folder

Please don’t spam in Izayo’s PM about release date. Report bugs, suggestion is ok.

DOWNLOAD Immersive Edition from Mega (263 MB)
DOWNLOAD Immersive Edition from Google Drive (263 MB)
DOWNLOAD toggle-on crosshair patch (for 9mm pack only) (124 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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33 thoughts on “9mm. Gun Pack (1/2)

  1. Is there a way to not use the 2x scope mod? The red reticle blocks any view of the zombie and the frame border is far too thick to use to sight in a zombie. Can we turn the new model off so we can use the base 2x? The 4X and 8X don’t have this issue, they are the same thin crosshair and border so you can actually see a zombie in the sights.

  2. hi Izayo, soo on some gnuns like the scorpion the 2x scope keeps the crossair even when i have the crossair off

  3. Love the mod bro, but I can’t lie I really do miss the 9mm Baretta Samurai from A20. Any chance you’ll be bringing this back?

  4. Did I just do something wrong or what? When I want to craft some of these weapons (example tier 1) It is locked, and it says I need short weapons: (theres no number of how many books I need)
    Any Idea?

    1. yes it’s doesn’t show in progression. you gotta read the magazines until it’s craftable. or use vanilla guns progression as reference.

  5. PLEASE HELP:::::: I need help to install this mod, when I click INSTALL WITH MEGA it downloads a file but it does not download a folder with all the mods listed in the instructions. It downloads a straight up blank file. When I install any other mods they downlaod a zipped folder so I can just extract its contents to put into my mods folder, but with all of Izayos gun packs I cant seem to get it right. Am i doing something wrong?

      1. so the Mosin rifle shoots 7 62 54 r and not like the nac 7 62 39 and the ppsh can be converted to 9mm just change the barrel

  6. Dear Author, I like your weapon mod very much, it is the best weapon mod I have ever used. There is one small problem, though, with some guns, when they fire, the surrounding walls and floors also flash, which is undoubtedly cool. However, I will feel a little dazzling, causing discomfort, so I want to consult the author how to change which file in the mod which line of code to turn off this effect, thanks again to the author’s guidance.

  7. Is the silencer supposed to affect the sound? seems like it doesn’t actually sound different is it just an audio thing but still allow for stealth?

  8. Each of your mods has a visible mods folder, if we use multiple of your mods, do we need to use all of the visible mods folder? Cause they all use the same name, so we would need to rename each of them.

  9. As val and VSS would be interesting additions to the 9mm mod. VSS could be tier 6 in the marksman category while VSS could be an extremely rare tac SMG

  10. great work, been very keen to use this. My only issue is the 9mm ammo icon now looks very similar to the 7.62 ammo icon. Is it possible to revert to the original 9mm icon ?

  11. Question, do all gun mods stack with visible mods file? I am asking cause when using all mods it requires me to swap them instead of using all of them.

  12. hello can i use this mod with your other gun packs? 5.56 and 7.62 I have and one of them also has the folder “visible Mods mod”, can i just rename one of them and it will work? A suggestion for that would be nice at Installation Instructions

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