Quantum Elevators

7 days to die quantum elevators, 7 days to die electricity

🛗 These vertical warp panels enable you to take full advantage of your land claim by allowing instant travel to any floor of your base – no matter how high in the sky or how deep in the ground you like to build.

↕️ If you place one of these panels above or below another at any distance, you can instantly travel between them by pressing the Jump or Crouch key to travel to the next panel in that direction!

🫳 Portable panels can be picked up after being placed, but they must be fully repaired to do so. These panels are often the ideal choice when planning or constructing a base, building simple structures you might not need later, coordinating with other players to move quickly within a large city building, or setting an escape point partway through a quest to dump excess items off at your vehicle on the ground floor.

  • 🔐 Secure panels cannot be picked up once placed, but they can be locked/unlocked and set to a password. You can also leave a secure note for yourself that only you and other authenticated players can view (good for reminding your team which password you applied to this panel).
    • 🔍 The password for each of the Secured Panels you want to travel to must either share the same owner and password as the panel you are traveling from, or you must be separately authenticated with that destination panel you’re attempting to visit.

🤝 Compatibility

  • ✅ Server-Side (with EAC enabled or disabled; players do not need to install)
  • ✅ Peer to Peer (with EAC disabled on host; other players do not need to install)
  • ✅ Local Single-Player Game (with EAC disabled)


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Jonathan Robertson (Kanaverum)

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