DayZ Weapons Sounds Mod (A21)

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A little mod that replaces most of the vanilla weapon sounds to the ones from DayZ.

Readme file contains the list of replaced weapon sounds, and what weapon sounds are used from DayZ.

Note: I’m more active on Discord than anywhere else, this means the updates will come out more frequently there. If you also have questions, it’s best to ask there.

DOWNLOAD from Mega (5,3 MB)
DOWNLOAD from Discord (5,3 MB)

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Sapphire

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13 thoughts on “DayZ Weapons Sounds Mod (A21)

    1. Based on the notes, it just fixed the pistol sounds.

      Also apparently it’s labelled 1.5.1 though the mod title here is V2

      v1.5.1 (12.07.2023)
      Actually fixed the pistol sound from v1.5 lmfao. It just sounded different than the other two.

      v1.5 (10.07.2023)
      Fixed(?) pistol sounds via replacing the files from my soundpack
      Not sure if that done anything else, but it all should work well now

      v1.4 (30.06.2023)
      Corrected Pistol firing sounds, both silenced and not.
      Corrected hunting rifle fire sounds.

      Updated to A21.
      Fixed Deagle fire sounds.
      Added crossbow fire sounds.

      v1.2 (initial release)
      Fixed fire sounds (silenced shots for the most part), so now they sound like they’re actually from DayZ.

      v1.1 (was supposed to be initial release)
      Added reload sounds to all other weapons, was just pistol, AK and M4 before.
      While testing I realized that they don’t sound exactly like in DayZ. 😐

      1. The only really thing I’ve done was update the mod page and the video since it was outdated and didn’t have great quality. v1 video was missing the crossbow sounds and that’s pretty much it, everything is still the same.
        Once again, I upload the newest versions to Discord first. I also plan on making a GitHub page so I can post my other funny (and not) mods later on.

      2. Oh and sorry for the misleading about v2. It was basically a v2 of the video, not the mod. Still waiting for more sounds to be added into the game so I can update the mod.

    1. There’s a list of weapons that got their sounds replaced. The ones I didn’t change was pipe pistol, pipe shotgun, pipe SMG and an M60 iirc.

  1. You should make Zombie sound replacer. Im not sure how to do it or I would. Do you have a link to a guide you used?

    1. I did change the zombies sound for me, they’re a lot funny for me. I didn’t really use any guide, but I got bit of help on Discord on how to remove and basically add new sounds to the node. I’m more active on Discord than here, so do ask me there :L

  2. This was great dude im shocked no one has done this before, be good if you could do RDR2 sounds apart from the machine guns ofc lol.

    1. In theory I could do it, but I’d need a legit copy of RDR2 and something that could extract game files out of it.

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