Add Some That Drop Blocks on Death

7 days to die add some that drop blocks on death, 7 days to die zombies

This mod adds a few server side “additional varients” of existing zombies. These zombies drop a corpse on death, and this corpse quickly turns into a block.

Currently the ONLY may spawn during Horde night and can be identified by the fact they crawl vs walk (the spider walks as it usually crawls). Also: they probably will not appear much in early hordes/early gamestages.

See forum post for discussion.

The zombies: their name => the block they drop:

  • zombieUtilityWorker: Oswald => “organic dirt” (allows walking on/up it, can block openings/paths). This is “organic” terrain that yields “goo” when mined, and a throwable pipe bomb can be made with it to easier? destroy organic blocks if they build up in an area.
  • zombieBurnt: Matilda => ember pile (can burn if walked on)
  • zombieMaleHazmat: Charlotte => gas barrel (can explode if shot/hit, but can wrench/use tools on it to break it down)
  • zombieSpider: Margaret => Drops a candy tin mine you can pick up. (can explode if shot/hit)


  • There are Feral and Radiated versions of thse zombies in the mod. They may have more heath but drop the same exact items as the regular ones.
  • Special thanks to “Cranberry Monster” for the corpse block -> turn to block XML and ideas about blocks to drop!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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