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A very useful Backpack Buttons mod by KhaineGB for 7 Days to Die.

Functionality has changed since TFP actually included the buttons already in the DLL, but they are disabled. So, you now have Stash All (does what it says), Stack All (only moves items to fill stacks) and Stash Smart (Moves items to a container if that container already has a stack or partial stack of that item. Will make new stacks). There is also a box with numbers in it. This box locks the amount of slots shown (default 0) so they are not affected when you click any of the buttons. It caps at 45, which is the entire, vanilla-sized backpack.

Since the code is already present in the DLL, this is just an XML mod + some new button icons so you can clearly see what they are. No SDX needed. KhaineGB has also tested it with his 60/96 slot bigger backpack mods and it’s working fine.

Download for A19
Download v2 for A19 (As above, but the added buttons use icons already in the game rather than custom ones provided by KhaineGB, therefore better for servers.)
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KhaineGB

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14 thoughts on “Backpack Buttons

  1. Hi, I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work, I extract the file and put it on the Mods folder located in the local files of the game and nothing happened, Does it need to be on a new save? and if it don’t, do you know how can I make it work? I’m playing on the Alpha 18.4 patch

    1. Ok, so I fix it and it was really simple af, when you extract the RAR the mod comes in a folder inside another folder, so I’ve just deleted the first folder and put only the mod folder and it work hhahaha hope it help someone

  2. Does this mod conflict with any other mods, I have backpack mod 96 slots and doomsday mod but i cannot get this mod to work? any ideas?

    1. Maybe he just forgot as me and every other user to take out the actual modfolder out of the pre folder, otherwise 7d2d won’t recognize that there is a mod inside mod folder.

  3. i have tried everything but still cant get this mod to work its a clean install alpha 19 experimental i made the mods folder in main 7 days directory i pulled the mod from the 1st folder leaving it in the second folder that opens to the xml file i place it in the mods folder and start game but it doesnt work been at this for hours what am i doing wrong can anyone tell me please

    1. Hello. The folder name must be “Mods“, not “mods”. And place KHA19-BackpackButtons folder into your “Mods” folder.

    1. Latest update (b163 experimental) broke it. Can’t paste code and not sure the proper way to submit a fix, not my work after all. You might be able to find fixes online, there’s updated code floating around.

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