Decor Blocks – An Oblivion Mod

7 days to die decor blocks - an oblivion mod, 7 days to die building materials, 7 days to die textures

This is just a simple modlet that adds 34 blocks with an assortment of textures and more.

New Decorative Blocks will be added to this on a regular basis.

Recently Added:


Textured blocks have 2500 health. Not upgradeable and not paintable. Only shape is cube!

Since adding paint textures is not really an option this is about best we can get.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Pipermac

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4 thoughts on “Decor Blocks – An Oblivion Mod

  1. Very Cool Mod, i dont even mind the limitation, given what it adds, the handful of new plants it gives you is very welcomed, can verify it works with A20.5

  2. very good mods but it is really ridiculous not to be able to paint the blocks especially if we make basements in our house / base we are stuck seeing the turn of the block to the complete and we can not paint the block to make the ceiling of a color please revamp the mods with an update to be able to paint the block would be a good thing thank you

    1. There is a finite amount of textures for paint. The devs have been compressing/using less textures. This is a way to get around that for creative types.

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