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This mod adds a few custom recipes for water, glue, acid, cloth and allows crafting scrap polymers in the chemistry bench. Hopefully this makes your 7d2d days more enjoyable 🙂

Note: Please use the Working Decor A21 mod by r4pt so you have a way to fill water buckets used in this mod.

7 days to die da-easy resources additional screenshot 1

7 days to die da-easy resources additional screenshot 2

7 days to die da-easy resources additional screenshot 3


Updated to V1.0.


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Credits: DigitalApe, r4pt

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3 thoughts on “DA-Easy Resources

  1. I have released an update to add blood bags, sewing kits, and a new beer recipe. The beer recipe gives 2 beer for each craft using 2 water and the default amount of hops so you basically use the same amount of water but half the hops. Also the beer recipe takes a lot less time to craft than the original.

    1. @gamma198
      Are you talking about the buckets? Let’s say you make 10 empty buckets. Once you fill them all they stack and appear as just 1 filled bucket. BUT when you go to craft say water in a in a campfire, they will all provide 25 clean jars each making 250 total from 10 buckets. Same applies when crafty glue. You will get 20 glue per bucket. Hope that helps.

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