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Jen walks around healing you when your in range.

Note: Her AI is that of a deer so she really tries hard to get away from you. Make her an doctors office and let her wander around inside.

When your survivor becomes a master at advanced engineering, you can now craft your own JenDroid! It requires a reasonable amount of materials and is geared towards mid to late game. She walks around your base and if your within 3 blocks of her she will increase your healing rate. She also can reduce the time for sprained or broken limbs by around 1/2. Nothing too over powerful but a fun little addition. Dayhawk plan on having droid versions of the other traders as he move forward.

Warning: JenDroid has desires to wander the world and see new things. Handle this as you will.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Dayhawk

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10 thoughts on “JenDroid

  1. Para los que quieran usar el mod en alpha 20, actualizen la linea 5 y remplacen el contenido Value por la siguiente “#Entities/Traders?Prefabs/TraderJen.prefab”
    Y ya podrán usarlo

    1. Actualiza la linea 5, en Value, lo que está a continuación entre las comillas, pon: “#Entities/Traders?Prefabs/TraderJen.prefab”
      Y ya tienes el mod Actualizado

      1. Ok muchas gracias, eso haré en este preciso momento, no hay para darte like pero lo tendrías ya, gracias.

  2. Hi,

    nice mod, I built her and she is my prisoner now 🙂
    But – I would like to trade with her – but now chance, she does not react.

    Is she supposed to trade or just to walk around?

  3. Thanks for such great mod.

    When we block Jen’s path she is changing direction of movement. Even further, I tested something and now I’m sure direction depends on angles which direction Jen walks and which direction you look. With practice you can guide her from back without going back and forth to block her path everytime. I wonder if this is intended or it is because if AI mech borrowed from rabbit or chicken? Those animals run away from players -like Jen does- but they are faster, so, basically we can say Jen walks away instead of run away.

    Knowing you can guide Jen is nice but in fact you don’t bother guiding her because she is hella slow.

    1. Nevermind I just checked the XML files and found it is actually Stag. Great mod! I’ll work on this to modify things, not to release anywhere, just for my own use. However if I found something worthwhile I’ll write in forum to share with you.

  4. She graphically will vanish sometimes but she is still there. That’s why I made sure to keep the healing buffs visible. If you leave and come back she often has reappeared.

  5. the is a great mod. i did laugh when she jumped out my base window and over the rail and ran walked away from the base. i had to rebuild her because she disappeared now she is my prisoner locked in a room lol.

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