Sittable Furnitures

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It’s a 7 Days to Die mod that uses vehicles entities to provide chairs, couches and other things that you can sit on and put in your house for realistic horde night chilling. All furnitures will provide you a buff. Resting buff for most chairs and couches, sleeping buff for bed and toilet buff for the toilet.

It now includes 23 furnitures that you can interact with using X (Horn key) and F (Headlight key):

Chairs Set

7 days to die sittable furnitures, chairs set

You can use X (horn key) to whistle while sitting in a chair.
Includes: 5 basic chairs, a recliner chair, eggchair, a bar stool and a throne that you’ll enjoy more than the ending. (Try whistle in it)

Various Sitting Set

7 days to die sittable furnitures, various sitting set

Couch (3 seats included for friends – You can also whistle while sitting in it)
Hammock (Provides the sleeping buff)
Dining Table (4 seats included for friends – Contains only food from 7 days)
Bench (1 seat)
Swing (3 seat)

The Fun Set

7 days to die sittable furnitures, the fun set

Personal Computer (You can use X (horn key) to type on keyboard and F to turn on computer)
Piano with its stool included (You can use X (horn key) to play a random piano note while sitting in it – the piano needs tuning)
Carousel (Use Left and Right to turn around. 4 seats but rotation isn’t synchronized sadly)


7 days to die sittable furnitures, bed

Lie down and use X (horn key) to sleep peacefully.
Bed and Hammock grants a sleeping buff that will regen HP and provides you with a 4 min “rested” buff after a while.
You can also craft a bed structure that will provide you a spawn point and use hammer on it to set it to your current bed without picking it up.

The Bathroom Set

7 days to die sittable furnitures, the bathroom set

The Mighty Toilet (You can use X (horn key) to. moongaming will let you discover that one. Provides the toilet buff that can cure dysentery!)
Bath (Come on in and press F to make the flow happen)
Shower (Press F to wash off your sins before they catch you)
Jacuzzi (Press F to enter heaven)

You can craft them in the Saw Table using basic resources, and once you put them in the world you can pick them up like a regular vehicle.


  • Added German translations
  • Fixed recipes and missing carousel description

The mod is now translated in French, English, German and Japanese.

Download for A17
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Moongaming
Special Thanks: Ragsy, Telric, Chiko and her friends for cool ideas / Japanese Translation, Eihwaz for German translations and a few fixes in localization/recipes

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11 thoughts on “Sittable Furnitures

  1. nooooohoho T-T

    this looks so damn amazing and it’s not updated for a20 v,v
    something like this should be implemented in the basegame.. it seems really flushed out aswell, like the horn replacement and the buffs from sleeping… gosh i wish this would be updated ; – ;

  2. Don’t mean to pressure anyone, but this doesn’t seem to work in A20 (objects disappear on placement). I’ve read somewhere that vehicle code has changed… Any news on updating this for A20?

    1. Oh yes, I would love to see this as well as a couple other mods by moongaming updated like the in game map mods. Great Mods!

  3. yes please update i was just talking about how there should be something like this and i go and find it but its only for A17/18

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