DaMoot’s No Dig Zombies A19.3

7 days to die damoot's no dig zombies a19.3, 7 days to die zombies

Stock zeds do absolutely no damage to the following block tags: Earth, Dirt, Stone, Metal, Ore, fterrain, terrGravel, terrSnow.

They still attack and do the animation but nothing is damaged. If there are enough of them they will pile up and eventually kill each other off.


Credits: DaMoot

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8 thoughts on “DaMoot’s No Dig Zombies A19.3

  1. very good mod, thank you for making this, works like a charm, and guys the demo zombies they blow the ground up

    1. Okanoh I can assure you that I did not make that comment; just some random troll.

      I’m not sure what to say. I tested it over an entire day and none of mine dug.

      Sorry it didn’t work out for you. 🙁


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