The Wasteland

7 days to die the wasteland, 7 days to die overhaul mods

Now for A20. This mod is now an overhaul and will likely not work with other mods. If you are using other mods and have errors, remove the other mods and try again.

Built on:
SCore v20.6.422.831
NPCmod v20.6.02.0
Full Auto Launcher v1.1.2
Random Mainmenu Background v1.0.1
These mods are REQUIRED for Wasteland to function.


Nuka Colas

Take your pick from the classic Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Quartz, or the ever rare Nuka Quantum!

Each drink has its own buff. May cause certain side effects…

Can be looted almost any place normal water is found, but is very rare. Also can be available in regular vending machines, so make sure to check every one you find! Will give back a bottlecap when you drink one.

They can also be placed down as a block, similar to the torch, so you can use their warm, radiated light to see your surroundings.

Sunset Sarsaparilla has been added. Similar effects and loot locations to Nuka Cola.

The Nuka Grenade, which can be crafted using Nuka Quantums.

The Bottlecap Mine, which is crafted from loot only lunchboxes and bottlecaps from Nukas. These lunchboxes can also be placed down and used as storage. Can’t pick them back up though!

Nuka Vending Machine, which has a working and broken variant. They are added to the placeholder block, so any POI that uses it has a chance to get one of them instead of the regular machines. Won’t work on existing saves though.

Sunset Sarsaparilla Vending Machine, which has a working and broken variant. They are added to the placeholder block, so any POI that uses it has a chance to get one of them instead of the regular machines. Won’t work on existing saves though.

Raider NPCs

Melee and ranged variants of each. Also a boss variant. High health, high damage resistance. Regular guys drop loot like zombies, at a slightly higher rate. Boss guys have their own loot drop, at a 50% rate. They aren’t perfect, but do well enough to present a challenge. They are mostly used in the new POIs, but they do have a small chance to spawn out in the wild.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 7

Soldier NPCs

Similar stats and locations as the Raiders.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 8

Mutant NPCs

Melee mutants that pack a punch. These can be in a few POIs, or out roaming the land. They can be in hordes as well.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 9

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 10

Modified over 20 POIs to have Raiders, Soldiers, or Mutants instead of zeds. They are just slightly tweaked vanilla prefabs to make them not stand out. They have similar loot to the vanilla POIs, with a few changes. They are full of enemies usually though, so be prepared. They are almost all quest options, with one a Tier 2, and most of them being Tier 4, with a couple being Tier 5. These are a good way to find energy ammo as well.

Power Armor

Thanks to Snufkin, Bdubyah now has Power Armor. Comes in several different paint schemes. Can only be looted form Power Armor Stands located in random POIs, which are only lootable one time each. Repairs with special repair kits. Has unique mods that can be found in loot.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 11

The mod now also includes the Nuka Factory prefab, so you don’t need to use the separate files. You find the Factory, you might be able to learn the recipes! If you’ve installed the prefab manually before, or have Compopack installed, make sure to delete those files so the modlet version loads!

There is also now a Vault 101 POI! Should spawn when generating a new world. Tier 5 quest location.

Bdubyah also has included a mutant specific POI by arramus, the Behemoth’s Abode! Should spawn when generating a new world.

They mostly spawn well in RWG, and Bdubyah has included the info he think is necessary to make them work with NitroGen. Let him know if it isn’t right.

Melee Weapons

Non-craftable. Found only in loot. Most are fairly weak, and break easily. Most repair with their dominant material, not repair kits. Gets bonuses from corresponding perks(Deep Cuts, Pummel Pete, etc.)

  • Banjo – Attacks like a light sledgehammer. Play some notes with a power attack!
  • Baton – Attacks like a club.
  • Cleaver – Attacks like a knife.
  • Crowbar – Attacks like a club.
  • Cuestick – Attacks like a spear. Power attack is just a stronger thrust.
  • Nail Board – Attacks like a sledgehammer.
  • Pipe Hammer – Attacks like a club.
  • Pipe Wrench – Attacks like a club.
  • Rebar Club – Attacks like a slow sledgehammer. Massive stamina usage, but very high damage.
  • Rolling Pin – Attacks like a club. Make Grandma proud!
  • Supa Sledge – Attacks like a sledgehammer. Keep a good grip on it!
  • Tire Iron – Attacks like a club.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 1

Legendary Melee

  • The Break – Custom pool cue.
  • Duke’s Judgement – Unique Supa Sledge.
  • Mad Bean’s Club – Homemade club.
  • Navezgane Slugger – Unique baseball bat.
  • Open Breaker – Custom made heavy weapon.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 2

Pipe Guns

Fairly weak and has a low durability. Affected by appropriate perks.

  • Pipe Pistol – Simple homemade pistol. Low durability. Regular 9mm only.
  • Pipe Rifle – Crude rifle. Starts out as a short barrel. Low durability. Regular 9mm only.
  • Pipe Shotgun – Pipes and some bolts. The Shotgun starts as a basic short barrel, single shot version which you can craft into a long barrel version at a workbench. Reload animations for the Shotguns are in, but the hands can’t be fixed AFAIK. Regular shells only.

The pipe guns will break once they degrade!

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 3

Current Weapon Mods Available

  • Oil Filter Suppressor – Usable on the Pipe Pistol and Rifle, and most vanilla weapons. Can be wrenched from cars and in some loot. Big though, and limits ADS effectiveness. Slight loss of range and damage and also adds a small increase to degradation of the weapon due to increased blowback.
  • Extended Mag – For the Pipe Pistol and Rifle. Doubles the pistol and rifle capacity, also actually shows on the gun, unlike vanilla. Only works on pipe guns.
  • Long Barrel – Versions for both the rifle and shotgun. This adds a longer barrel, increasing effective range. Makes hip fire more unwieldy, and also slightly increase weapon degradation. Works as a mod for the rifle, used as a recipe ingredient for the shotgun.
  • Cylinder Mag – Can be used on long or short pipe shotguns. Ups the shell capacity to 4 rounds.
  • Homemade Flashlight – Custom attachment for all WW guns, and most vanilla weapons. Simple flashlight and duct tape. Not as effective as the regular weapon light mod.

Energy Weapons

These scale with Advanced Engineering.

  • Laser Pistol – Rare military sidearm. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read. Accepts all laser attachments except the scope. Uses Energy Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause “Disintegration”.
  • Laser Shotgun – Rare military firearm. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read. Uses Shotgun Microfusion Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause “Disintegration”.
  • Laser Rifle – Rare military firearm. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read. Accepts all laser attachments except the scope. Uses Microfusion Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause “Disintegration”.
  • Plasma Pistol – Experimental military weaponry. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read. Uses Plasma Energy Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause “Disintegration”.
  • Plasma Rifle – Experimental military weaponry. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read. Uses Plasma Microfusion Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause “Disintegration”.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 4

Laser Weapon Mods

  • Overcharged Capacitor – Increases damage output as well as magazine size. Slight degradation increase.
  • Laser Focuser – Increase damage slightly. Moderate increase to Max Range and Damage Falloff Range. Slight degradation increase.
  • Laser Splitter – Increase damage slightly. Fires 2 beams at once. Slight spread when hip firing, but can be accurate when ADS firing. Slight degradation increase.
  • Laser Scope – Adds a scope. Only for the Laser Rifle. Slight damage increase. Works well with the Focuser.

Legendary Guns

  • Silent But Deadly – Custom pistol. Comes with a silencer. Higher capacity.
  • Long Distance – Unique rifle. Has a 4x scope. Higher dismemberment chance.
  • Firestarter – Quality homemade shotgun. Single shot. Very high limb dismemberment. Accepts all shells and applies Dragon’s Breath to them.
  • Lincoln’s Repeater – .44 Magnum lever action rifle. Able to penetrate multiple targets. High dismemberment. Accepts 8x scopes.
  • Maria – 9mm. High capacity. Moderate dismemberment. Accepts a reflex sight.
  • Pew Pew – Higher damage and magazine capacity.
  • AER-15 Prototype – Unique prototype variant of the laser rifle. Higher damage per beam and shoots 5 rounds in one trigger pull. Hip fire behaves more like a shotgun while aimed fire allows heavy damage to a single target.
  • Alien Blaster – Wait, what?
  • Cryolator – Custom made weapon that damages and slows enemies. Affected enemies move slower and take more damage. Critical hit freeze enemies. Very rare ammo that can only be looted.
  • Arizona Campaign Scout Rifle – Modified Heavy Sniper.
  • Le Fusil Terribles – Absolutely terrible shotgun. Don’t use this.

Can be found in certain loot. Also can be a quest reward. Very rare. Legendary weapons won’t permanently break.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 5

Other guns

  • 10mm Pistol – Slightly more powerful than basic 9mm weapons. HP and AP rounds are learned from the same book as 9mm rounds. Schematic or loot only.
  • 10mm Revolver – Slightly more powerful than basic 9mm weapons. HP and AP rounds are learned from the same book as 9mm rounds. Schematic or loot only.
  • 10mm SMG – Slightly more powerful than basic 9mm weapons. HP and AP rounds are learned from the same book as 9mm rounds. Schematic or loot only.
  • Railway Rifle – If those puny bullets aren’t cutting it, craft this bad boy and show them who’s boss! Schematic or loot only.
  • FatMan Launcher – Only available in loot. Launches any mini mukes you come across and maybe something else… Loot only.
  • Lever Action Rifle – Old rifle, chambered in .44 Magnum. Crafts with hunting rifle parts. Accepts 8x scopes. Unlocks with the Dead Eye perk, level 3, or schematic.
  • Triple Barrel Shotgun – Quality, custom shotgun. Good room clearing weapon. Unlocks with the Boomstick perk, level 3, or schematic.
  • Combat Shotgun – Military-grade shotgun. Good room clearing weapon. Schematic or loot only.
  • Service Rifle – Old military infantry rifle. Loot only.
  • Heavy Sniper – Old 7.62 military rifle. Comes with a scope. High damage, semi-auto. Unlocks with the Dead Eye perk, level 5, or schematic.
  • Incinerator – Highly modified military flamethrower. Uses custom ammo. Launches molotov-like projectiles. Schematic or loot only.
  • Flare Gun – Survival flare gun. The gun itself it loot only but you can craft more flares.

Schematics are rare loot or a quest reward.


  • Nuka Grenade – Powerful grenade. Unlocks with the Demolitions Expert perk.
  • Cryo Grenade – Powerful grenade. Damages and slows enemies. Unlocks with the Demolitions Expert perk.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 6

All mods that add new assets must be installed on server and client!

You are not allowed to redistribute Bdubyah’s mods without permission. This includes any assets from a mod, or the entire mod itself.


Updated to 3.1, for A20.6

Built on:
SCore v20.6.422.831
NPCmod v20.6.02.0
Full Auto Launcher v1.1.2
Random Mainmenu Background v1.0.1
These mods are REQUIRED for Wasteland to function.




  • Added: Reworked the starter quest. Now it locks you in place and blacks out your screen until you use up your SPIFSAL points. Once your SPIFSAL points have been used up, you are free to progress and will receive the normal 4 skill points.
  • Added: New vehicle system. No more vehicle crafting. Find them, salvage them, use the parts to fix another one. Each vehicle has a specific repair kit. All current vanilla and Wasteland vehicles can be found in the world. Most have several stages, from almost running to a basic wreck. The wrecks are more common, the rest are rare with even a tiny chance of a working vehicle spawning.
  • Added: Enabled fire spreading from SCore(should affect wood/grass/cloth/organic blocks only atm)
  • Added: Enabled crop management from SCore(crops can be trampled, need water nearby to plant/grow crops; there are metal pipes to carry water from a source or you can place water nearby; water blocks are consumed over time)
  • Added: Enabled VehicleNoTake from SCore. Vehicles can no longer be picked up
  • Added: Advanced Lockpicking from Xyth and sphereii(<3)
  • Added: Made the wrecked Ambulance a drivable vehicle
  • Added: New Atom Coupe vehicle (Thanks Ragsy for setting it up <3)
  • Added: Rad quests now have a green “Radiated” to show that those quests/POIs need rad protection(Thanks to Alter for the patch <3)
  • Added: Multiple radiated version of custom zeds(Fisherman, Drowned)
  • Added: Quadruple and Quintuple Storage Pocket mods, as well as two backpack mods to reduce encumbrance
  • Added: Plasma Caster energy weapon
  • Added: Several energy weapon bundles to quest tier rewards
  • Added: Survival and Luck boosting clothing items
  • Added: Mutant armor pieces looted from enemy mutants can be used to add armor to a hired AEM mutant
  • Changed: Reworked farming slightly. Got rid of the 50% bonus harvest chance from LotL. Now as you increase the perk level the chance of getting the seed back also increases. Seeds also cost less to craft at higher LotL levels
  • Changed: Reduced raw meat gatherd from animals, added a small variance to it
  • Changed: Reworked Radiated POIs so that they won’t show for quests other than Clear Rad quests
  • Changed: Tweaked illnesses and critical injuries so that they no longer insta-cure. Things like concussions and pneumonia will cure in a random time after taking the necessary med item(These effects will kill you if untreated unless actively healing. Taking meds quick enough should cure it before it can kill you from full health). Heatstroke can be reduced by drinking certain beverages.
  • Changed: Added working stations back into the world(workbench, etc)
  • Changed: Made some tweaks to entitygroups(mostly adding the new rads into groups like specialinfected)
  • Changed: Made some perk name/desc changes to suit things better
  • Changed: Made Scrap Laser Pistol recipe unlocked, added Laser Shotgun to New Age Cowboy instead
  • Changed: Armor pocket mods limited to legs and chest
  • Changed: Tried to get energy weapons in line with normal weapon tiers in loot
  • Changed: Reworked his lever action rifle to use the vanilla holdtype, added a better scope for it
  • Changed: General loot balancing, still a WIP
  • Fixed: All Rad types(including vanilla ones) should now correctly have a chance to give you rad poisoning(or greatly increase its % if already sick)
  • Fixed: Game time was still visible on the Journal page
  • Fixed: Updated 10mm Pistol icon for the newer model
  • Fixed: Missing recipes for some armor mods
  • Fixed: Missing item loc, redid some to make more sense
  • Fixed: Nav Tek-incubator loot was wrong
  • Fixed: Rad hound and scorpion were missing radiated tag so Rad Remover mod didn’t work on them
  • Fixed: Repair Kit recipe wasn’t replacing vanilla properly

Download The Wasteland
Download Japanese Localization

If you appreciate Bdubyah’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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71 thoughts on “The Wasteland

  1. Is there some way to have updated parts of this mod broken back into parts again? The places i’ve seen the weapons said to come here for A19 but i would like the weapons, colas, ect as independently downloadable mods if possible. I am a great fan of Fallout 4 but the “Wasteland” mod affects more than i need it too as a whole (causes red errors). I’ve seen your work and it’s brilliantly nostalgic to the game. I would flip if you actually had power armor. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi. I want to try this mod out “The Wasteland (A19)” for the many many nice weapons. Is your mod safely compatible with
    “War3zuk Mods All in One” mod?

  3. Hello. I liked this mod and I willingly played with it in conjunction with Darkness Falls, since stylistically they complement each other, but I had a problem with the fact that when killing zombies and dropping a backpack, an error appeared related to (lootcontainer id = “938” ) and there was no way to loot them. Who can realties order how this can be fixed?

    1. That seems to me like “lootcontainer ID ‘938” could to tied to more than one type of container, and since both overhauls play around a bit with the z-packs (Zombie loot bags) that could be the issue, I could also be wrong

  4. sounds like a pretty cool mod but not being able to repair weapons? That seems like a MAJOR pain in the a#$ especially considering the challenge this mod brings. That’s a lot of wasted resources also.

    1. Where did you see that at? Everything can still be repaired. Pipe weapons simply can be destroyed if not repaired before they run out of durability.

      Everything else is like vanilla. It breaks, you repair it. Some things just don’t all use repair kits like vanilla.

  5. Hello i dont what could be the issue, but when i want to spawn mutants, raider are working fine, so after i spawn mutants, game bug in console, it gives error.

  6. I’m trying to play this mod with a friend but he can’t load into my game. im new to mods so im not sure whats wrong, do we both need to download it? Also what reasons could be stopping him. We both downloaded it through the mod launcher and launched it through steam, it works fine in single player for me

  7. Why does the power armor not render when I equip it? I found a helmet but it is not visible on my character, as if it isn’t there. Does power armor even have a model of itself, or doesn’t it even have one? Kind of disappointing, because I downloaded this for the power armor, curious on how it would look like in the game.

    1. You don’t see it when in first person. It basically would’ve had to be made twice over to make it look right in first and third person. So you’ll only see it if you use third person. In MP everyone else would see it.

    1. You don’t see it when in first person. It basically would’ve had to be made twice over to make it look right in first and third person. So you’ll only see it if you use third person. In MP everyone else would see it.

  8. please help i have a problem generating neew maps so when u8sing wanilla most of custom pois dont generate when i use nitrogen it generates the pois but has errors loading assets in pois on certain places and the game bugs out when u interact with items there or starts to render them and when i use kinggen i run into errors so cant even generate i tried reinstalling the game but it didnt work pls can at least someone put up a working map for this mod or something pls help…

  9. The pipe/idea weapons all started from this awesome mod I believe, I hope we get an A20 release, waiting patiently.

  10. Now that A-20 is out, this mod no longer works, which really sucks because I built a public server completely around it for myself, some friends and other Fallout fans. Is there any chance of getting an A-20 update for this mod?

  11. Hello bdubyah,

    many thanks for this great mod.

    is there any way to get the trader protection back ?
    We played the mod for about an hour and the first trader got totaly brocken down in a few minutes from those zombies. this is unplayable for us 🙁
    hope you could help us out 🙂

  12. “This mod is now an overhaul and will likely not work with other mods”

    I was really waiting for this update but, this message killing the show for me. I use lot of other mods and the guns and the colas will be missied.

    Could you make it modular at least?

    1. There is still guns and the colas i think ?! and i have other mods with the wasteland and it work just have to take mod that wont be the same as he put in the wasteland !

  13. Looks like the A20 version is a complete overhaul, guess I’ll be sticking with Alpha 19.6 because all the Mods that I use and want with The Wasteland works so well with what me and my players enjoy. We also use Nitrogen as well which has over 1k+ POI’s then the only 200+ new ones in A20. A20 doesn’t seem so new it’s just another slight overhaul, sticking with Alpha 19.6.

  14. Claw hammer is said to be made with Miner 69er, but it still has a lock on it with the skill taken. Anyone else experiencing this bug? Also, am I just missing where the armor leveling skill is, or do I just need to find the schematic multiple times for each one?

  15. I am unsure how to install this. I emptied the mod folder and put this in and nothing changes.
    Please help!

    Thanks in advance!

  16. How do you level up your main skills other than the books at the start? You can level those main stats in fallout, so I assume you can do it. Just cant figure it out.

  17. Absolutely love this mod, dubs! Thanks for all the hard work! Can’t wait for it to hit the mod manager.

  18. plasma and laser weapons dont work currently minigun doesnt work they all do 1 dmg not sure if its just me or i need perks or weapon mods or something, also fat man should do massive damage to blocks but i could see that being insane on lag lmao

  19. should also work with the mods, Bigger Backpack Mod (60/96 Slot With/Without Food & Water Bar on HUD) when we put the mods we no longer have access to our inventory. On the alpha 19 versions the 2 mods were well compatible. Now it doesn’t work anymore

  20. I noticed, that after several deaths, max HP decreases by 3 HP for each death (after 4th of 5th death). Any way to receive those HPs back?

  21. yeah it seems u lose health seemingly almost permanently after dying to much not sure why, which it can stack insanely high to the point where u will respawn with basically no health left ( i was playing with a few friends and one of them was dying alot and noticed he was respawning with like 20hp total after 30 or so deaths back to back) you can try ur best to not die if possible obviously, i died maybe 4-5 times in a new world and lost about 8 hp i think, a good 5hours irl time past with me playing and not dying at all and my hp was all back eventually

    1. i think its the same in the base game, vitamins will raise your health back up. “Wellness” effects total health.

    1. you have to generate a new world same thing happened to me, either have 2 start a new world or spawn in special books urself, u can only set 21 attributes points when u very first start a new game like in fallout

      1. We fixed it on our side on our server we had generated a new map but nothing changed we unlocked all the starting books so we are no longer limited to 21, and we also raised the level to 420 to be able to have everything the skills and we also increased all the difficulty in consequence of the level so we removed the limit

  22. The Power Armors don’t seem to function as armor. I have looted a whole set of frames and then the armor pieces to put into those ‘frames’. But when I then equip them on myself, my armor rating went down as if I’m wearing empty frames, even though it’s showing me that I have gotten the Full Set bonus.

  23. If you do this mod with α20.2 and α20.3 in multi, it’s heavy and you can’t play it. Is it because the vanilla is heavy?

  24. Can anything be done with the SPIFSAL books after your 21 points are spent (besides sell them)? Hopeful, but not optimistic.

  25. it would be really cool if the mods the player could have access to the decompile element, to have only the decoration, vehicle and certain element its to have to install the whole mod in full which changes our whole game that complete and that we can have the choice of what we want from the mods without having everything like ravenhearst we were able to take several of their elements from their mods and reject what was not interesting. to make our own modpack on our server would be cool to also do that with this mods without being able to install especially the boring skills

  26. I can’t seem to aim down sights. I am only using this mod and the dependant mods. Is there something I have done wrong or do you need to unlock a skill or something?

  27. For some reason I can only ADS by holding down the right mouse button and the shift. But it only lifts up the scope for a brief second before releasing again.
    Anyone who knows what might cause this? As I said, I only have The Wastelaand and the mods it needs installed.

    1. It seems the ADS is broken due to conflicts between the mods and vanilla after the recent minor update. If you remove the mods and try starting a custom game, you’ll see that ADS still works. Can someone look into this and find a fix? Broken ADS is a huge problem.

      1. Follow up: I did a bit of digging around in the mod files that are recommended and found the mod that was causing the conflict. It is titled “FullautoLauncher” and removing it seems to resolve the ADS issue. It also does not seem to cause any negative side-effects, so deleting this mod and waiting for an updated one shouldn’t cause any issues, even in already active servers.

  28. If your looking to change it to make it better for solo or if you dont want to be limited to 21 skills then this is for you. No one helped me with it took like week to figure out how to do this if you goto steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\The Wasteland\Config
    and goto the progression.xml the first thing 1 change the 1 to a 0 then it works your welcome.

    1. could you please describe more properly, i cant understand what exactly is “1 change the 1 to a 0 “

  29. Hy, a very good mod. Thank you a lot.

    May I ask, if it is possible to play the Wasteland mod without your Skillsytem? I prefer the old original Skillsystem of 7 days to die. Is there a chance to take some files out of wasteland?

    Best regards.

  30. Is there a way to bring the trees back? Fallout has trees. Also, there is a whole desert if you want a NV experience, why did we have to destroy Navezgane National Forest?

    Don’t get me wrong, I was loving the hell out of these additions last night. The extra zombies, the NPCs, but the lack of trees in the northern regions is bothering me a lot.

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