The Wasteland

7 days to die the wasteland, 7 days to die overhaul mods

Now for A21.2. This mod is now an overhaul and will likely not work with other mods. If you are using other mods and have errors, remove the other mods and try again.

Built on:
SCore v.
NPCmod v21.1.0.20+
Full Auto Launcher v1.2.2
Random Mainmenu Background v1.0.2
These mods are REQUIRED for Wasteland to function as intended.


Welcome to The Wasteland! This overhaul mod adds in several new items, enemies, POIs and more! Some of the changes/additions include:


Wasteland uses a progression system similar to vanilla, but with a few changes:

  • Each player is given 21 SPIFSAL points at the beginning of a game. These are for core attributes only.
  • You are required to use all 21 points in order to outfit your character to start playing. Once you use them the black fades away and you can start playing as normal.
  • Skill points are gained per level as vanilla and are used only to upgrade perks. Each perk level has both a skill point and player level requirement, which can be seen by hovering over the lock icon for each perk level.
  • Once all your SPIFSAL points have been used, the only other ways to boost an attribute level is through wearing the proper clothing items(glasses/bandanas/etc), finding a rare SPIFSAL book in loot(permanent +1 to the book’s attribute) or rare power armor statues(permanent +1 to the book’s attribute).You can gain a temporary boost using certain drug items, just be aware of their side effects.
  • Fergit’n Elixir can be used to respec and will give you your 21 SPFISAL points back. It isn’t cheap though.
  • There have been a few changes to the perk trees, with some vanilla perks either reworked or removed outright. Several new perks have been introduced, such as New Age Cowboy for energy weapon types. Make sure to check each attribute’s associated perks so you know where you wanna spend those SPIFSAL points!

New Enemies

There are several new enemies added into the game, from additional zombies to mutants and raiders!

  • There are a bunch of new zombie models added, several with multiple color variants for a good variety. There are normal zeds, feral and rad versions, even a couple unique ones like the fisherman! There are also a few cop and demo types, but they aren’t as obvious as their vanilla counterparts, so keep an eye out!
  • The wildlife has also been expanded to include mutant hounds, giant scorpions, and several pesky insects. More additions are coming!
  • Zombies are no longer the biggest threat though, as there are several new types of enemies to be worried about. You will encounter both melee and ranged versions of raiders, a hostile group who attack first and loot second. They have a few POIs they call home, so never assume any house is safe!
  • Soldier PMCs are also sweeping the area for supplies and will gladly relieve you of yours if they spot you.
  • Mutants are genetically engineered horrors that are easy to spot, but hard to kill. Early game it is best to avoid most of these at all costs, especially the ranged enemies as they will wreck you. Melee guys can be taken out with some planning, but don’t underestimate them! There is also word of some even larger behemoths that are rarely spotted in the wild, which hit like a truck and need heavy firepower to manage to bring down.
  • There are a few other enemies you might come to encounter, so always keep your eyes open!

New Items

There are also tons of new items added to the game such as weapons, ammo, foods, medical items and more:

  • There has been a whole arsenal added to the game, from melee weapons to scrap pipe weapons to shotguns and rifles. Loot or craft a 1911, BAR, Vector, SCAR, combat shotgun just to name a few. You will always have a few options at almost every tier of weapon.
  • Melee weapon options have been expanded for all types: replace your bone knife with a cleaver, or swap your club for a rolling pin. Pipe wrenches, batons, pitchforks are all available to you. And don’t forget the skull-crushing Supa Sledge!
  • Energy weapons are also available. There are both laser and plasma types, from pistols to rifles and more. There are also some bigger energy weapons as well, like the laser gat or the plasma caster. They have a similar progression to normal weapon types and have their own crafting magazine series.
  • There is a line of heavy weaponry as well, from the harpoon rifle to the Fat Man! These offer superior firepower, but can slow movement until you invest more in their perks.
  • A few new explosive weapons are available. Bottlecap mines, Nuka grenades, and M79 launchers will help level the playing field…literally.
  • You will also find a loot-only group of .50 cal weapons. The .500 Magnum, Beo-50, and AS-50 cannot be crafted outright, unless you manage to find a broken version, but give you a reason to get out and loot.
  • New ammo types for weapons been added. 10mm, 5.56, MFC ammo, Plasma cells. Ballistic ammo also has the HP/AP variants. Energy ammo has Max and Bulk versions for some variety.
  • With fire spreading being enabled, there is a lootable fire extinguisher and its ammo that is used to repair it. Keep one handy, especially if your base is made out of wood.
  • Drug items can be looted or crafted. These can be used to temporarily boost certain attributes, but can carry some bad side effects. Try and not get addicted.
  • Extra clothing items that help boost your attributes.
  • Food has been expanded to include several new Wasteland dishes. Carve up those mutant hounds, scorpions, or other critter to be able to make these new meals. Scrambled Hunter eggs or deathclaw souffles are just a few options.
  • Power Armor can help keep you in one piece. Loot only so keep an eye out for power armor stands. Power armor uses frame piece which you wear like normal armor pieces, and then each piece(helmet, chest, etc) or the armor installs into the frames like a cosmetic mod. Currently only visible in third person.
  • There are legendary versions of several weapons, and a set of power armor. These have better stats and usually unique textures. They may also provide extra bonuses or effects.

Additional POIs

Currently this mod includes a handful of custom POIs. Some are vanilla ones that have been repurposed, others are completely new.

  • Trader POIs can be destroyed
  • Mutants have taken over several run down business POIs. Keep an eye out for meatbags and cages.
  • Raiders and soldiers have occupied several different types of POIs. For now these don’t look much different than a normal POI, so be careful.
  • Several custom POIs, from the Nuka Factory to the secret Nav-Tek Research Facility. Some have multiple versions that can change what is inside. Easter eggs and mini quest lines may exist is some of these, so pay attention.
  • Radiated POIs exist in the world, and are used in Clear Radiation quests. Without either a set of power armor with a rad resistant mod installed or a full hazmat suit, these POIs will kill you quickly. Most, but not all, will have the yellow signs to warn you of the dangers.

Gameplay Changes

While some things are still the same as vanilla, some things aren’t. Here are a few noteworthy changes to be aware of:

  • There are a few new/expanded illnesses. Rad poisoning is as deadly as getting infected. Being cold or hot for too long will eventually give you a cold or heatstroke. Take care of yourself.
  • Critical injuries, such as concussions or fatigue, no longer instantly cure when using meds. It will take a short, but random amount of time for those things to heal.
  • Working versions of workbenches can again be found in the world.
  • Weapons and armors typically use their respective parts to repair them.
  • Air drops will draw in zombies. They will target the drop, so if you want the loot you’d better defend it.
  • Vehicle crafting is no longer an option. Repairable wrecks out in the world or traders are the only way to get a working vehicle. Scavenge various parts, as well as unique ones that each vehicle needs to be repaired. Each vehicle has several stages until you finally can upgrade it into a working vehicle. Wheels also cannot be crafted, so either buy or loot then, or try harvesting intact wheels you find in the world.(Ones with rims, not just tires.)
  • Picking up vehicles is disabled, except for the bicycle and minibike. Carrying either of those will slow your movement though.
  • Farming has also been overhauled a bit. Seeds require a nearby water source in order to plant in farm plots. So either get a bucket and bring water to your farm, or build an irrigation system with the new water pipes to carry water to where you need it. Water is consumed over time, so one bucket won’t last forever. Pipes have valves and sprinklers that can be used to water the area. Valves cover a smaller area than the sprinklers. Running your water pipes to bedrock will provide an infinite water source.
  • Work stations, from campfires to chem stations, now have a tools area. These are needed to craft certain recipes in the station. The vanilla workbench for example now has slots for a hammer, wire took, and fractal vise. The hammer and wire tool are used for recipes, and the vise speeds up crafting.
  • The time/day has been removed from the UI. To add it back either find a wristwatch mod, or there is a Mip Boy you can equip and then check the time with it. There are also working clocks in the world, such as in traders and then randomly in other POIs. You can bring these back to base if you want.

Pregen RWG Maps

Put out some maps Bdubyah made with Teragon for Wasteland.

There are 4 8k maps and 5 10k. They should all have the important Wasteland POIs. They aren’t the best as he’s still figuring out settings and stuff, but they seem decent enough. There are preview images in each one if you wanna see what they look like.

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 1

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 3

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 4

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 6

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 2

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 5

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 7

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 12

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 13

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 11

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 9

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 8

7 days to die the wasteland additional screenshot 10

Install into the 7_Days_To_Die\Mods folder.

All mods that add new assets must be installed on server and client!

You are not allowed to redistribute Bdubyah’s mods without permission. This includes any assets from a mod, or the entire mod itself.


Pushed a small update to Wasteland, just a few fixes.


  • Game Version: 21.2
  • Wasteland Version:

Mod Dependencies:
SCore v.
NPCmod v.
FullautoLauncher v.1.2.2
RandomMainmenuBackground v1.0.2


  • Fixed: Wasteland pipe shotguns were missing reloadPenalty tag
  • Fixed: Legendary melee weapons were missing tags for Flurry perks
  • Fixed: Katana wasn’t able to be crafted higher than Q1

Alpha 21 Versions
DOWNLOAD The Wasteland for A21 (1,6 GB)
DOWNLOAD Pregen RWG Maps for A21 (1,2 GB)
Alpha 20 Versions
DOWNLOAD The Wasteland for A20 (1,3 GB)
DOWNLOAD Japanese Localization for A20 (73 KB)

If you appreciate Bdubyah’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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194 thoughts on “The Wasteland

  1. it is a good Mod just a shame we are capped on spifsal points would be good if we got them from doing missions and no cap on them just ruins it a little

  2. I am receiving the “EXC NullReferenceException: object reference not set to an instance of an object” error when loading up a new world save.  the mod seems to boot up fine before this error happens. 

    Did download the most recent files off of 7daystodiemods and have them in the mods folder but not sure what else is missing. 

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Log Files for errors:

    1. Same here, I have everything installed. It shows the main menu background; I get the music and I can select the maps but after a while in the process of starting a new game the EXC NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object message pops up.

  3. you should get it included in the 7D2D Mod Laucher by sphereii. Would make it easier for Lamens like me,

  4. So i got everything installed and was confused about black screen but read comments here and saw it was normal but what i want to ask is how do i install the maps? I put them in mods folder with everything else but when i go to make a world and choose location none of the premades are showing up? do i put it somewhere else?

    1. In the 7dtd folder go to Data and then Worlds, take the maps out of the folder and plug them in right there with the others.

    2. You said the black screen was normal. What does that mean? Everything loads and the game opens like a normal game but with a couple of seconds the screen fades to black with coughing sounds in the background and a hissing noise. You can wee you tool bar and can even pull up your crafting and such. Is there a way to fix this please. I’ve read and read and have not been able to correct this situation. Please help. Thanks!

  5. Do I need to download the Alpha 21.2 (stable) currently or do I just download the current version of the game?

    I have been getting a lot of errors like prefabs failing to load and skipping. Game won’t load. I have tried pregen maps provided and generating new maps.

    I have reinstalled the game and cleared all data.

    Something is off…

  6. A Tier 1 clear quest at Bear-N-Land Coal Mining won’t respawn the PoI properly and makes many assets float in the sky and the PoI unusable. I’ve tried restarting the game, which respawns the ! to begin the clear quest but it refuses to spawn the PoI properly. Can I do anything to fix this? I had previously cleared the PoI so it was looted already but I didn’t destroy any of the assets or ground nearby.

  7. Hello. A21.2(b37) I am using Google Translate.
    First, I would like to point out that the translation may be inaccurate.

    I recently started installing the latest Wasteland Mod. I’m having fun playing it.
    There is one thing that I am very concerned about, is it a bug or a specification?
    I would appreciate some knowledgeable opinions on whether I am doing the installation procedure incorrectly.
    When investigating zombie corpses, loot containers, etc., there is a high probability that nothing will be found.
    There are some things that are not included. I see the same phenomenon with distributors as well.
    I think it is unlikely that the installation was incorrect, but is it a bug? I wonder if the looted items are based on the concept or specifications, depending on luck…As someone who enjoys fishing and crafting, this is a rather unsatisfying phenomenon, so I decided to comment on it. We look forward to hearing your opinions and information.

    こんにちは。A21.2(b37) グーグル翻訳を利用しています。

    最新のWasteland Modを導入し、最近始めました。楽しくプレイしています。
    導入が間違っている可能性は低いと考えていますが、バグなのでしょうか。略奪品も運しだい的なコンセプト、仕様的なものなのでしょうか… 漁り、クラフトを楽しむ者としてはどうにもすっきりしない事象なので、コメントさせて頂きました。ご意見、情報等あればお待ちしております。

  8. Power armor is a mystery. I get the parts ….attach the armor and 0 armor showing. Rethink this mess please.

    1. it just doesn’t show directly at the armor part look at the character screen extended stats to see the difference

  9. I just played to level 60, day 45 and between this MOD and A21 there are lots of bugs

    This mod has massive balance issues, I starved to death in the first week, there is not enough food (including eating sandwiches) and the magazines to craft food are too rare

    I got primlocked for the first 2 weeks, plus primlocked to a bicycle for the entire game, I had to CM spawn in a motorcycle cause I got sick of the pushbike.
    Fixing found broken vehicles does not work, you find/craft the correct parts, use the impact driver and it destroys the found vehicle, I tested this with CM could not get it to work. Also rare spare parts are so rare you will never have enough to fix any vehicle anyway.

    Doing clearing quests are an absolute pain to get all the mobs to spawn so you can clear quest, but this is an A21 problem (not this mod)

    Other than lots of bugs and glitches it’s a fun to play mod, just be prepared to use DM and CM in order to progress and complete missions.

    Enough of this I am trying another mod

    1. Why does the scrap laser pistol, and laser pistol have to use different ammo. The scrap uses Microfusion cells, and the other energy cells. I’m curious. was it intentional ?

    2. Hey, i hear you about the food, but there are so many bird nest around to get eggs, i didn’t starve. I kept looting house poi, or apartment poi’s and was find food enough to keep me going until i kept finding cooking books to unlock some earlier recipes. boiled meat is what really kept me going, food, and water at the same. as for the rare parts for vehicles, i’ve come across some, but not many. was trying to repair an R75 only to be stopped at 6/8 and something unique, but it doesn’t tell you the part, only the small icon that it’s missing. I like the grinding to find loot, as i play Ravenhearst mod alot, and that one is heavy on grinding for resources.. i’m day 9 lvl 31, and doing ok for food. I’m guessing your just getting bad rolls, or not hitting the good poi’s. still a really fun mod.

  10. Hi there,
    is there any garage door for the ice cream truck? All doors are not high enough and the truck stucks in it.
    Tried to get two garage doors 5×3 sideways, but they need to be fixed with the ground, not the top of the item, so it will not work.

    Any idea?

  11. is there anyway to heal your followers? , hired a brotherhood of steel and i want to heal him but dont know how or if you can

  12. So, I unlocked the Industrial Generator yesterday, as of posting this. I see no way of crafting it. No recipe. Only way is to spawn it in it seems….

  13. Can be abit tricky to install one thing to note is that you have to double click on file and double click it again to get get the right file and the mods master is like three times double click and you will see the mods or you will get the NullReferenceExeption: Object reference thing,hope this helps.

  14. Just started playing, upgrading the campfire but there’s no utensil rack even though there’s a slot for it. Any ideas?

    1. some items can be BOUGHT/FOUND only there is no recipe to craft and you cannot CM spawn them in
      utensil rack is one of these items

  15. ANy ideas why the game won’t load? I have downloaded and loaded all the proper versions as well as the dependency mods. When creating a new game, I receive an infinite loop of “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” errors

    1. Same problem, installed all mods to mods folder in game and not loading properly, full of didn’t load and null errors etc

    2. check to make sure you placed it well in the Mods folder. 1, create separate folder with clean vanilla files, then make your Mods folder, and place mods inside. It’s either you have another mod thats conflicting, or you didn’t place one of the mods in the Mods folder rather inside another.

  16. Some weapons dont increase in quality when reading books. Weapons i have encountered so far are: 10mm Pistol, Laser Rifle , Laser Shotgun

    1. Strange it seems to be working for me. However i sometimes notice weird things not working like for example picking up a statue and using it didnt give me another SPIFSAL point, and repairing an axe only repaired 1% of the damage rather than the entire amount. Usually restarting the game clears these bugs. Its a great mod, however their are a ton of issues and bugs. It could be a really awesome mod like Rebirth and Undead Legacy if a little TLC was put into it. I also find that although ive asked quite a few questions on different 7 days mod sites and forums i never get any help from bdubyah or anyone else so you kinda got to work through the problems yourself unfortunately.

  17. Does anyone know how power armour works? I put the mod into the frame but it gives me 0 heavy armour rating. Do i need to have a skill to use power armour or does it just give you better resistances but no armour rating. Thanks for any help.

    1. he put a link to the wrong part of the github. you need to click on score at the top of the page which will bring you to the main page of the repo.

      1. I think the admin of this site posted the link that way on purpose. Because many people try to install all the files they downloaded from the main github page. This link is actually a warning for you to use Score only.

        The main problem is that Score does not have a separate repo. A single, simple link to just download the Score would be nice. I hope the people who developed Score will do this one day. It would be great, especially for newbies.

    1. I ran into the same thing. When looking at the windows.xml it seems this mod uses Khaine’s 60 bpm and settings.. theoretically you could remove or comment that out. Basically if 2 or more mods try to rewrite the same section of code (the backpack in windows.xml in this case) you’ll either have one or the other work or in worst case, the code will get mixed and not work at all. Removing the undesired one, adding the desired one and then possibly making changes to it for other custom things (like the workstation tools and such) can all cause conflicts and have to be fixed individually.. so tl/dr is that it’s a conflict and can be done but you’ll need some coding knowledge

  18. so just got the mod and everything loads fine. I get into the game and its black screen i can see the ui hotbar and its items and i can move but is all black . i hit the (b) key and it opens and i can see all that .i can close it but can’t see the world at all.

    1. if you read the note, it tells you. on the main points allocation, you have to click on the special points area on the right top corner.

      1. This is normal, This is how the game is suppose to start out, if you’ve played fallout you should know this

  19. Whenever i try to join my friends game i get stuck on the creating player screen. This has happened to both of us and we cant join each other. Is this a known issue or is there something we are doing wrong?

  20. I just found the big rocket and the trader doesn’t exist in that location. Not sure if he spawned somewhere else or just never spawned at all

  21. There’s an underwater fire (some sort of a volcano I guess) that’s lagging the hell out of my server, how do I fix/remove it?

  22. Love the mod and have few complaints. The new weapons are great but some arent even able to be crafted. Crowbar, pipe hammer, fishing spear, survival knife, ect. Usually you’ll be prompted which workbench is needed but they don’t even show up as a choice. Am I missing a new workbench? Precision workbench seems too late game to create these. Thanks for any help.

  23. Can anyone show or post a tutorial for this mod. I have downloaded each required mod and wasteland mod and added to a new 7days folder, but everytime i load it up just runs normal game. Yes the files are all unzipped

      1. Anyway you could just post a screenshot of the mods you have in folder because I have all the required ones it says I need, but they still don’t work and what version does it need to be on?

        1. Make sure the folders are in a Mod folder. Common/7 Days to Die/ Mods
          Need 0-SCore, 0-Xnpccore, fullautolauncher, randommainmenubackground, The_Wasteland.
          When I unzipped them if they were a folder in a folder I got rid of the outer folder.

          1. you are a goddamn genius, thanks for this,

            but my white river starter mission is not spawning 🙁

  24. So I loaded up this mod and I had played for about 58 days in game and went to several different towns and biomes.. never seen no special poi, no power armor stands after looting and entire city And no raiders or mutants occupying any of the poi.. is it because I did a pregen map? Somebody help

    1. I think you have to download one of the maps for example ( DOWNLOAD Wasteland10K_1 for A21 (287,8 MB) and make a server with that map but there is a bug where you might not be able to loot anything, I don’t know how to fix that but if it does happen you can go in the description of new wasteland series and download the mods pack he’s using it has all the stuff you are looking for.

  25. Not sure what’s going on, since I didn’t have this problem in A20, but I can’t craft anything for some reason. The screen was black, I spent my skills points, collected some sticks stones n grass for a stone axe & when I opened my backpack, there was literally nothing in the recipes menu at all. Just trying to figure out if this is a typical issue or not

    mods in folder:

    1. Just found my output log

      C:\Users\rykid\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\logs\output_log_client__2023-12-08__00-00-38.txt (492): 2023-12-08T00:04:13 210.502 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing ‘items.xml’ failed

      It does this for a multitude of different .xml types. Im at a loss here

  26. Is there a way to remove the “spend your points” blank screen ui system? I dont wanna keep seeing that everytime i make a new world.

  27. According to the requirements the version of SCore required is SCore v. however, the version available for download from the link provided is v.

    Are we able to download the requested version somewhere else or will the mod work with the older version?

  28. How come I can’t give a companion a weapon from the mod and make him use it? Is that by design? Like the super sledge or zeta alien blaster?

    1. Yeah, or u could find a crappy cheap 300duke survivor and give him ur best weapons and make him OP while cheap to recruit.

  29. Big issue atm, after 4-7days ingame mutants spawn near me in the hundreds dropping my fps from 100 to 3 to 6 fps… killall command kills nothing but regular zombies etc

    Using Improved hordes + wandering frequency, is this what causes the crazy spawns?

  30. I’m unable to loot anything. I can pick items up off the floor etc, but I cannot loot :(!

    I haven’t been able to find anything online for this, I can see other people have had the same problem but no solution.

    Is there a Discord server for this mod?

  31. Love the mod. Anyone getting multiple map bookmarks appear for traders? Each time I accept a quest, a new bookmark appears for the same trader. Eventually, the trader does not spawn in.

  32. i installed the required mods manually in Mods folder after unzippping, + i dropped one worldmap folder that i liked to play in the respective maps folder. at the loaing i get full errors apparently regarding prefabs that cant be found. what can i do to fix this??

  33. No trader spawned in the Big Rocket trader POI in a Random Generated World. Can’t finish the opening trade route quest because of this.

  34. Really enjoy most of this mod and all the fallout additions that work nicely in conjunction with regular 7dtd. Thank you for your work first and foremost.
    The only critique would be how easily you can die within .5 seconds gunned down by some random raider/soldier/mutant who just happened to be around some corner or inside some building, like the traders’ pois for instance. Which is a threat that persists until you have some very solid armor to survive another second or two to potentially react or run, if possible.
    That makes permadeath playthroughs rather unpleasant. Adjusting their accuracy would be much appreciated, as they also tend to hit you square in the face through your own arrow slit blocks at about 30m range.

  35. My friend and I keep de-syncing, and we have all the requirements. Npcs in power armor just run in place, and every now and then we cant jump, change equipment while de-syncing “we see each other walking into a wall when we are really somewhere else etc.”

  36. People stuck with the Black Screen, just hit TAB to go to your character stats and expend your points, then the game let you go

  37. Sometimes or occasionally when you loot a dead corpse or the human remains skeleton the user interface will freeze and will have to force close the game down and restart it. Stay away from looting the human remains skeleton, its bugged. How do you turn off looting corpses?

  38. Extracted The Wasteland , SCore v21.1.56.1705+, NPCmod v21.1.0.10+ , Full Auto Launcher v1.2.2 and Random Mainmenu Background v1.0.2 to Mods folder, but when my character loads in, black screen.

    Please help

      1. No one has answered my question about the black screen as well. I turned off EAC, loaded all the required mods. When I load in to the game instant black screen.

        1. I read you have to spend all your pts and the blackness goes away. Is there no option to use pts at the start?

  39. para los que tienen pantalla negra, deben gastar los puntos disponible, luego te deja jugar.
    para los que no pueden lootear, deben instalar todos los mods que dice dependencias, el mod funciona a la perfeccion.

  40. Wonderful mod. But by the 30th hour of base construction, I started to experience lag due to the huge amount of zombie remains.

  41. Thanks for the latest version!
    Which skill will the shotgun be enhanced this time?
    Last time it was a rifleman, will it be the same this time?
    I’m confused because I can’t find the boomstick in my skills.

    1. Thats intended just like fallout 4 you have to choose your stats before story starts. Should tell you in upper right hand corner whats happening.

  42. Problem with the A21 mod, gives me a black screen after my character loads into the game. Yes, I turned EAC off and downloaded all of the required mods listed here.

    1. Thats intended just like fallout 4 you have to choose your stats before story starts. Should tell you in upper right hand corner whats happening.

    2. Hello, have you found a solution for the problem? I have the same problem. EAC is off. By load the game i get no error messages in the console.

      1. Hit TAB and goto the character traits/skills screen, upper right you have 21 SPIFSAL points you NEED to spend in order to get into the game..just like Fallout

  43. I am using this in SP, I have the main mod as well as all of its dependencies, but none of its content appears in game, EAC is off. I have installed everything in the same manner as my other mods, but nothing from The Wasteland appears.

    pls halp

    1. me too, and when i try to loot a zombie corpse, it stuck with a small inventory grid, still tab or M but can’t move or do anything

      1. El mod todo funciona bien hasta donde hay que reparar o mejorar los bloques de construcción me falta algo o me estoy saltando algo ?

  44. Is there a way to disable the fire spreading and fire stuff i dont want one cop spit to burn a poi im looting down

  45. haven problem with being able to play the wasteland mod believe I have everything loaded correctly as it loads and when i am in game i can see evething for 3-5 sec then it all goes black i can se the tool bar and bring up the map to see nut not in game like you load in the you charter closes there eyes

    1. I wasted 2 hours of my life trying to figure out what was “wrong” in case anyone else makes this mistake you have to complete the quest and allocate all the skill points for your vision to clear and start the game

  46. Is there a way to bring the trees back? Fallout has trees. Also, there is a whole desert if you want a NV experience, why did we have to destroy Navezgane National Forest?

    Don’t get me wrong, I was loving the hell out of these additions last night. The extra zombies, the NPCs, but the lack of trees in the northern regions is bothering me a lot.

  47. Hy, a very good mod. Thank you a lot.

    May I ask, if it is possible to play the Wasteland mod without your Skillsytem? I prefer the old original Skillsystem of 7 days to die. Is there a chance to take some files out of wasteland?

    Best regards.

  48. If your looking to change it to make it better for solo or if you dont want to be limited to 21 skills then this is for you. No one helped me with it took like week to figure out how to do this if you goto steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\The Wasteland\Config
    and goto the progression.xml the first thing 1 change the 1 to a 0 then it works your welcome.

    1. could you please describe more properly, i cant understand what exactly is “1 change the 1 to a 0 “

  49. For some reason I can only ADS by holding down the right mouse button and the shift. But it only lifts up the scope for a brief second before releasing again.
    Anyone who knows what might cause this? As I said, I only have The Wastelaand and the mods it needs installed.

    1. It seems the ADS is broken due to conflicts between the mods and vanilla after the recent minor update. If you remove the mods and try starting a custom game, you’ll see that ADS still works. Can someone look into this and find a fix? Broken ADS is a huge problem.

      1. Follow up: I did a bit of digging around in the mod files that are recommended and found the mod that was causing the conflict. It is titled “FullautoLauncher” and removing it seems to resolve the ADS issue. It also does not seem to cause any negative side-effects, so deleting this mod and waiting for an updated one shouldn’t cause any issues, even in already active servers.

  50. I can’t seem to aim down sights. I am only using this mod and the dependant mods. Is there something I have done wrong or do you need to unlock a skill or something?

  51. it would be really cool if the mods the player could have access to the decompile element, to have only the decoration, vehicle and certain element its to have to install the whole mod in full which changes our whole game that complete and that we can have the choice of what we want from the mods without having everything like ravenhearst we were able to take several of their elements from their mods and reject what was not interesting. to make our own modpack on our server would be cool to also do that with this mods without being able to install especially the boring skills

  52. Can anything be done with the SPIFSAL books after your 21 points are spent (besides sell them)? Hopeful, but not optimistic.

  53. If you do this mod with α20.2 and α20.3 in multi, it’s heavy and you can’t play it. Is it because the vanilla is heavy?

  54. The Power Armors don’t seem to function as armor. I have looted a whole set of frames and then the armor pieces to put into those ‘frames’. But when I then equip them on myself, my armor rating went down as if I’m wearing empty frames, even though it’s showing me that I have gotten the Full Set bonus.

    1. you have to generate a new world same thing happened to me, either have 2 start a new world or spawn in special books urself, u can only set 21 attributes points when u very first start a new game like in fallout

      1. We fixed it on our side on our server we had generated a new map but nothing changed we unlocked all the starting books so we are no longer limited to 21, and we also raised the level to 420 to be able to have everything the skills and we also increased all the difficulty in consequence of the level so we removed the limit

  55. yeah it seems u lose health seemingly almost permanently after dying to much not sure why, which it can stack insanely high to the point where u will respawn with basically no health left ( i was playing with a few friends and one of them was dying alot and noticed he was respawning with like 20hp total after 30 or so deaths back to back) you can try ur best to not die if possible obviously, i died maybe 4-5 times in a new world and lost about 8 hp i think, a good 5hours irl time past with me playing and not dying at all and my hp was all back eventually

    1. i think its the same in the base game, vitamins will raise your health back up. “Wellness” effects total health.

  56. I noticed, that after several deaths, max HP decreases by 3 HP for each death (after 4th of 5th death). Any way to receive those HPs back?

  57. should also work with the mods, Bigger Backpack Mod (60/96 Slot With/Without Food & Water Bar on HUD) when we put the mods we no longer have access to our inventory. On the alpha 19 versions the 2 mods were well compatible. Now it doesn’t work anymore

  58. plasma and laser weapons dont work currently minigun doesnt work they all do 1 dmg not sure if its just me or i need perks or weapon mods or something, also fat man should do massive damage to blocks but i could see that being insane on lag lmao

  59. Absolutely love this mod, dubs! Thanks for all the hard work! Can’t wait for it to hit the mod manager.

  60. How do you level up your main skills other than the books at the start? You can level those main stats in fallout, so I assume you can do it. Just cant figure it out.

  61. I am unsure how to install this. I emptied the mod folder and put this in and nothing changes.
    Please help!

    Thanks in advance!

  62. Claw hammer is said to be made with Miner 69er, but it still has a lock on it with the skill taken. Anyone else experiencing this bug? Also, am I just missing where the armor leveling skill is, or do I just need to find the schematic multiple times for each one?

  63. Looks like the A20 version is a complete overhaul, guess I’ll be sticking with Alpha 19.6 because all the Mods that I use and want with The Wasteland works so well with what me and my players enjoy. We also use Nitrogen as well which has over 1k+ POI’s then the only 200+ new ones in A20. A20 doesn’t seem so new it’s just another slight overhaul, sticking with Alpha 19.6.

  64. “This mod is now an overhaul and will likely not work with other mods”

    I was really waiting for this update but, this message killing the show for me. I use lot of other mods and the guns and the colas will be missied.

    Could you make it modular at least?

    1. There is still guns and the colas i think ?! and i have other mods with the wasteland and it work just have to take mod that wont be the same as he put in the wasteland !

  65. Hello bdubyah,

    many thanks for this great mod.

    is there any way to get the trader protection back ?
    We played the mod for about an hour and the first trader got totaly brocken down in a few minutes from those zombies. this is unplayable for us 🙁
    hope you could help us out 🙂

  66. Now that A-20 is out, this mod no longer works, which really sucks because I built a public server completely around it for myself, some friends and other Fallout fans. Is there any chance of getting an A-20 update for this mod?

  67. The pipe/idea weapons all started from this awesome mod I believe, I hope we get an A20 release, waiting patiently.

  68. please help i have a problem generating neew maps so when u8sing wanilla most of custom pois dont generate when i use nitrogen it generates the pois but has errors loading assets in pois on certain places and the game bugs out when u interact with items there or starts to render them and when i use kinggen i run into errors so cant even generate i tried reinstalling the game but it didnt work pls can at least someone put up a working map for this mod or something pls help…

    1. You don’t see it when in first person. It basically would’ve had to be made twice over to make it look right in first and third person. So you’ll only see it if you use third person. In MP everyone else would see it.

  69. Why does the power armor not render when I equip it? I found a helmet but it is not visible on my character, as if it isn’t there. Does power armor even have a model of itself, or doesn’t it even have one? Kind of disappointing, because I downloaded this for the power armor, curious on how it would look like in the game.

    1. You don’t see it when in first person. It basically would’ve had to be made twice over to make it look right in first and third person. So you’ll only see it if you use third person. In MP everyone else would see it.

  70. I’m trying to play this mod with a friend but he can’t load into my game. im new to mods so im not sure whats wrong, do we both need to download it? Also what reasons could be stopping him. We both downloaded it through the mod launcher and launched it through steam, it works fine in single player for me

  71. Hello i dont what could be the issue, but when i want to spawn mutants, raider are working fine, so after i spawn mutants, game bug in console, it gives error.

  72. sounds like a pretty cool mod but not being able to repair weapons? That seems like a MAJOR pain in the a#$ especially considering the challenge this mod brings. That’s a lot of wasted resources also.

    1. Where did you see that at? Everything can still be repaired. Pipe weapons simply can be destroyed if not repaired before they run out of durability.

      Everything else is like vanilla. It breaks, you repair it. Some things just don’t all use repair kits like vanilla.

  73. Hello. I liked this mod and I willingly played with it in conjunction with Darkness Falls, since stylistically they complement each other, but I had a problem with the fact that when killing zombies and dropping a backpack, an error appeared related to (lootcontainer id = “938” ) and there was no way to loot them. Who can realties order how this can be fixed?

    1. That seems to me like “lootcontainer ID ‘938” could to tied to more than one type of container, and since both overhauls play around a bit with the z-packs (Zombie loot bags) that could be the issue, I could also be wrong

  74. Hi. I want to try this mod out “The Wasteland (A19)” for the many many nice weapons. Is your mod safely compatible with
    “War3zuk Mods All in One” mod?

  75. Is there some way to have updated parts of this mod broken back into parts again? The places i’ve seen the weapons said to come here for A19 but i would like the weapons, colas, ect as independently downloadable mods if possible. I am a great fan of Fallout 4 but the “Wasteland” mod affects more than i need it too as a whole (causes red errors). I’ve seen your work and it’s brilliantly nostalgic to the game. I would flip if you actually had power armor. Keep up the good work.

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