5.56 Gun Pack (1.5/3)

7 days to die 5.56 gun pack, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

5.56 pack mod, new 12 guns (more in the future) with unique stats, balance based around the vanilla’s guns. New calibers 5.56x45mm.

7 days to die 5.56 gun pack additional screenshot 1


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Go inside “IZY_A21_556gun_PACK.V2(1.5of3) you will see 2 folders
  3. Put both folder into /7 Days To Die/Mods

DON’T ignore “A21_Izayo_Visible_Mods_mod” it make gun mod like “grip, stock” visible in game.

It if already exist, do replace. (they’re same in every gun pack)

Important Notes


7 days to die 5.56 gun pack additional screenshot 2

Display Icons in crafting-skill cause so many problems each update so… Izayo removed guns Icons in crafting-kill window but it still working, uses Vanilla guns unlock as reference.

Leave balance suggestions / bug / problem in the comment sections.

Special Thanks

  • BFT2020 XML advisor
  • bdubyah Unity advisor
  • Zilox Unity advisor
  • and people in the forum
  • Sketchfab free assets: models credit in the mod folder

Please don’t spam in Izayo’s PM about release date. Report bugs, suggestion is ok.


v2 – 1.5/3

  • Added Light Machine gun class (4 guns)
  • Better balance (damage now scale up each weapon’s Tier)
  • Tier 4 guns are now only can be found in traders, loots, quest rewards (crafting removed)
  • Fixed some sounds (re-use)
  • Reasonable recipe cost to craft
  • Removed crosshair when aim

v1.1 – 1/3

  • Added G36C as tier 4 Tactical Carbine
  • Fixed loot and trader xml

DOWNLOAD v2 from Mega (210 MB)
DOWNLOAD v2 from Google Drive (210 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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116 thoughts on “5.56 Gun Pack (1.5/3)

  1. For some reason when i download from mega its not downloading the files right? it downloads as a notepad doc and i have no clue why? could anyone help?

  2. Hey Izayo, I’m having an issue where the 2X Scopes for Snipers are not working properly. Specifically, when I “aim” the weapon, instead of scoping in, it just aims like I am using a Red Dot Sight, making it impossible to see. It seems to only be effecting the 2X Scope, and it only effects Snipers. I manually uninstalled/reinstalled and tested each mod I had, this is the one that seems to cause it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  3. ok i love the guns of the mod, but i got a problem i max out machinegun to 100 but i cant craft the guns for now reasons any ideas???? i want to craft the ameli….

  4. Hey, great mod, but could you please make it so the ammo icons fit into the inventory icon slots? They look fine in the creative menu but when you have them in your inventory they are too big.

  5. Thank you for your hard work on this. I’m really looking forward to seeing the entire weapon pack collection updated for A21. Having a variety of guns and calibers to play with really adds life to 7 Days to Die!

  6. I was playing with my friend recently and we both installed the 5.56 mod. I could see the weapons just fine on my end but they had some issues. they couldnt see or hear the guns and even couldnt see the ammo. they kept getting null errors as well. we both installed it the same way and we are thinking of both doing a fresh reinstall.

  7. Dear Author, I like your weapon mod very much, it is the best weapon mod I have ever used. There is one small problem, though, with some guns, when they fire, the surrounding walls and floors also flash, which is undoubtedly cool. However, I will feel a little dazzling, causing discomfort, so I want to consult the author how to change which file in the mod which line of code to turn off this effect, thanks again to the author’s guidance.

  8. I’ve noticed that the 5.56 ammo stacks up to 200 and I really like that. Is there any way to make the 7.62 ammo also stack up to 200?

  9. So is this mod able to be used with darkness falls??? i have tried with both server and client installed and every time i click on a gun to craft it, F1 pops up with a lot of red code and i have to ALT-F4 and log back in

  10. Found an issue I think. You say in the latest patch notes that you “removed crosshair when aim”, but the crosshair is still visible when using the FNN LCAL (T1)

  11. all your weapon mods are awesome. love them. many thanks. very well done.

    you also reduced cost, shotguns were too expensive (i reduced cost manually in config files).

    you could change the vanilla pipe rifle to 5.56 ammo type. would be nice. and maybe buff the 5.56 damage a bit in general, some T1 rifles do less damage than the 9mm pistol, which is not realistic.

    1. impossible. 5.56 base damage was set to have higher damage than the 9mm. maybe check your perk skill or weapon’s tier level, its increase damage.
      here are the things that will increase damage to weapon
      – number of mod (damage + .08 / mod)
      – weapon’s tier level
      – Tier of weapons
      – perks
      – some books (there is a book that increase 9mm weapon damage.)

      I can’t buff 5.56 anymore it’s gonna be a better version of 7.62 ammo

  12. BUG: if you use mod for unlock lv 6 craft for everything it will make for some reason the weapons no possible to craft and they are lvl1

  13. IZYgunT3assaultrifleTacticalCarbineSOCmk1

    Use animation hold_type id=”77″ newmodel=”false” ray_cast=”0″ holster=”0″ unholster=”0.2″ two_handed=”true”

    Maybe hold_type id=”71″ newmodel=”false” ray_cast=”0″ holster=”0″ unholster=”0.2″ two_handed=”true”

    will be more suitable?

    Thanks again.

  14. These are a great set of mods that you have made!

    There seems to be an issue with the scoping in on the G36C. It almost looks like the butt-end of the stock comes through the gun to cover the screen then back to normal. The rest of the AR’s aim down sight very smoothly. Issue with and without scopes.

    Once again, thank you for these mods. Going to enjoy the LMGs!

  15. Thanks for the update.
    My basic firepower has improved and I’ve become stronger, but I’m not good at it, so the crosshair disappeared and I couldn’t hit the bullet. This game is fun but difficult.

  16. Why you gotta remove the crosshair? I love your gun mods but JustAlterr has a mod that allows your to play as custom models and play 3rd person. When you play 3rd person you can’t aim without crosshairs. I was kinda hoping you add crosshairs to your shotgun mod, or at least a seperate file for with or without crosshairs. 3rd person on 7 days is actually pretty fun. But great mods man I love them.

  17. It seems that i am to stupid to instal the mod.
    using modlauncher v5, doesn´t work.
    unpacking with winrar und place both folders into the mod folder…doesn´t work.

    I always get an error message ingame and see no weapon in hands.
    But i hear it reloading.

    Is their a chance to get a short youtube vid, how to instal it correctly?

  18. Keep up the good work Izayo, love your gun mods since a20 versions and glad you are building them up more for a21!

  19. Hello, great mod but the red aiming ring shakes enormously on the weapon, even without aiming.

    others have this problem? is there a solution?

  20. I’m newish to the modding community for 7days. Will this work server side only or is it required client side as well?

  21. If Im hosting and have this installed and invite my friend who doesnt, will it work for him still like most mods or will he have to install it too like some more advanced ones

  22. Thanks for the reminder, I also wanted to do this, the Stack is very small and takes up a lot of slots in the inventory.

    open the file
    at the beginning of the file you will see the Stacknumber parameter with comment lines from the author
    200 is the default value
    Сhange all three lines for different ammo

    1. “200” is “small”. Not really given how strong they are in A21 even on higher diff. I basically treat HnK-33 i got as a “get out of jail free card” given that it tends to kill a zombie in one shot on day 14. Sure its rarer then magnum ammo in loot but just don’t spray and pray and you will almost always have ammo for it.

  23. hey iyazo, is there a way to remove the crosshairs from these weapons? i really love the mod so far, but the crosshair makes aiming them kinda miserable, if theres any way to fix it id be super excited to know

  24. Great to see you return with a new version of your old mods.
    Ok lol kinda find it funny that you are puttin the SL8 as the tier 4 DMR given how notoriously bad it is irl but its still good to see it featured in stuff.
    I would like to propose sig 552 commando as one of the carbines just to maybe break up the AR platforms given that they are T 1-3 there.

  25. This mod is very nice, best mod and having fun with my friends!

    The only thing I’m curious about is that tier 4 guns aren’t as powerful as vanilla guns?
    Once the player gets the M60, it’s almost out of play…

    1. Yeah… they fall-off pretty hard…

      Weird part is the T1 weapons and the T4 weapons do the same damage per tier… really not enough damage to be endgame.

    2. I mean M60 is an LMG and with a higher dmg round so its to be expected tho even in vanilla there is still the RNG stats , M4 vanilla and even AK can spawn with better stats then M60s

      1. Not really. For same quality, the RNG stats will always have the M60 do roughly double damage of these weapons. Same quality M4 is always going to be worse than the M60.

        Not saying these have to do the same damage as a M60. Just need to be closer to make the trade offs worth it.

    3. I forget to add damage bonus each tier , basically they does the same damage rigth now. wait for the next update

  26. cant get mod to work. got IZY_21_556gun_Pack.V1.1(1of3) in mods folder. in this folder i have both A21_Izayo_Firearms_556_pack
    and the file that states to add both files into mods folder. ive tried having them all in a folder listed as IZY_21_556gun_Pack.V1.1(1of3) and ive tried removing them and putting them seperatly in my mods folder so that its 3 folders instead of 1. 1 for each. ive tried deleting the reminder folder as well. got nothing. Help?TT

    1. put :
      – A21_Izayo_Firearms_556_pack
      – A21_Izayo_visible_Mods_mod (if you’re already have it from shotgunpack > replace it)
      inside the Mods folder

      check in creative mode if it work or not

      1. still not working. i put just those 2 in the mods folder and i dont have the shotgun mod. do i need it? or could this be a conflict between another mod i already have?

    2. still not working. i put just those 2 in the mods folder and i dont have the shotgun mod. do i need it? or could this be a conflict between another mod i already have?

    3. that was supposed to say i got it. the items dont show up in the firearms menu and search bar doesnt react to ar15 i had to type in IZY after looking up names in items part of mod. i got it tho lol

  27. i have a question, when trying to add The AR Pack, and the Shotgun pack, the Visible mods are both the same name so it wont let me add them to the mods folder, may you guide me on doing it the right way? thanks.

  28. Im not sure what im doing wrong, i uploaded this mod on the server side, but the images are not working, any way i can fix this? do i also have to install this mod on client? and if so can you help me how to install it client side plz? thanks.

    1. I don’t know anything about server side man , This mod is client side , I made this to plays with friends.

    2. create a “Mods” folder in the game directory (where it has 7daystodie.exe) put 2 mods folder inside the Mods folder. done

  29. Thank you for updating this one to A21 🙂 i love your weapon packs and hope you will have the time to update the other packs as well!

  30. Hey, Font Again. Great Mod. Awesome that loot and traders work now. Though Im wondering when the update for the shotgun pack will be out. Thank you.

  31. if you haven’t thought of a gun for assault rifle long you could put a HK416 20″ as a tier 3 and move the M16A4 to tier 3

  32. Really love the details put into each attachments and the sight alignment of ADS of the weapons.

    Just notice this when testing the mod was for the M4C & Scar L, the 4X scope attachment is missing a model otherwise aiming still brings to the scope view

  33. For people who want to make loot work = remove the “s” (located in :Mods\A21_Izayo_Firearms_556_pack\Config) . it’s should be “loot.xml” not “loots.xml”
    LOL sorry about that . I’ll officialy fix in few days with tier 4G36c .

    1. Ey Die Mod Funktioniert Gar nicht zusammen mit der Vision Extra Mod.
      Mach es in eine Mod und nicht zu Doppelt und kompliziert.
      Ich Brauche die Waffen für mein Server weil sie mir Gefallen.
      Aber die Modest zu Kompliziert.
      800 Fehler Logs zu Finden als mein Server es Laden Wollte voll WRR-Warning und ERR-ERRORs.
      Bitte mach es zu Einer Mods bei Zwei Mod Lädt da Gar nix mehr.

      Danke im Voraus

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