7 days to die shotgun pack, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

Shotgun pack mod, new 3 guns each tier (1-4) with unique stats. Range, Ammo Capacity, Damage. Balance based around the vanilla’s gun.

3 exotic new ammo type, Flechette darts, Token shot, Super penetrator Slug.

7 days to die shotgun pack additional screenshot 1


Put both folder into /7 Days To Die/Mods

DON’T ignore “A21_Izayo_Visible_Mods_mod” it make gun mod like “grip, stock” visible in game.

7 days to die shotgun pack additional screenshot 2

Leave balance suggestions / bug / problem in the comment sections.

Special Thanks

  • BFT2020 XML advisor
  • bdubyah Unity advisor
  • Zilox Unity advisor
  • People in the forum topic who helped him with XMLs, Localizations
  • Sketchfab free assets: models credit in the mod folder


V2 Update

  • Fixed errors
  • Fixed bolt-action shotgun bug
  • Fixed loot, trader xml
  • Fixed saika textures (too dark)
  • New 3D icons
  • Small balance changed
  • Added localization for DE, JP

V1.1 Update

Fixed 2x scope in normal guns.

DOWNLOAD V2 from Mega (176 MB)
DOWNLOAD V2 from Google Drive (176 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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75 thoughts on “SHOTGUN Pack

    1. NO, use my old pack that I made for A20 , or play with A21. I’m not gonna convert everything again to A20 it’s gonna take 1-2 months

  1. I really love your mod! Sounds are great and also the diversity with the different types of shotguns are fun to play around with. Since the revamp of the weapons and progression the dmg from TFP literally all of these shotguns are below the dmg of any shotgun currently ingame though. T4 is barely better than a quality 1 pump shotgun. Auto-shotgun has basically double the dmg. Also, the mods scale better with the vanilla weapons.

    And on a different note: The different ammo types don’t really have a benefit to them, do they?
    Less dmg and less pellets and therefore less chance for decapacitation.

    If there is some kind of armorshred/penetration as it is mentioned in the tooltip, it’s not in the stats.

    1. the darts type (white box ) cause breeding effect to enemy
      Token (coins shot) same as normal shell but it can go thought 1 body of zombie
      Super Penetrator Slug is basically a better normal slug , higher+++ damage and can to thought 6-7 can’t remember

      I don’t know how to write item’s description

      1. Sorry for the late reply.

        You can add, similar to vanilla, a second part to the item.xml that has a description. Hard to explain, just take a look at the vanilla files or copy the template. At least that’s how I fixed my gamefiles temporarily for wrong vanilla descriptions.

    1. What the h*ll are you fighting with? a godzilla?, you can already 1 shot Rad-lumberjack (strongest enemy) in the head with most of the guns in this pack.

  2. If Im hosting and have this installed and invite my friend who doesnt, will it work for him still like most mods or will he have to install it too like some more advanced ones

  3. hi I’m having trouble downloading this I tried both ways but I’m lost lol. could you please type out how to.

  4. do the ammo in this mod only work for the shotguns that you provide or all shotguns? Of course my problem is the shotguns that came with the game will not take these special rounds.
    just the normal shell, slug, and breaching slug.

  5. I’m having an issue with the 1887 Lever action
    the walk speed seems to be much higher then the walk speed with all other shotguns. to test i took a level 2 from all shotguns in this mod and did tests of walking and crouching and confirmed it. I’m not sure how to do code otherwise i would fix it myself but unless its only adding or removing a number I’m clueless lol.

  6. I’m having trouble with Higgins bolt action level 3 and 4 are bugged out for me the ammo count is not there and I cant fire the gun and I can only reload but that it I took out all my mods and put in the mod again and it didn’t work I haven’t made a new world so I will try to see if that works

    1. Is there any estimate on when your other mods will come out? Been checking every day for them lol. This one is great.

        1. Izayo!! You have the absolute best gun mods we have ever come across. We crafted up 2 of the M590’s, I have one IRL so I was after that one lol. The sounds and what you can turn the guns into with mods is AMAZING! My Q6 vanilla pump shotgun got replaced real quick. Please keep up your incredible work and we look forward to getting the rest of your gun packs back!!! Our last A 20 game with all the other packs was a blast of a ride… even better when there was NPC’s shooting back lmao!

  7. As always great mod. When your next expansion drops, we will start a new server. I really hope you will add just as many pistols in the future, for they are my favorite weapons in the game.

  8. Hey, when i reload SPAS shotgun for example, i see animation of a clip getting loaded into the shotgun, is this fixable?
    Otherwise than that, the mod is amazing!

  9. I noticed there are a few shotguns with a “star” on them , t4 i think but they dont show what skill level i need to craft them ( The Hexagun for example) it just shows —

    I have 89 atm but still cant craft it

    Awesome mod btw

  10. Are you going to add some of your other weapon mods to A21? I really love adding your weapon mods on A20. I like variety, but not a super fan of shotguns. The block damage indoors makes them dangerous. As always, thanks for your work on making a classic good game even better! Keep up the great work.

  11. Hello, Im the guy from the first comment. Another question. I saw you mentioned that there isn’t a loot config due to A21’s Weird Loot. If you are working on the loot config at all, do you have any timeframe when that will be complete? This mod is great, though it feels a little incomplete without the guns spawning in loot and in my opinion and experience, low chance of spawning in trader tables.

      1. Nice, I also saw you said you’d start working on 5.56 This week. Im assuming that would likely be out the same time as V2 for this mod? Anyways, 10/10 mod and im excited for the 5.56 and other weapon varients to come.

      1. press CTRL+F find “870” and then find “MagazineSize” and change value of number of shell in magazine you want (default is 7 )

  12. Hello super Mod, I would like to change the number of rounds for the M870 Police Shotgun. Can you tell me which line to change?

    1. secret stash got removed so they’ll be appear in the normal category (same as Autoshotgun group) with low probability (0.3 default is 1)

  13. The Higgins has a magazine size of ZERO. You can’t use it at all. Won’t let me craft the M31 or the M1897, even though I have 29 magazines in Shotguns, still says I need 27 in shotguns… Though I can craft the M870 for some reason. Not sure of any problems on the T3 shotties yet.

  14. Ola o modelo Higgis não recarrega e as armas nao tem descriçao fora isso mod top aguardando as outras armas!!

    1. “google translate : Hello, the Higgins model does not load and the weapons have no description other than that top mod waiting for the other weapons!! ”

      Try take out all mods load a raw game then put back all the mod and try again. a guy above has the same problem but he can solved it.

  15. Izayo your work is amazing. No other mod creator breaths life into this game like you and your team. Me and my friends eagerly await the update of the rest of your mods.

    That being said we did find a small bug in our playthrough of these two mod files. With a 2x scope the gun attempts to look either across the iron sights as if the scope was not present or over the top of the scope. All other scopes (x4 and x8) work as expected.

    Thanks again for all your work and effort to bring these mods to the community.

  16. You are Awesome!
    I can’t believe someone like you didn’t make any mods till these day
    where were you been?
    I really love your weapon mod
    do you have any plan to make another weapons?

  17. Amazing weapon pack, can’t wait for the other ones when you make them!
    I ran into 2 bugs though when testing it out though:

    1) The Spas-12’s firing noise cuts off and then resumes a second later if you hold mouse click instead of tap it.

    2) And not sure if this is just a me problem, but the bolt action shotgun flat-out doesn’t work. I tried loading in a different type of ammo but when I fire, it just clicks as if it’s out of ammo. There’s no ammo counter in the bottom right for it either.

    Aside from that, awesome job

    1. I always have problems with “_end” sounds anything that have roundpermin. more than 85 will need 2 separated sound X_fire and X_end . the _end sound often does click , tick noise , unwanted cut-off , I don’t know what to do with it , finding the right sound is the most time wasted step in the process. best solution right now is to share sound with xm12g_fire , xm12g_end.

      1. That all sounds very complicated, and I’m not sure I even understand half of it LOL. It’s a small nitpick anyways, so if it’s a time-wasting issue, no problem. It’s a semi-auto shotgun, so I shouldn’t be holding mouse click anyways 🙂

      1. Alright false alarm on the bolt action shotgun… When I took all of my other mods out of the Mods folder and then put them back in, the bolt action shotgun works fine lmao, not sure what that was about.

  18. Awesome, i’m happy to see your still keeping these weapons mods up to date. cant wait to see more.

  19. Hi i love the guns but i have a hearing problem i get shotguns are loud IRL but i have to turn down the game so much i cant hear anything else. is there any chance you could lower them abit? I’ve tried in the xml but no luck. Thanks love the work though.

    1. wait for the next update I’ll make an alternative sound set
      right now you can replace all the pumpshotgun type with “m1897_fire” (most softest sound)
      and autoshotgun with “xm12g_fire” that is the only help for now

  20. Thanks so much for your work. Can’t wait to play with this mod and any others you release in future.

      1. Izayo take 2 week break you deserve it! These shotguns Im about to have lots of fun with them!

    1. Aqui reporto un error,,al poner este mod que de hecho es el mejor que izayo a hecho,,existe un ploblema,,la mirilla 2x de vainilla,,no funciona con armas,de vainilla,se intala y se ve pero al apuntar,lo hace de manera incorrecta,,,lejos de eso,,nada mas,,,yo soy fan de las escopetas y mato zombis a mandarriaso y escopetas,,este mod flipa

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