War3zuk AIO Overhaul

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul, 7 days to die overhaul mods

What this Mod is about, This Mod changes around 90% of the Total game Mechanics in the sense of Code, It adds many weapons All of which have been bought from various stores to try to get the best looking and playing Mod he can manage, Its constantly being worked on and improved and should always be kept upto date with the latest version of the main core game, The AIO also adds many Blocks and Different items that require abit more learning in order to understand how it all works, A good example of this is the main weapons are no longer repaired using the default repair kits but instead use 4 Custom made varients that are crafted on the player to do with each type of gun. Some of His Original Modlets that were used to create this AIO are as follows. Around 20 or so more have been added directly to the AIO that cant be made into Modlets due to them needing certain bits of code from the AIO so would cause Conflicts. Thank you to the following Modlet creators who helped shape out the world with their modlets:

NPC 0-XNPCCore, NPC 1-DarksCleanerz, NPC 1-DarksRaiderGurlz, NPC 1-DarksZombiez, NPC 1-GansSpecialZombies, NPC 1-GansStandardZombies, NPC 2-NPCXSpiderPack-ColonyExpansion, NPC 1-NPCXSpiderPack, BDubs Nuka Colas, BdubsVehicles, Khelldon Screamer Bears, Manux Quad, PEP POI Expansion Pack, SMXcore Modules Excluding XUI, Snufkins Zombies Plus, Sexy Trader Gen Replacement, Sexy Zombies Pack, Crafting Quality L6 Items, Perk Mastery, Ocb Way PointIcons, TormentedEmu Zombies, Guppycurs Zombies Revamped, Ramos Journal Tip (Edited).

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7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 2

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7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 16

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 17

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 18

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7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 21

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 22

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 23

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 24

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 25

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 26

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 27

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 28

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7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 30

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 31

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 32

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 33

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 34

7 days to die war3zuk aio overhaul additional screenshot 35


War3zuk Alpha 21.2 B30 – AIO Stable

Fully Updated to 7 Days to Die Alpha 21.2 B30, Mod still needs tweaking & some code updating but this should be pretty stable now.

Updated v10.2 to v10.3

  • Fixed HD SnowBerry Juice
  • Fixed Nuka Drinks (Buff Overuse)
  • Fixed HD Desert Eagle Punisher (Mesh Colliders)
  • Adjusted Nuka Magazines (Amount)
  • Added HD Cannabis Sapling Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD Cannabis Plant Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • (new) Added HD Cannabis Red Sapling Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • (new) Added HD Cannabis Red Plant Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HDplantedCannabis1 (Seed)
  • Added plantedCannabis1 (Seed)
  • Added Cannabis Leaf (Crop)
  • (new) Added HDplantedCannabisRed1 (Seed)
  • (new) Added plantedCannabisRed1 (Seed)
  • (new) Added Cannabis Red Leaf (Crop)
  • Added HD Peanut Cannabis Cookie
  • Added HD Cannabis Cookie
  • Added HD Cannabis Joint
  • (new) Added HD Cannabis Red Joint
  • Added HD Cannabis Brownie
  • Added HD Cannabis Juice
  • Added HD Cannabis Tea
  • Added HD Joint Paper
  • Added HD Chocolate
  • Added HD Seeds / Vanilla Seeds (Loot)
  • Replaced All DrinkJar Icons (So They Match)
  • Launcher Edits: (Only For Launcher Install)
    • (new) Edited WUK_MrsWar3zuk_Ladies_Club (POI Lighting/Barrels)

Updated v10.1 to v10.2

  • Added HDTraderJen (BoobsFullyCovered) Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HDTraderJen (NipplesCovered) Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HDTraderJen (NipplesUnCovered) Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HDCoffeeSapling Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HDBlueBerrySapling Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HDSnowBerrySapling Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HDHopsSapling Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD Seeds (Sapling Growth Cycle)
  • Added RKBKs HD Crude Helmet Light
  • Added HD Farm Plot (Black)
  • (Plants Code Overhaul)
  • Removed ALL Vanilla Plants Code
  • Rebuilt Vanilla Plants Code
  • Rebuilt HD Seeds Code
  • Rebuilt HD Plants Code
  • Replaced Default Seedling Model
  • Replaced Default Growing Models (Were Needed)
  • Replaced Seeds Growing Master Code
  • Replaced Plants Growing Master Code
  • Rebuilt Downgrade Code (HD Seeds / Plants)
  • Updated HD Scrap Iron Tools Models
  • Updated HD Samuri Models
  • Updated HD BR1NXlS Booper Models
  • Updated Ethans Bam Hammer Models
  • Updated HD Iron Axe Models
  • Updated HD Xcalibur Models
  • Updated HD Hatchet Models
  • Updated HD JukeBox Models
  • Updated HD Stripper Joint POI Trap Models
  • Updated POI Spawner Music Flux Models
  • Updated HD Wrench Models
  • Updated HD Scrap Wrench Models
  • Updated Class Vendors Models
  • Updated HD War3zuk Plants Models
  • Updated Camoes Carrack Hammer Models
  • Updated HD Impact Wrench Models
  • Updated HD Coffee Machine Models
  • Updated HD Chicken Coop Models
  • Fixed StormFall Monster Cola (BuffStormFall)
  • Fixed Primates Run N Gun Juice (buffPrimatesRunNGunJuice)
  • Launcher Edits: (Only For Launcher Install)
    • Removed Trader Gen Modlet (Replaced)
    • Removed War3zuk Paintings XXX (Replaced)
    • Added WUK_MrsWar3zuk_Mushy_Farm (T2POI)
    • Added WUK_MushRoom_Mining (T2POI)
    • Added Ramos Journal Tip (Edited)
    • Added WUK_HillTop (T5POI)
    • Updated Sap_Woodbury (T5POI)
    • Updated WUK_Nauti_Pentagon (T5POI)
    • Updated 0-SCore (V21.2.80.1026)
    • Updated Khelldon Screamer Bears
    • Removed Old World (OutOfDate)

Updated v10.0 to v10.1

  • Added HD Potato Crop Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD Aloe Crop Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD BlueBerry Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD SnowBerry Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD Coffee Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD Hops Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added Building Supply Flare Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added Health Supply Flare Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added Ammo Supply Flare Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added Food Supply Flare Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Added HD SnowBerry Seedling (Plantable)
  • Added HD Snow Berry Juice (Item/Warmth)
  • Added BitShard’s Vegemite Sarnie
  • Added ParkingMeter (Alarm 50/50)
  • Updated HD Crops / Vanilla Code
  • Updated Camoes Carrack Hammer Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Updated Camoes Carrack Mod 1 Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Updated Camoes Carrack Mod 2 Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
  • Updated HD Breaching C4 (Attribs)
  • Replaced BlueBerry Icon
  • Replaced SnowBerry Icon
  • Fixed Medical BloodDraw Kit (Stats)
  • Removed HD Refined Honey (Chick Recipes)
  • Adjusted Starter Rifleman Class (LeverActionRifle)
  • Adjusted Starter Hunter Class (Magnum44)
  • Adjusted AirDrop Alarm (50/50)
  • Launcher Edits: (Only For Launcher Install)
    • Edited PEP_NSiteMissileSilo_Ephoie (Quest Icon)
    • Edited WUK_Ure_Multi_Storey (POI Volumes)
    • Edited WUK_NAUTI_Lattez (POI Volumes)
    • Edited WUK_War3zuk_StripJoint (POI)
    • Edited WUK_Jail_House (POI Volumes)
    • Edited PEP_SawMill (POI Volumes)
    • Added HD Donna Stripper Model Updated (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added HD Sandy Stripper Model Updated (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added HD Cassy Stripper Model Updated (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added HD Rose Stripper Model Updated (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added HD Katia Stripper Model Updated (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added WUK_MrsWar3zuk_Ladies_Club (POI)
    • Added HD Tommy Stripper Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added HD Oliver Stripper Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added HD Johnny Stripper Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Added HD Sorren Stripper Model (Unity 2021.3.19F1)
    • Updated TwitchModlet (BitShards Exploding Chicks)

How to Install War3zuk AIO Mod?

Standalone Version

The standalone version includes the main War3zuk AIO Overhaul Mod.

Full Launcher Version

The full launcher version adds many different mods along with the main War3zuk AIO Overhaul Mod.

NOTE: This 7DTD mod adds many items, blocks, prefabs and other custom items so make sure your not running any mods that will cause a conflict.

License and Terms of Use

  1. All files, Code, Models And Assets are soley bought And owned by himself War3zuk, You are free to download And play in Single Player, Your are also allowed to Upload those Files to a server in order to play Online Assuming you own a Legal Copy of the game (7 Days To Die)
  2. You are NOT Permitted to Alter any Code (War3zuk AIO Overhaul), Change or Rename any Models or Redistrabute without the Express permission of himself, War3zuk.
  3. All mods released by himself, War3zuk, will always start with War3zuk in its Folder Name, such as War3zuk Alpha 21 AIO. Users of War3zuk Alpha 21 AIO are also free to tailor their experience to their needs by altering the XML files. When hosting a server or game with such altered contents But Due to the Models being Held under Unity’s Single User License And Being Owned by him, War3zuk you are NOT permitted to Share these modifications without expression permission of himself, War3zuk. You MUST seek permission from himself before files, Code, Models or Assets that are contained within his Overhaul are shared other than on your PC or on a Dedicated server for private use.
  4. Users are NOT allowed to take the code from this mod to add to another mod in any way without first asking him, War3zuk For explicit permission. This applies too taking (parts of) the code, XML or assets as well as altered versions of these. War3zuk is intended to be used as is and not to be broken down or redistributed in an altered form unless you have explplicit permission. This includes adding any part of War3zuk into any kind of overhaul mod or mod collection pack.

All Rights Reserved 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

Alpha 21 Version
DOWNLOAD Full Launcher Version for A21 (5,4 GB)
Alpha 20 Versions
DOWNLOAD Standalone Version for A20 (336,8 MB)
DOWNLOAD Full Launcher Version for A20 (3,6 GB)

If you appreciate War3zuk’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: War3zuk

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201 thoughts on “War3zuk AIO Overhaul

  1. Early game is way too punishing with the current infection system. You require HD cures or forced to wait hours of IRL time for the infection to finally kill you and then it goes away, otherwise, you screw over players big time starting out, with no reasonable way to cure these infections.

    forcing players to stay online and literally do nothing, unable to play, because their stats are reduced to one, is debilitating and game breaking imho. I can see why some folks would RQ over something like this, because your forcing IRL time to do nothing if they want to play.

    Please consider removing this entirely or create a much more reduced infection system that isn’t so debilitating, with much easier ways to cure early game, or find a way to increase the infection type based on level / game stage, etc, when folks have a reasonable expectation of having access to and the resources to make the HD cures.

    1. Whenever I am facing the new POI, the FPS drops significantly. It instantly recovered if I am facing away….odd

  2. Quand je meurs, je vais récupérer mon inventaire et c’est impossible parce que ça bug quand Je reste figé dans l’inventaire Et du coup, je peux plus jouer.

    When I die, I go to recover my inventory and it’s impossible because it glitches when I stay frozen in the inventory And as a result, I can no longer play.

  3. great modification to the video game known as 7 days to die. i personally have to thank the developer of this moderator for the objectifying of women! it’s a great feature and something that is lost in today’s society. a breath of fresh air and i hate women. thanks again cool guns too.

  4. Hello! I really like this mod!
    Looks like it’s adding a lot of new stuff, including enemies. Is there are any spiders? If so, is there any way to disable them?

  5. Well done mod.
    But I think the difficulty is too exaggerated.
    I just want to collect resources and get to the store in the early stage , But several powerful monsters with blood volume as high as 1000.2000 often rush out , And I don’t have any armor or good weapons. I’ve died dozens of times because of this.

    To be honest, this makes me sad because this mod is very interesting to make, but the power is too high and it always makes me feel frustrated.

    I can understand the need for such powerful monsters in the late game to ensure the longevity of the game.
    But You should consider balance and whether players get a good experience when adding these enhancement mods , I think you need to think about whether players have enough ability to cope with the intensity of such a game before the resources are developed.Instead of just increasing the difficulty to torture players.

    1. This basically sums up my feelings on the mod too.

      I’m sure that all the strong and challenging enemies are of real value to keep you on your toes in the late game, where you have a lot of powerful weapons to use on them and good armour to keep you protected…

      But when just starting off, the fact that you get a basic gun with most of your class starts doesn’t really offset the difficulty as much as the modder seems to think.

      This seems like a mod for people who have (a group with whom they’ve) played vanilla 7DtD to death and they’re looking for something new and challenging.

      Which is great for those people, but when you’re playing solo, haven’t touched 7DtD in a while and you’re not interested in cheating your way through the early game, this is probably not the ideal mod to start getting back into the game with.

    2. Some settings in the game prep tabs can help you out such as player experience percentage which can be turned way up to make you stronger faster. There is another tab where you can control the movement speed of all zombies in the game making them much slower. This overhaul is meant to be very difficult and you need to constantly be on the lookout and always leave yourself a way out. Do not get backed into a room or closet with no way out. If you are doing a quest inside a building and you hear a horde running up on the house you are in do not wait to see if they are gonna attack it assume they will and start looking for a way out. Above all do not allow yourself to get encumbered it is a death sentence.

    3. This and the infection system which no one in early levels can cure, forcing players to spend many IRL hours being in-game to allow these infections to kill your player. Dying by mobs or any other way doesn’t help, as these infections persist through death, which is super silly.

  6. The installation video is outdated and im a bit of an idiot so i seemed to have screwed up the install something royal and I cant get it to work, Is there a more updated install tutorial around that might help?

  7. I am running into an issue trying to run the mod on a Nitrado server. I keep getting the message below.

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Also the link to the discord seems to be broken.

  8. Anyone else getting the Exception spam in console? I had a mod that disables the console from force opening and it works so that’s cool, but the spam causes the game to quickly go to 1fps and stay there cuz the spam doesnt stop.

    It happens anytime I try opening a container that’s custom, for instance, I killed a fox and and started to happen. Restarted, walked around for a bit, killed a wolf, and happened again.

    It’s unplayable for me which is quite disappointing, it looked like a really fun overhaul I was excited to try out

  9. Something broke the “HD RuckSack” in “War3zuk-Alpha-22.2 B30 – AIO STABLE” v 9.3, between commits 431ff (from 2023/11/27) and b3aa6 (from 2023/12/01). When wanting to continue a game started with version 431ff with b3aa6, the player level dropped to 1 (which is already an indication, that something the player had on it, no longer exists in the game), so I started a new game with b3aa6. Within the first 7 RT hours and checking 100+ Dumpsters I have not found a single “HD RuckSack”. So it has been a somewhat tedious always over-encumbered game thus far.

  10. Hello everyone,
    This might be a dumb question, but how can i e.g. nodes for Lead? The only nodes i can find on the surface are Iron and Coal.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Okay… let me see if I have this right.

    Modder takes code from the original 7D2D creator, tweaks it a bit, puts other elements from other existing games [i.e. Nuka Cola/Fallout]… then claims copyright ownership? That’s not how it works, Scooter.

  12. First of all, this IS my favorite 7D2D mod to date. I am having a blast playing on one of the custom maps.
    Is there any way to get a tool belt with more slot? Please! 🙂


  13. J’adore ce mod, vraiment très bien fait.
    Cela rajoute de la durée de vie a 7days.
    J’aime justement la difficulté car 7 days devient trop facile au bout d’un moment. Je joue niveau de difficulté extrême et je meurs assez souvent mais c’est le chalenge.

    – je ne trouve pas les quêtes pour le “hunter” ?
    – comment mettre a jour ma version (de 8.7 a 9.0) sans tout réinstaller ?
    — si quelqu’un pouvait me répondre, ce serait très sympa 😉

    Merci beaucoup pour tout ce travail.

    “”I love this mod, very well done.
    This adds lifetime to 7 days.
    I actually like the difficulty because 7 days becomes too easy after a while. I play on extreme difficulty level and I die quite often but it’s a challenge.

    – I can’t find the quests for the “hunter”?
    – how do I update my version (8.7 to 9.0) without reinstalling everything?
    — if anyone could answer me, that would be very nice 😉

    Thank you very much for all this work.””

    1. I have a 7d2d.net server. Can I install the A21 version of this mod? When I try to upload the zip file I keep getting and error and it doesn’t install after waiting forever to get to 100%. Anyone know how to fix this?

    1. After reading the comments below, here is my take on this mod. First and foremost I am enjoying it a great deal. Some small issues but nothing worth getting annoyed about. It is obviously still a work in progress and as long as you treat it as such, giving the mod-ers clear and respectful feed back will work in your favour. (Yes I am Canadian so if you do not like how we spell things get over it. grin.)

      My only major issue is with the juvenile use of nudity. While you can remove much of it by deleting the XXX folder, the pics desk, which seems to be required for schematics, is so bad I simply turn it around and brick it up. The addition of these graphics – and the lack of clothing on Jen – do not add to the experience. I will still play and work around the issue but when my grandchildren come over I turn the game off – not due to violence or subject matter – if it bothers you that violence etc. is not an issue for me but the lack of clothes is – tough. The basic issue comes down to treating women with the respect they deserve, making them an object is not ok.

      Despite this, I commend the moders, well done and thank you.

      1. Yeah, I agree.

        If I want a nude-mod/fun-time mod I would just go to Loverslab or w/e website that adds em’. If an individual want’s to add them to their gameplay? pretty easy, and graphic overhauls are pretty light when it comes to conflict (if there is any, at all).

        Also, I 100% don’t want to be (to borrow a phrase) ‘bricked-up’ when playing this game with friends and family… It lowkey feels-like people who complain about the nudity being removed would also object to the same thing in any-other voxel games, including minecraft.

        Lastly, this game isn’t a ‘hentai’ game, nor should it be. Admittedly I’ve done the same with Skyrim (I know I’m not alone, you degenerates) where I added in those ‘spicey’ mods… :] but it ended ruining my run because Skyrim campaign essentially became a p***-website.

        People are gonna play this mod more-frequently and for longer when it’s not hentai game. Also, like, zombie models are clearly corpses so… time to ask yourself some hard questions if that someone is complaining about nudity removal

  14. I agree one hundred percent. The blatant disrespect for women has been something that had me on the fence for a long time with this mod. The posters weren’t so bad, you could choose not to put them up. Uninstalled and forgotten.

  15. This used to be one of my favorite mods, and I was so excited to see it on the mod launcher this evening. Downloaded it as fast as I could so I could play right away. That excitement didn’t last long. As a woman playing this game, the last thing I’m interested in seeing is naked, female zombies. While I’m sure the men will like it, it ruined the mod for me. Uninstalled it and won’t be playing it again unless changes are made.

    1. I agree…the “tackle” should be swinging full force as well! At least have some nice zombie man-meat for us ladies to objectify…

  16. Cars don’t work at all. i place down a car and it has no collison nor can i use open or intact with any of them in any way or form. also can not loot at all.

  17. Ich find es schade das man so eine mod so verschlimmert hat besonders der spawn der Zombies in dem hordenbase Gebäude ist unmöglich .Und dann noch diese Leute die einen abschießen wollen ohne Grund ist echt ätzend

  18. actually after having tested even further i can honestly say avoid this mod at all costs

    got every skill/recipe to max and i am still unable to craft a lot of the items even though the pre-requisite says it allows the craft of it (yes i know you cannot craft some items but there are too many items bugged or have no way to craft even though it is not listed as uncraftable)

    uninstalled go get war of the walkers instead
    darkness falls maybe but that has far more annoyances

  19. this could be a great mod its easier to install than WoTW however there are far more annoyances with this one

    done testing when it comes to the new diseases (bird flu etc) and you will get infected about 90% of the time for each hit which is horrendous

    clearing POI quests are immensely bugged and will 7 times out of 10 not even spawn the enemy’s to kill even tried levelling the building/retrying and noclip and they just would not spawn

  20. The hell with this way too hard even on nomad I don’t find enjoyment in dying 20 times in a row just trying to get to the trader way too many zombies to fight thin some out I can appreciate the hard work and dedication but I don’t enjoy nightmare mode with hardcore mode to boot at level 1 also how about a machine gunner class with an automatic weapon that uses 7.62

  21. War3zuk. You’re not overreacting to this infection? Maybe add five diseases and a hospital on wheels. This game is intended to entertain, not humiliate the player. Do you think that if you make it harder and harder, you will achieve your goal? I’ve been following your mod for a long time. It’s not going in the right direction, and it used to be the best mod. I played with it day and night. Thanks for the enormous amount of work you put into it.

  22. Well I just tried this mode and I don’t know if it’s because of this mod : “SMX – By Sirillion”
    But everytime I die and I try to loot my backback, the HUD freezes and I can’t do anything but to restart the game.
    Does anyone has this issue ? I’ll try without SMX.

  23. Doing some testing. HD workbench is glitching out the other workbenches when trying to craft hazmat suit.

  24. I am getting a lot of empty spaces in a random world generation. A lot of the poi’s are being skipped for some reason.

  25. Wie mach ich bei Nitrado die Karte drauf wegen immer wenn ich es mache kommt Neustart paar Mal dann Server Stop was muss ich eingeben

  26. Question… How do i get the chicken coops to work on this mod??? WAE3ZUK A10 Overhaul 7.8
    everything else run smoothly… this is an awesome mod pack by the way. Just cant get the coops to work can build and place them but they wont accept the baby chicks and there’s no animal feed that i can find to make. Am i missing something? thanks

  27. i cant spawn random maps for some error comes up everytime this bother me because that like the biggest reason i downloaded this mod please help

  28. I have so far only 2 complaints on an otherwise amazing mod.
    1 can you please make it to where you don’t have to be sitting in the crafting menu waiting for the item to finish so it counts for a prereq quest.
    2. Could you have made this any more terrifying. Good God man I have about fudged my Huggies more than I can count.
    Amazing mod tho

  29. Having an issue with Gun prereq 2 and Bruiser prereq 2 not updating when collecting items for these quest lines. Wrenched a bunch of cars for mechanical parts and springs but quest lines didn’t update quantities – all still said zero collected.

  30. Has anyone figured out how to fix the errors that say the poi’s are not being loaded as the file name is too long?

  31. I’m having issues with some of the files extracting. I keep getting errors stating that the file names are too long such as rwg_tile_fabbersvillersidential_interesction_02.blocks.nim

  32. hi since 20.6 i got an issue with these two red line

    ERR xml loader : xml loading and parsing buff.xml
    requested value “onselfrangedburstshot was not found

    i got this and the game launch but when my friend want to come he got these two line again and again and cant launch the party

  33. I downloaded the mod on the launcher and the mod wouldn’t load the map that came with it, it crashed and never loaded.

  34. The file names are wayy to long! i cant copy over a portion of the files because the path name is too long!

  35. Hello, I would like to know how I can make the HD Meat Cleaver weapon appear in the manufacturing menu. Because it only appears in creative mode.

  36. there is a problem with the mods we can no longer install the mods individually, we absolutely have to install the complete pack. If we want to have just 4 or 5 mods from the pack, it’s all remained in the alpha 19 version, it might be a good idea to update them individually for players who don’t want to have the whole pack because it’s not the whole pack which is interesting, too bad we can no longer take just what we want…

  37. Game freezes on startup. I don´t even get the startmenu.

    I put mods and data in the folder, but it doesn´t work. How can i get it to work?

  38. Been trying to play this as it looks so good but I’ve tried download from site – from github – from mod manager and all the same results – a bunch of missing files and wont load. I have shorted folder lengths – upped memory…nothing works. Stuck playing War of Walkers again since it’s the only overhaul that works!

  39. I’m having issues running the mod, I’ve installed both the standalone and the full launcher to see if I get the same outcome and it stays the same. I get the Vanilla portion instead of the mod screen as shown in the video. if you can help me get this fixed id greatly appreciate it

  40. ok so had some issues not sure how to fix using stand alone mod,

    1) the bellows/crucible/anvil schematics, from the miner class, didn’t seem to unlock the ability to create them even with the advanced engineering skill 5/5
    2) brawler class didn’t receive almost any of his items
    3) the glue reduction costs aren’t working there are 2 recipes available the only difference between the two is the time it takes to craft.

  41. they changed how to add mods to game
    Launcher on Windows now stores log files in %APPDATA%/7DaysToDie/logs folder
    Screenshots are stored in UserDataFolder/Screenshots (i.e. the folder that also stores saves, e.g. on Windows APPDATA/7DaysToDie/Screenshots)
    Mods are now loaded from UserDataFolder/Mods (i.e. the folder that also stores saves, e.g. on Windows APPDATA/7DaysToDie/Mods) in addition to game folder/Mods. In a future build this will change to only load from that new location so no data is written/changed in the program folder at any time

  42. First, I love this mod. Hands down, much better than several other popular mods. Second, I’m getting the 2 errors “2022-03-19T11:35:22 220.478 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing ‘gamestages.xml’ failed.” And “2022-03-19T11:35:22 220.482 EXC An item with the same key has already been added. Key: SleeperSpidersA I was running the latest patch as of March 20 when this occurred and I’m using the Mod Launcher, pre-syncing the content.
    This is not a game breaker for me as I’ll just drop back a few steam releases until it works smoothly. Just thought you might like to know.

  43. i can’t download the standalone download get a End of Archive error dont matter what browser im using

    and the Mod Launcher dont work for me either

  44. I really love this mod.
    I had no big error and problem right now.
    But had just one problem that .44 desert vulture sound replaced by HD dragunov sound
    i would prefer vanilla much more and dragunov silence and normal sound got reversed

    dragunov normal shooting sound like silenced and silenced sound like normal

  45. i have looked high and low to find out what the crafting icons mean. to make gunpowder – one is a poison bottle, another looks like a pipewrench?

    i’ve built a work bench, HD work bench, Forge, Fire, HD Ammo bench, HD Weapon Bench and it’s none of these.

    Is there a legend somewhere? There’s nothing in the item descriptions either

    1. Jen, you can create gunpowder in the chem lab. a bigger problem is that after a certain loot level the HD books no longer spawn.

  46. Hi i cant seem to get this mod to work on the latest A20 version (b238) in just gives loads of errors whilst loading.
    is this mod compatable with this version?

  47. would it be possible to add advanced rotation to the garage doors?
    epic work mate love to content you produce thank you for what you do!

  48. Great mod and love it, only problem is that some areas will give me the “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
    And judging by the looks of it, it can’t spawn certain things and will prompt me that every 1-4 seconds, making me have to close the dev console.
    The worst of it is that it takes up about half a town.
    Also, the full launcher version for A20 doesn’t have a Data folder in it.

    1. Try using the 7d2d mod launcher tool to get a A19 version of the game. As A20 had alot of code changes so may no longer be compatible with your version of the modpack

  49. So apparently every generators are broken, whenever i press E on them i get this invalidcastexception: specified cast is not valid..

  50. standalone version for A19 error…
    “CRC failed : War3zuk-Alpha-19-Stable-AIO-master\Resources\HD Water Dispenser unity 3d”

    Downloaded twice, same error…antivirus disabled.

  51. Hello. I have been playing your mod since a18 beta. I have tried just about every mod out there, and this one is by far my favorite mod. Since your mod has many, many aspects to it, if I had one request, it would be a “module” selector GUI. If we could check/uncheck the various individual modlets that would make this mod infinitely better, imho. I’m sure that there wont be much movement prior to a20, but perhaps something for a future release? Again, thank you for all you do for this community!

  52. bruh make it more easier i literally spawn with 17 enemies surrounding me, and i get bosses with like 700 heal and i have nothing to defeat them, pls fix it.

  53. hi, this mod works great but i dont want the zombie part of it and i tried downloading all of the mods individually and everything from HD Jukeboxes and below wont let me download them on this page

  54. I am having an issue with the wire tool on 19.5 update. not sure if anyone else is having this same issue, but when i use the tool to connect one object to the other, once i connect the wire, i get a error “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” and something about sound error on every other time i try to connect. can you let me know how to fix the issue, as i cannot find a difference between files from orginal and yours.

  55. Only problem I’m having is with the HD WorkBench, the output slots overlap the tool slots and i cant put the HD Welder into its correct slot

  56. Не смог найти фирменную карту , есть только от стандартной игры. В следующем обновлении мода будет добавлена авторская карта?

    I couldn’t find a branded card , there is only one from the standard game. Will the author’s map be added in the next mod update?

  57. First of all, I’m sorry for my bad English Hello, I’m asking out of curiosity. Are You Considering Bringing A Feature Like Locking Items In Inventory? Or When You Bring It, I Don’t Know Because I Have No Computer Access For A Long Time And Can’t Track Updates

  58. Hello would like to use this mod and some others separate from the AIO pack you have and put it in one of my saves i have for a private sever. is this possible if i could do it?

  59. Is there any way to lower the zombies’ speed during night time?
    No matter what I set it, they always are sprinting during night.
    I can’t leave my home because of ennemies zooming towards me at high velocities, which leads to me dying even with really good guns and equipment

  60. IM HAVING ISSUES THE 50 BMG VULCAN MINI GUN going into the reload animation then my game crashes is theree a fix for this anytime soon thanks

  61. I just updated the game, installed this mod and it crash the whole computer 2 times in a row.
    No error, nothing, just froze the game and a couple seconds later it restarted.
    1st was during the game, while I was clearing a building of zombies, during the 1st night.
    2nd crash was while I was loading the map on the world editor to see where the hell I was related to the cities. No other mods running aside from a couple of config modifications I did myself, so I know its not messing up with anything that could possibly cause a crash.

  62. On the HD gun Workbench, the output is covering part of the tools slot so its impossible to place 2 of the tools.

  63. I’ve been there for a week and everything was perfect. You did a great job! But since yesterday, I have a big texture bug that makes the game hard to play. Should I uninstall the mod and reinstall it?

    Just to clarify that this problem may not come from the Mod, 7D2D had the same texture problem in Alpha 18.

  64. how come when ever i have this mod active alot of the textures in the game are muddy its annoying to play especially to look at zombies blurred textured

  65. Hello I play on your mods and I am on the alpha 19 version the mule pack and go up to level 5 and we are always crowded is this normal?

  66. StandaloneVersion für A19 lässt sich nicht downloaden. Bricht immer ab wegen Netzwerkfehler. Was kann man da machen?

  67. Could it be that some mods in this package are not compatible with Alpha 19.3? Get dewr map when loading namely
    “ NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ” and that as a continuous loop.
    Sorry for grammatical errors was written with google translator.

  68. First of all, thank you for this fantastic mod. My question is this. In which crossbow the “Hd Nail gun bolt” can be used. I can’t match it with any crossbow in the game. And sorry for my bad english

  69. Hey!

    Very Nice MOD
    I am playing with my girlfriend right now and it is a much better game than vanilla.

    However, the overwhelming new content could seriously use some instructions in game, guidance, etc.

    The most severe drawback is the load time. On both of our PC we have to load the game 10 minutes before spawning player and plays.

    This is very bad because I have to join her lobby and it takes half an hour to get set up to play.

    Please advise if there is a known solution on how to speed up the loading process.


  70. Getting…
    C:\Users\Welcome New User\Downloads\War3zuk-Alpha-19-AIO-Mod-Launcher_2020-master.zip: Unexpected end of archive

    from this new 5.1 update

  71. Sorry for my bad english
    I am using the 4.4 version of modpack. If I update this version to the current version, do I know where I left off in my save file or do I need to open a clean save?
    In addition, I get an error when I go out of 1 or 8 while navigating the hot bar with a mouse ball. Is there a solution to this in the game or is it a problem due to the mod?
    Error : https://hizliresim.com/zNmkfv

  72. Hello, After the recent update on my dedi server we have not only a double toolbelt but an extra 2 slots on the normal toolbelt also.. currently all it is useful for is storing things in, is there any way we can utilise it better? (if we scroll through the toolbelt we can’t select the new slots)

    1. You need to update the game to 19.1, which added a 10 slot toolbelt now. War3zUK was updated for 19.1 stable, so if there’s a mismatch you’ll get the double toolbelt problem.

  73. Is there a way to download this file and just remove the zombie infections and the zombie variety parts? allot of birds shooting vomit in my game every time I walk out 1 spawns every 30 seconds

    1. Find buffs.xml file, search for remove_on_death=”false” attribute, and try to change it to true
      remove_on_death=”true”. Or try remove all buffs from This mod.

  74. I can’t re-load my game. I have uninstalled game and mod, tried 7D2D launcher, nothing works. The game will load the first time and then even if I quit out and restart right away, I get “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” and it stops trying to load the game. I haven’t used discord so I don’t know how to ask in there but the mod worked great for 3 days and now even clean installs don’t function.

    1. From what i have found , it means your codes have some content missing. like there is a bracket that wasnt closed or a ; out of place. i would go into to the game files and see where it may be causing the error. alot of the time its the computer downloading the data wrong or the Vanilla pack forcing the mod code to change. Hope this helps!

  75. Hi War3UK
    love this Mod great work/time/and effort you put into your mod. this is how the game should be.
    i had a few error msg at first “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, but now seams to be working.
    keep up the great work.

  76. These Mods are Amazing!!! Keep up the Awesome work! I have logged over 1000 hours in 7 days and for the first time I downloaded these mods and they are beautiful.

  77. I have installed all the new updates and deleted the old stuff and pre-synced everything but i still keep getting the same error message:

    Exception: Model ‘Entities/
    Industrial gasPumpFullPrefab’ not found on block with name cnlgasPumpRandomLootHelper

    Is there a way to fix this? How do i add a file that was missing from the start? I love this Mod and all my friends are on a server on it. I would love any help that could be Provided!

        1. I had to go into the game files and recode the missing codes by referencing my friends working files. it was just a few missing frames that my computer refused to download.

  78. Hi, I am just wondering if this mod would work right on a laptop with 8 gigs of ram, would it cope?

  79. Hi, this was asked before, but I still ask again:

    where can I find Official World map (War3zukAIOAlpha19) ?

  80. Dear War3zuk, any information when it will be possible to download just some separate mods from pack? Like it was before… Big thanks.

  81. Огненные и электрические патроны калибра 7.62 не имеют пулевого урона. Можно выпустить в зомби весь магазин, но смерть наступит, только когда цель сгорит или её окончательно убъёт электрошоком. Долго ждать:))
    Эта проблема есть на всех видах оружия, использующие калибр 7.62, неважно HD или ванильное. Стандартные, бронебойные и экспансивные 7.62 – таких проблем нет.
    Огненные и электрические патроны на 9мм и .408 работают нормально, поражение цели достигается в 2-3 пули плюс эффект горения – всё замечательно.

    Fire and electric ammunition of 7.62 caliber does not have bullet damage. You can release the entire store into the zombie, but death will occur only when the target is burned out or is finally killed by an electric shock. Long wait :)) This problem is present on all weapons using 7.62 caliber, no matter HD or vanilla. Standard, armor-piercing and expansive 7.62 – no such problems. Fire and electric ammunition at 9mm and .408 works fine, hitting the target is achieved in 2-3 bullets plus the burning effect – everything is great.

  82. Hey, I love the mod and when I play solo its a blast. But I find the looting sound very annoying when playing with a few friends going through the same POI. Especially when we are complete idiots and search the same things. That is an “us” problem. The Pallets of cardboard and cobble, all with the same sound file can really grate after a while. Is it possible to remove or change that, or even make it very quiet?

    Appreciate all you do.

  83. Can’t you download HD mode separately?
    All links are destroyed. You cannot download from individual links.

    A19 – b 163

    1. Alpha 19 B163 broke most of them, so the download is disabled by the author until the repo fixed.

  84. The inventory with the full opening of the “Packet Mule” branch is still very small. How to fix this?

    1. The problem is resolved. In trash cans you can find a modification similar to a backpack. She immediately opens 15 cells of inventory. It is inserted into the elements of armor.

  85. Hello I play on your mods and I am on the alpha 19 version the mule pack and go up to level 5 and we are always crowded is this normal?

  86. There are no maps for war3uk in the game, there are only standard ones. Where can I get the original?
    Нет оригинальной карты War3zuk, только стандартные. Где можно скачать карту из мода?

  87. Why Bloodmoon all Zombie Can’t run and Fewer people , I already set up 64 zombie and always run . How can I do ?

  88. I’ve noticed a lot of the Tier V Fetch, or Fetch/Clear missions seemed impossible. At the airport the control fell apart . Cleared all the zombies but couldn’t find the courier satchel at all.

  89. Downloaded how it said to and I’m just getting the Vanilla Splash screen and the Vanilla maps. What am I doing wrong?

  90. Sorry mod does not work, your video on installing mod doesnt work either adding the main folder to the mods folder wont run the mod.
    After getting the mod to work by adding the mod folder to the mod game folder works but get an error message on servers running the mod I get “err xml loading and parsing failed argumentexception an item with the same key has already been added key particleeffects/p_snowstorm1”

    This runs non stop down the ui error screen on loading page

    1. My friend is having the same issue. We put her mod into a “Mods” folder in her 7DTD folder. She’s on the same 19.3 Stable beta that I am. My world loads just fine, 2 of my friends using the 7dtd mod manager can join, but when she attempts to join she gets this error message constantly and cannot get in. What’s the fix???

  91. Hello
    Played the game with your all in one mod and was cool.
    But didn’t like the endless additions of cars from the regrowing everything.
    So went to selected mods from your list.
    And found that you removed the HD workbench from the pack.
    Seems nothing hd requires the HD workbench, but you can’t make parts either.

    Any ideas for the fix? create a hd table that can make everything faster or more output slots?

  92. any one know how to fix
    guess path from mod name #D/stea,/steamapps/common/7 days to die/7 daystodie_data/,,/mods/war3zuk alpha 18 Aio/resources/HDgaspump.unity3d?HDGasPump.prefab

  93. hi, firstly great work.
    i only have a really small issue and that is when bag is opened the author name is written next to inventory!
    where would i have to look to edit this out as it just appears as a smudge of white writing?

  94. Hello,
    I loaded the update via the Mod Launcher. Now I have the new (War3zukAOI) map and the old one in the game. Is there a way to see just one map again without losing the game?

  95. Hello, I just wanted to know is there a way I can get rid of the spiders in the game, it might sound stupid but I have arachnophobia and it would make the game much more fun if they were not in my game, thank you!

    1. Hope your ok with digging through the XML files. If you are, do to steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\War3zuk-Alpha-19-Stable-AIO-master.zip\War3zuk-Alpha-19-Stable-AIO-master\Config or wherever you stored your copy of the game, and in the config folder use Notepad++ or whatever program you use, scroll and find the giant spider and just delete it, it will remove the chance for spawning from the game, but keep the spiders in game so not to mess with the rest of the files. Cheers

  96. Hi,
    I after installing the hd guns mod I am at day 43 but still haven’t found a spas 12 recipe. Is the recipe even able to be found? I even tried to find it in the spawn tool in RAT but it didn’t appear in the list of spawn able items.

  97. Only 2 question :
    Why autor decreased magazine for Winchester ? I think it originally have 13bullets in “mag” …
    And why the Vulcan 9mm decreased to 150 bullets ??? Thats ridiculous…Those weapons have BIG ammo packs with atleast 1000 rounds !!!!!!!!!!

    1. The mod loads my dedicated server but no clients can get in and instead receive errors about some unity file failing to load. Clients have to use task mgr to exit.

  98. What about if I only want a few mods of that list?
    Can I just dl the one I want and place it in the mods folder of my server, separately?
    Another thing, will it work properly if I already use Robertolo zombies, butcher mod, bigger backpack from Kain?

    I really love so far what I see and cant wait to use it.

  99. So I can’t find any guides or walkthroughs on how to use this mod. I watched a couple tutorial videos that show how you need to take the “data” folder from the download and put it into the 7daystodie folder and it would replace the original data folder. This mod when downloaded and extracted does not have a data folder. Can anyone let me know what I need to do?

  100. Hello War3zuk & Tallon!

    How i can fix that ?
    “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

    Mod: “HD First Aid Kit”

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