7.62 Gun Pack (2/3)

7 days to die 7.62 gun pack, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

7.62 GUN pack vanilla expansion mod, new 16 guns (more in the future) with unique stats, balance based around the vanilla’s guns.

  • Assault Rifle = Similar to vanilla Assault rifles + some small mobility
  • LMG / MMG = High ammo CAP., High rate of fire, low mobility while carrying.
  • Sniper Rifle = very High damage, very high accuracy, far range, +small mobility bonus. Low ammo CAP, low rate of fire
  • Marksman Rifle (D.M.R) = Medium – High damage, accuracy, medium – far range, high ammo cap and rate of fire.

Both uses DEADEYE perk.

7 days to die 7.62 gun pack additional screenshot 1
QT= Quality Tier


  1. Extract file then go inside the folder (you will also see the installation.txt there)
  2. Put all folders in to the “Mods” folder
  3. Turn off EAC (Easy anti Cheat) before you start the game


Gun’s sounds are loud as **** it’s because she has always turn on the “Loudness Equalization” during making. But she does add Optional less loud config in the file, but the quality of the sound went down along with their volume. So she would recommended to use the original loud with Loudness Equalization ON.

7 days to die 7.62 gun pack additional screenshot 2

New features

  • Customized hands animation (First person view only), now we can have Bullpup, Sidemag, ETC.
  • Small change for the ammo Icons

7 days to die 7.62 gun pack additional screenshot 5


  • Guns are Craftable, Lootable, found in traders
  • No red Errors
  • Can continue save (but she would not risk, try backup first)

If you have problems related to above, it’s not came from this mod.

Search Keywords: IZY, Gun, Poster, Sniper, DMR, LMG, Assaultrifle

7 days to die 7.62 gun pack additional screenshot 6

7 days to die 7.62 gun pack additional screenshot 3

7 days to die 7.62 gun pack additional screenshot 4

Leave balance suggestions / bug / problem in the comment sections.

Special Thanks

  • Alter – sound_override script
  • closer_ex – customparticle_loader script
  • Guppycur – modding advisor
  • BFT2020 – XML advisor
  • bdubyah – Unity advisor
  • Zilox – Unity advisor
  • Black_Wolf – Mod tester
  • Tarf – mod tester and XML helper
  • and people in the forum
  • Sketchfab free assets: models credit in the mod folder

Please don’t spam in Izayo’s PM about release date. Report bugs, suggestion is ok.


V.2 Update

  • 2 new groups, 8 guns (4 Assault Rifle, 4 LMG/MMG)
  • Customized hands animation weapons
  • Sound_override script by Alter

DOWNLOAD V.2 from Mega (347 MB)
DOWNLOAD V.2 from Google Drive (347 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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81 thoughts on “7.62 Gun Pack (2/3)

  1. 大変素晴らしいMod



  2. Great weapon packs, but there’s one oddity I noticed. Why do all of your guns follow the Alpha 20 mod slots rule where only item level determines the amount of mod slots, as opposed to Alpha 21’s new rule where it scales with item level AND tier instead. Is there a reason for that? It’s kinda weird having these guns exist along side the vanilla ones and not function the same in terms of mod slots.

    Like, a level 1 vanilla Desert Vulture will have 3 mod slots because of the new rule despite being level 1, but level 1 Red Nine C96, a tier 4 item from your pistol pack, will have still only have 1 mod slot. Just seems weird lol…

    1. Ok so I think I forgot that this new rule was actually not shipped with the Alpha 21 update, but rather was changed to be like this months after Alpha 21 shipped as a regular update. My bad. Hopefully you change these gun packs to work like that in 1.0, if you are updating them for it.

  3. Hey good work on the gun mods. But i have a problem. I all of your gun mods and all of them are working but when I’m trying craft any of the guns it doesn’t show how many magazines i need to read to make the them. How do i fix that?

  4. Hello. After installing I had a conflict with the Shotgun Pack. After checking into it, it seems that the custom particle loader file included with this pack is dated as modified back in September, and the shotgun pack was last modified in November last year. And so i pasted it over and it works.

    1. if you are using all of my packs , you should install 7.62 pack as the last mod because it contained lastest version of customparticle (by closer_ex) / visible_mods_mod

      1. Hiyo love you weapons mods. is there a way to make all your weapon mods into a single complet pack?

  5. I’ve watched ‘GunsNerdsandSteel’ yt series using this mod and noticed he had the guns showing in his rifle crafting tree and in the tiers it would show the different guns unlocked. Is there a reason I can enable this/fix this? thanks

      1. hi izayo very good mod i try to use it with darkness fall and id like to know on what version the craft and tier will apear in the crafting menu and where can i find this version thx (for the shootgun , pistols and sniper/assault rifle thx

  6. I installed this mod onto my computer like any other mod and followed the install guide and everything worked for me in my own world. I played for a bit and found a AKM and it worked fine. I then Invited my Friend to play in that world and for some reason whenever he joined the game, it froze for me, but not for him and eventually my game crashed

    . Its weird because while I was frozen he was able to play normally but I was just frozen and couldn’t do anything until eventually the game crashed.

    Up until this mod the only other mods installed onto the server was “Bdubs vehicles” and “Path smoothing”, I then uninstalled this mod and left the other two on and when I booted up the server I found that my AKM turned into a vehicle from the Bdubs mod.

    I’m not very knowledgeable on moding and things alike but could the item numbers be possibly conflicting with each other on these two mods (Bdubs and the 7.62 Gun Pack)?

    I love both of these mods and I don’t know if my assumption are true about them conflicting with each other but if anyone else has had these problems with running these two mods together lmk, and it would be even better if someone found a work around.

    1. make sure you and your friends have the same mod(if you’re using all of my pack you must install 7.62 pack as the last one), and most importantly all of you guys must disable Easy anti cheat. I can plays with my friends with no problem in the local server(I’m the hoster). not sure about dedicated server.

    2. This freezing is also possibly from running out of virtual memory as windows doesn’t allocate the correct amount. I will refer you to YouTube to find where to alter this setting in windows, so you have a better visual aid to do it correctly. However, you should manually set your virtual memory to be 2x the amount of memory installed in your system. Its 1024mb per Gig of mem, so 1024 X #GB of mem X 2 = Virtual memory size. I.E. 16gm ram = 32768mb virtual memory and 32gb ram = 65536mb of virtual memory etc. I ran into this same issue while hosting on my PC. Wifes would run fine, I’d random lockup and then few mins would pass, and it would crash. No idea why windows set VM that low. This will affect all games as well, will even remove some stuttering and hitching in games at times. Hope this helps!!

  7. Hello. Im having problems qith the loudness of gunshots. I Dont know how to fix it. Also, im playin with a friend in my own server (both of us have the same mods installed), and every time he or I shoot a weapong or make an attack, the other one hears the sound no matter how far we are from each other.
    can someone help me a bit please?..

    (btw, english is not my first language, se exceuse me if I butchered a thing or two).

    1. wait for the next update. the only thing we can do for now is to turn on the “loudness equalization” (search in google)

      1. Ty, Iknow, but I dont have the equalization thing, im using VoiceMeeter Banana and that “loudness equalization” checkbox does`t appear on my sound settings. (I did google a lot before posting here)

        I loove your gun pack, It`s impresive, your a very taleted person, Hope you know that. and ty very much.
        Iguess I´ll wait for a new release.

        (I have a language barrier here, sry again for butchering the language)

        1. I have this “loudness equalization” while im making these mods for whole time so I don’t know they’re loud . don’t worry I’ll reduce them in the next update

  8. Ive installed the mod on my apex server but the only thingthat works is the ammo models and the gun mods but the guns themselves i cannot find in creative or anywhere else, any reasons why?

    1. I’m sure this mod will work on multiplayer server. this mod are focusing on singleplayer or local multiplayer with friends ,both host and joiner need to have same mods in their PC

  9. Do the machine guns scale off of Deadeye too? Can imagine the damage you’d do to your structure with AP+Penetrator rounds and one of those bigguns.

  10. Добрый день, в видео у вас два новых пистолета и такой вопрос либо я что-то не так установил и у меня они не появились, или они у вас в разработке? Спасибо)

  11. when i download form the links both of them mega and google drive it does not give me a folder instead it is a single file and this does not transfer the mod on to the game you need a folder to put into the mod folder but it is not downloading

  12. So I had made a test world to see if the guns would of course unlock properly from reading magazines, spawned some in, read a bunch, but never unlocked the guns. I am hoping its not my own idiocy of course that is causing any issues.

    1. Tested in 3 difference worlds (1 old save, 2 new) , it’s working fine , make sure you’re reading the right one
      the 2 new groups Assault rifle , LMG/MMG are using Machinegun perk.
      you gotta look at the workbech to see if they’re craftable , the unlocks will not show up in the crafting skills panel.

    2. Works fine in my current save, checked the bench as soon as it loaded up and saw the new guns right away. Corrupted download maybe or bungled the mod installation on accident?

  13. Hey, great mod, but could you please make it so the ammo icons fit into the inventory icon slots? They look fine in the creative menu but when you have them in your inventory they are to big.

  14. I have some ideas for 7.62 guns
    mostly for lmg’s and battle rifles
    lmg’s: br’s :
    1 tier: dp-28 or bren lmg | fg-42 or stg-44
    2 tier: rpk | g3a3
    3 tier: fn mag | fn-fal or dsa-58
    4 tier: pkp pecheneg | hk417 or mcx spear(7.62×51 variant)

    1. battle rifle will be : FN rifle , AR-10 , G3 , Scar-H
      LMG will be : RPK , RPD , M240 , M60E6 ,
      Assault Rifle will be : any AK that fires 7.62×39
      WTF will be : M-134 minigun as T4 only

  15. While aiming down sights with a x2 scope on some weapons, for example M40, the red thingy in the middle starts pulsateng, being kinda annoying and, worst of all, affecting the ADS overall, as I can’t see to much. Am I the only one with this issue? If not, is there any known way to solve it? Tnx a lot 🙂

    P.S. What a good mod. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it. I hope I knew and had time to do similar things.

    1. play with Full texture scale
      I’ll make a special version for low setting player in the future(replace all the reticles with simple small red dot so it’s doesn’t affect when texture scale set to low )

    1. I have discovered some problems, idk if you can load all mods to have them work at the same time but for some odd reason visuals get bugged and you get spamed with error messages. Would it be possible for you to combine the mods into one pack so its easyer to load and there arent any visual issues?

      1. copy error message to me would be nice ,maybe I can fix that, Packing them together will be a hard work for modder , because I have see through thousand lines of code and I can get confused easily.

        1. Its not like its an error message but some of the guns arent showing, primarily 5.56, 7.62 and shotgun mod dont cooperate well. when it comes to 5.56 and 7.62 its fine but as soon as i add shotgun mod it for some odd reason removes T4 guns from both mods and it doesnt show me the weapons in crafting skills like it should have. I would love to show screen shots but since idk if you have twitter or discord server for stuff like this i cant really sned you images or files that could contain some info.

        2. ok after testing the problem isnt with shotgun pack but its a problem with 556 and 762 not showing T4 weapons. The visual i am using is from 556 pack cause i cant use them from other mods since it always wants to replace eather one of them but otherwise mods are working fine.

    2. Hi, I tried your mod and I’m still novice in creating servers for this game. I installed the mod and I see the weapons in the game but the boxes are empty and it won’t let me use the weapons. You can only read the name of the weapon using the mouse cursor. What can it be?

      1. re-download and install . but it sound like a dedicated server’s problem . I don’t know anything about dedicated server thing sorry.

      1. you can’t just drop my mods in any overhaul mods and expected them to work. maybe there will be a people who can make a patch for it.

        1. ทนเล่นหน่อย อาทิตย์หน้าเดี๋ยวเปลี่ยนเป็นจุด ให้

          1. เยี่ยมเลย ว่าจะบอกตั้งแต่เวอร์ชั่นa20แล้วครับ

  16. These are the best 7 days to die mods available and this one in particular still manages to blow everything out of the water. I especially like the iron sights on all the guns. Good work 🙂

  17. I tried placing the poster on a wall and all I get is a large clear blue edged block with a blue question mark in the middle and you can not interact, destroy or move it. I tried deleting the mod folders and it crashed my game. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. Disregard my previous post. I only loaded the mods to the server, but when I loaded them to my %appdata%, the block showed the poster and I was able to interact with it. So, it looks like if you are running a server, the mods have to be on the server files and on your PC. Thanks for putting together another great mod.

  18. Hello!) I have already asked you for permission to include your weapons in my public build, I want to ask you for permission again) P.S I recently also made “Mosin” and “SKS” and oh damn, how far I am from you after all!(Bravo! My respects! If you are interested, we could write off in the discord*

  19. se um amigo vier jogar comigo no meu servidor com mods, ele vai conseguir usar essas armas sem ter que instalar o mod no jogo dele?

  20. Perfect perfect, I installed without problems and the rifles are very well made, the paint of the guns in the corners scraped and the names of the manufacturers of the weapons and more the detail of the M141 to have crossed out 17 deaths. And thanks for putting the L96 in the mod, good job.

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