Green Radiated Regen Remover

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Regeneration getting you down? Have one of your party members hold this item, and the glowies in a 15 block area will stop regenerating! You’ll have to protect your guy, but the price you pay!

This 7 Days to Die mod allows one of your party members to hold and object that will remove the regeneration effect of radiated zombies in a 15 block area.

So basically, this is not a single player mod. One person from your party holds it, while the others protect him and don’t have to suffer the effects of regenerating radiated zombies.

Guppycur has not made a recipe for this, and this is not the final model.

As an added bonus, whoever is holding this is uh, very very attractive to zombies.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur, PV Wolfgang

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