Craftable Scrap Polymers

7 days to die craftable scrap polymers

Tired of harvesting scrap polymers? This 7 Days to Die mod allows you to craft scrap polymers. The new A18 (b152) now requires 2 scrap polymers to craft steel arrows and bolts (replacement for wood and feathers). Feathers are rare enough, but scrap polymer is worse to harvest. Sure: It should be balanced, so Claymore chose to go the way of real life chemistry (almost). 50 gas cans equals 1 scrap polymer in the chemistry station.

Compatibility: A17+


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Claymore

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One thought on “Craftable Scrap Polymers

  1. One note for players that want this mod on PUBLIC SERVER :

    You MUST rename the folder “config” to “Config” – if youre using LINUX SERVER !!!
    There MUST be BIG C in the name !!! Otherwise the mod will NOT WORK on PUBLIC SERVER…

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