More Rebar Frames

7 days to die more rebar frames, 7 days to die building materials

This 7DTD mod adds in Rebar Frames (and recipes) for Half, Quarter, Pole, Plate & Pillar 50 blocks.

Should work just like the vanilla rebar frames; craft in a forge, placeable (rotatable), and pick-up-able, upgrade with 10 concrete mix to wet and then they’ll dry to reinforced concrete blocks.

FileMachete is not sure what some of the lines in their normal, blocks.xml properties do, so he has left them in.

He has no idea how to get/call icons that look like the vanilla ones. So he used CustomIcon & CustomIconTint: so Icons look like the full block but rusty red in color to differentiate.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: FileMachete

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One thought on “More Rebar Frames

  1. Sorry mate, don’t have an account on the forum, there’s a bug – when I pick up a rebar plate (thin block) I get in my inventory a rebar block (full size)

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