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H7SB Admin Blocks is a server-side mod that includes indestructible blocks and miscs to build POIs and mini games (eg. race).

This mod former named Dungeons Blocks – old POIs cannot be updated.

New: Admin Welder

New item to remove (RMB) admin blocks.

Can melt (LMB) or upgrade (RMB) nearby blocks.

New: Admin Blocks/Glass

Admin Blocks/Glass are indestructible and can only be removed with the Admin Welder (RMB).

Pressing and holding the R key opens the selection menu for shapes.

They also have the ability to fly, which unfortunately gets lost when copied in as a prefab.

In this case it is recommended to use invisible pillars from Admin Miscs

In the prefab editor you have to destroy admin blocks debris.

New: Admin Miscs

Terrain – These blocks looks like terrain (incl. no stability support variante).

Spy Glass – This block allows one-sided viewing through other blocks.

Invisible Pillars – These blocks makes it possible to build flying things (5m/15m/45m).

Doors/Hatches – These blocks are available as password, locked and powered variante.

Key Box/Key – This box contains the (new) key to open (LMB/RMB) doors.

Writeable Signs – These blocks are writable and indestructible.

Switch/Pressureplates – These blocks require no electricity and are indestructible.

Workstations – These blocks are functional and indestructible.

New: Racing Blocks (Inside Miscs)

Stopwatch – Can be used (LMB) to change the number of laps or restart (RMB) races.

Starting Line – When you cross the starting line, the stopwatch starts counting.

Finish Line – When you reach the finish line, the time stops and is saved in the character window.

Super Jump – These blocks temporarily increase jump strength and prevents fall damage (6m/15m/30m).

Super Running Speed – This block temporarily increase movement speed.

Super Acceleration – This block temporarily increases the speed of vehicles.

Planned: Capture the Flag

This extension depends on your support on Youtube and Twitch.

Rework: God Mode

The god mode is now called admin mode and is gold colored.

Rework: Admin Tool

Frequently used tools have been moved from the Dev menu to the regular Creative menu.

The names of some items have been changed and all are now gold colored.

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Mod Installation

  1. Download and unpack (“extract here”) the Zip data.
  2. Place it into your “Mods” folder.
  3. Have fun!

Copyrights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

  • You are allowed to use this mod for your private use (singleplayer/multiplayer/server).
  • You are allowed to use this mod as part of your custom modpack (as separated mod).
  • You are not allow to reupload it without permission (exception mentioned)!
  • Of cause your allow to take inspiration to improve your existing code!


If you appreciate Eihwaz’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Eihwaz

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5 thoughts on “H7SB Admin Blocks

  1. is thare recipies for the blocks becuase i love building large buildings (slowly n stuff). if not will you add it?

  2. What is the blue colored rock-like block? I placed a glass plate in the wrong area and accidentally damaged it before I could use the admin wielder. It keeps telling me I need it to repair the glass so I can get rid of it.

  3. Hey
    There is no recipe to craft stuff. I can maybe add a module for it.

    To repair AdminBlocks you need a AdminBlockHelper; to repair AdminGlass you need a AdminGlassHelper.

  4. Love the mod for the most part, but after installing it, a few players were basically reset to level 1.. Also, adding the mod removed sections of players buildings throughout the map.

    The mod itself is amazing though, being able to add super jump pads, spy-glass and all those others has opened the game up to some more weekly events, so thank you.

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