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Everyone needs a little downtime, right? Find, grow, and smoke your own cannabis. Sure, it’ll make you a little hungry, but you sure take some punishment when you’re high. This mod adds seeds, plants, schematics, progression, buffs, and usable items.

Using This Mod

To get started, start looting around until you find some cannabis seeds or (cannabis buds and the perk or recipe to craft seeds from it). Plant the seeds as you would any other and wait for your cannabis to grow.

7 days to die cannabis mod additional screenshot 1

Cannabis can be rolled into joints or smoked in bongs that you can craft or find.

7 days to die cannabis mod additional screenshot 2

Smoking cannabis joints will give you damage protection and a bit of fortitude for a few minutes. It’ll also heal you (like weak painkillers), but you’ll lose some perception and a bit of max stamina (got the munchies?) in exchange. The perception, fortitude, and damage protection effects are temporary. Smoking cannabis in a bong will give you a more potent effect.

7 days to die cannabis mod additional screenshot 3

Note For Multiplayer

The current version of Alpha 20 does not push localization data to users. If you are playing multiplayer (either hosting or via dedicated server), each player will need to install the cannabis mod themselves to get the proper descriptions of items, buffs, perks, etc. that this mod changes.


  • (new) Updated to be compatible with version Alpha 20.
  • Updated to support A19 now.
  • Updated to v1.01 with new Cannabis plant models. Thanks to Xyth for showing him what he was doing wrong in Unity!

How to Install

Download and extract this mod to your 7 Days to Die Mods folder.

For Steam users, that’s \steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods (create ‘Mods’ if it doesn’t exist).

Download for A20
Download for A19

If you appreciate MeanCloud’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: MeanCloud

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11 thoughts on “Cannabis Mod

  1. I second that A21 please! Would love to see this mod in my game, also yea a concussion effect would greatly increase immersion. good idea.

  2. Hmmm,
    Harvesting the mature plant yields 3 cannabis buds.
    But crafting a cannabis seed takes 5 buds.
    For me… it was not sustainable in Alpha 20 so i had to change the cannabis seed receipe to only use 1 buds per crafted seed.
    It’s a very nice mod tho!
    I like it!
    Thanks for making it 🙂

    1. tutank: Sorry for the late reply. I usually don’t monitor this location. I usually see posts if they are here: or here:

      Anyway, I checked and the icons are appearing when I use the download from here in a19 b6:

      Let me know in one of the other forums if you are still having issues, and what version of the game you’re using, and a screenshot of the missing icons ( like make a note/circle which ones are not appearing as a missing icon will still leave a “space” in the creative menu or inventory that you can hover over and see the item name.)

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